WWE The Bash PPV Results – June 28, 2009

WWE The Bash – June 28th, 2009
Sacramento, California

– WWE kicks off The Bash pay-per-view with promo videos of the events that have led to tonight’s feature matches.

– And we’re live inside the ARCO Arena in Sacramento, California for The Bash as the pyro explodes and the music blasts. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler welcome us to The Bash.

ECW Championship Scramble: Tommy Dreamer vs. Christian vs. Finlay vs. Mark Henry vs. Jack Swagger

Tony Chimel is in the ring announcing as Matt Striker and Josh Matthews take over commentary. Out first is Christian followed by Jack Swagger. These two will start the match off. They lock up and go at it. Swagger tries to dump Christian on his back but he slides out of it. Christian with a boot in the corner and chops.

Swagger gets an early 2 count on goes to work on Christian. He ends up taking him to the top turnbuckle and they go at it. They do some counters and Swagger hits a big neckbreaker. Swagger wrenches the neck now. Christian fights back as the clock starts counting down. Out next is Finlay. Finlay rushes the ring and cleans house. He puts Swagger on his shoulders and drops him with his signature move. Finlay stomps on Swagger and drops a big leg on Christian for a 2 count.

Christian comes back with a 2 count of his own on Finlay. Finlay dumps Swagger to the floor. Back in the ring and Swagger goes for the eye, getting a pinfall on Finlay. Swagger is the current ECW Champion. Swagger works over Christian as officials check on Finlay’s eye. Christian goes for a Killswitch but it’s reversed. More reversals and Christian drops Swagger for a 2 count. The clock counts down and Tommy Dreamer comes in. Dreamer takes out Swagger and Christian. Big neckbreaker by Tommy. He tries a DDT on Christian but it’s reversed. Dreamer with a sitdown powerbomb on Christian. Dreamer wraps Christian up in the corner and hits the running dropkick to the face.

Swagger ends up throwing Christian and Dreamer in the corner which looks like a botched spot. Swagger takes Dreamer to the floor and works him over. Swagger brings Finlay back in and they go at it. Finlay goes for the Celtic Cross. Christian comes in and breaks everything up, getting a 2 count on Finlay. Finlay got the pin before and is the current ECW Champion. Dreamer goes for a superplex on Christian from the top. Dreamer goes back down to the mat and Swagger clotheslines him. Swagger goes to the top where Christian is as the clock counts down again. Mark Henry comes in and takes out Dreamer. Henry takes Swagger and Christian down and lifts Christian above his head. Henry presses Christian over the top rope and down onto the floor. Henry scoops Dreamer and slams him hard with the World’s Strongest Slam. Henry pins Dreamer and is the current ECW Champion. Finlay comes in after Henry. Henry fights him and Swagger off, then Christian. Henry with a headbutt on Christian. Finlay and Swagger beat down Henry. Christian comes over and trades shots with Finlay. All three of them kick on Henry now.

Finlay, Henry and Swagger end up on the floor. Dreamer and Christian take turns leaping from the apron onto them. Henry goes back i the ring but Swagger takes him down by the knee. Swagger with a splash off the top rope and he pins Henry to become the current ECW Champion. Swagger takes out Dreamer. The clock has 2 minutes left as he kicks Christian to the floor. Henry drops Swagger from behind and he’s leaned on the ropes. Henry runs and splashes all his weight onto Swagger’s back with a guillotine slide. Finlay meets Henry on the floor and throws him into the steps. Christian hits the Killswitch on Swagger but Dreamer stops the pin. Dreamer DDT’s Christian to become the current ECW Champion. Finlay tries a pin but can’t get it. Swagger tries a pin on Finlay. Finlay drops Dreamer but gets a 2 count. 45 seconds left and they’re all trying to get pins. Finlay DDT’s Swagger for a 2 count. Henry with a 2 count on Swagger, or a 1 count as Dreamer stopped it. Dreamer with a 2 count on Henry. 10 seconds left. They all get quick pins in as the clock runs out and Tommy Dreamer manages to get the last one in on Christian to retain the ECW Championship.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer

– We actually get a commercial break. The Gillette commercial with John Cena and Vince McMahon.

– Backstage we see Teddy Long sitting there. Edge walks in and talks about how Vince put him on probation this past week and says the fact he is not on a pay-per-view tonight is a crime. He wants Teddy to put him in the Edge vs. Jeff Hardy match later tonight. Teddy says he shouldn’t have told his wife off and he’s not going to help Edge. Edge says he better reconsider his decision or he will find himself out of a job.

Mask vs. Title Match: Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho

Rey Mysterio is out next in new gear as Jim Ross and Todd Grisham hype the match. Out next is the WWE Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho. The ref holds up the title and we get ready to go.

The bell rings and they go at it. Jericho strikes first and goes to the corner and then into a headlock, all while yelling taunts at Jericho. Jericho knocks Rey down with a big shoulder block. Jericho runs the ropes and kicks Rey in the gut and to the corner. Mysterio puts a boot up and nails a hurracanrana off the top. Jericho goes to the floor to regroup. Rey comes sliding with a baseball slide but Jericho catches his legs and slings him by his legs into the fan barrier. Rey’s head hits hard. Jericho goes back in the ring and the ref counts on Rey.

Jericho hits a long suplex on Rey and another headlock. They fight it out on the top and Jericho is still in control. He dumps Rey to the floor and gets lots of heel heat from the crowd. Jericho tries to suplex Rey back in the ring but he slides behind Jericho’s back. Jericho catches him with a back elbow and a nasty kick for another 2 count. Jericho with another submission move now. Rey fights out with back kicks and keeps kicking. Jericho charges and Rey dumps him to the floor this time. Rey comes leaping off the top to the floor on Jericho. Rey fights back in the ring and hits two nice springboards for a close 2 count.

They go back and forth and Jericho nails a big powerslam for another close 2 count. Jericho looks frustrated now as he works on Rey in the corner. The crowd chants 619. Rey moves out of the way and Jericho runs into the ringpost. Rey hits a big moonsault from the top rope for another 2 count. Jericho reverses a move and locks on the Walls of Jericho, trying to make Rey tap and lose his mask. The ref checks on Rey.

The hold is broken and they go back and forth with several near falls. Jericho rips off Rey’s mask but he had another one on underneath. Rey nails the 619 as Jericho is stunned and the senton for the pinfall and the win.

Winner and New WWE intercontinental Champion: Rey Mysterio

No DQ’s and No Countouts: Dolph Ziggler vs. The Great Khali

Out first for our next match is The Great Khali with Runjin Singh. Khali gets a pop. Out next comes Dolph Ziggler. Dolph slides onto the apron and poses. The bell rings and we’re ready to go. Dolph runs around Khali and kicks him a few times and unloads with rights. Khali tosses Dolph by his head and whips him hard in the corner. Khali drops Dolph with a huge chop.

Khali ends up dumping Ziggler to the floor and goes out after him. Khali with a huge clothesline on the floor and another massive chop. Khali goes for another chop but Dolph moves and he chops the ringpost. Dolph leaps off the apron with a dropkick and staggers Khali. He goes for another but Khali chops him back into the ring. Khali continues to dominate Ziggler in the ring. Khali goes for a big boot but Khali ducks and he gets hung on the ropes. Dolph with a move on his leg. Dolph brings a chair in the ring and cracks Khali with it a few times. Dolph continues working on the leg and hits a leg drop for a 2 count.

Dolph with a front face lock applied until Khali powers out and slams him. Khali with a big boot. The fire explodes in the arena as Kane makes his way to the ring! Ziggler wacks Khali with the chair some more. Kane enters the ring and Ziggler backs out of the ring. Kane grabs the chair and cracks Khali with it twice, sending him to the mat. Kane continues unloading on Khali with the chair before leaving the ring and heading to the back. Ziggler takes advantage, gets back in the ring and pins Khali for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

– Teddy Long is backstage again when Vince McMahon walks in. Vince came to apologize for putting him on probation on SmackDown this week and blames it on his state of mind from the whole Trump thing. Vince said he was going to apologize until he heard Long’s words to Jericho about being the longest reigning GM in WWE history. Vince tells Teddy he has accomplished absolutely nothing. Vince brings up Regal, Heyman, Bischoff and Adamle – former GM’s and says they all were leaders. Vince says some more stuff and Long is still on probation.

WWE Unified Tag Team Title Match: The Colons vs. Legacy vs. Edge and Chris Jericho

Legacy and the WWE Unified Tag Team Champions The Colons come out first. Before the match, Teddy Long comes out on the ramp. He introduces a new team to the match – Edge and Chris Jericho. The match starts with Ted and Carlito.

Carlito works over Ted and takes control before tagging in Primo. Jericho tags himself in by tagging Primo. He goes at it with Ted until Cody tags Jericho out and himself in. Cody and Primo go at it until Ted comes back in. He and Primo trade shots. Primo with some nice kicks and a leg take down for a 2 count. Carlito comes back in and does a double team move with Primo for a 2 count on Ted. Primo is back in now going at it with Ted. Ted lays him out and tags back in Cody for some double teaming. Cody stomps away on Primo.

More double teaming by Legacy now. Ted is in working over Primo on the ropes. Cody comes back in and wears down Primo with a knee to the back. Primo fights out of it and drops Cody. Edge tags himself in and goes for a spear on Primo. Primo dodges it and Ted tags Edge and now he is back in with Primo. Ted with a series of elbow drops on Primo for a 2 count. Primo rolls Ted up for another close 2 count. Ted with a huge clothesline on Primo and Cody comes back in for some double teaming. Cody with a nice dropkick on Primo and another 2 count. Cody with a jacknife cover for another 2 count. Cody drops knees and stomps on Primo now.

Primo reverses a hold and rolls Cody up for a 2 count. Cody drops Primo again for another 2 count. Edge and Jericho just can’t seem to get a tag. Cody with a surfboard looking move on Primo. Edge runs in and breaks the hold right in front of the referee. Cody tags in Ted yet again and Ted starts working over Primo. Primo dumps Ted to the floor. Cody rolls him back in and tags him in as Primo tags in Carlito. Carlito comes off the top on Cody. Carlito with a big knee to the face and a clothesline. Carlito hits the back elbow off the second rope for a pin but Ted makes the save. Primo dumps Ted. Primo turns around to a Codebreaker from Jericho. Carlito dumps Jericho out of the ring. He hits Edge on the apron. Rhodes gets thrown into the ringpost. Carlito hit the Backstabber on Rhodes but he didn’t see Edge tag in. Carlito gets up and turns to a spear from the legal man, Edge. Edge covers Carlito for the pinfall and the win.

Winners and New WWE Unified Tag Team Champions: Edge and Chris Jericho

Randy Orton is backstage when Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase walk up. He tells them not to worry about just what happened and Ted doesn’t like this. Randy says he has more to worry about tonight – his WWE Title defense. Ted asks if that’s all they are to him – lackies. Ted says he joined this group because he wanted to further his career. Ted is in Orton’s face talking before he storms off. Orton yells to not talk to him like that and Cody says he will talk to Ted.

WWE Women’s Title Match: Melina vs. Michelle McCool

Out next is the WWE Women’s Champion Melina looking hot as always. Her challenger Michelle McCool is out next with Alicia Fox right behind her. The match starts and they go at it. McCool goes for a big move but Melina turns it into a DDT. More brawling here and shots from Melina.

Melina keeps in control with big shots until McCool turns it around. McCool mounts Melina with forearm shots and a 2 count. McCool works on Melina’s leg now and throws her into the corner. Melina’s leg gives out and she just falls. McCool uses the legs on Melina’s leg. McCool rams Melina back in the corner now and starts slamming her leg into the ring post and the steel steps. McCool taunts Melina in the ring now and covers her for a 1 count.

McCool with another counter and she nails the Faith Breaker to get the pinfall and the win. McCool makes history as the first ever to win both the Divas and Women’s Title.

Winner and New WWE Women’s Champion: Michelle McCool

– We get some more promos including a Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk promo.

World Heavyweight Title Match: CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy

Out first is the World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk to a nice pop. Out next is his challenger, Jeff Hardy, to a much bigger pop. Hardy is without his face paint tonight.

Justin Roberts does the formal ring introductions as we get ready to go. Hardy’s name gets a big pop while Punk gets some boo’s and not much positive reaction. The bell rings and they get a feel for the crowd before locking up. They lock up and Punk takes it to the corner until the ref breaks it up. They locok up again and go to the mat. Punk fights out of a headlock and we get some back and forth action here. Punk with a big shoulder sends Hardy to the floor. They lock up again and more back and forth.

Hardy keeps a headlock applied and they do some more back and forth mat wrestling. They come out of it and Punk with another shoulder as the crowd boo’s him. Punk goes for an early GTS but Hardy counters with a 2 count. Punk counters a Twist of Fate but Hardy sends him over the top and down to the floor. Hardy comes over the top and lands on Punk on the floor. Hardy throws Punk into the fan barrier. Hardy runs and jumps off the steel steps onto Punk but Punk moves and Hardy lands hard. Punk goes back in the ring as the ref counts on Hardy.

Hardy makes it back int he ring at the 9 count. Punk covers him for a 2 count. Punk argues with the referee some. Punk kicks Hardy in the back now and locks a Figure Four headlock on. Punk breaks the hold and gets another 2 count. Punk hits a backbreaker and another 2 count. Punk wraps the legs around Hardy’s neck again and holds it, taunting him. Hardy makes it to the ropes and the hold is broke. Seems like they’re just not clicking in this match. Punk scoop slams Hardy and the crowd boo’s him. Punk comes off the top rope but Hardy moves out of the way. Punk runs at Hardy but splashes the turnbuckle. Hardy hits Whisper in the Wind for a 2 count.

Hardy with a clothesline and another followed by another. Hardy with an inverted atomic drop and a double leg drop to the mid section. Hardy with a 2 count. Hardy with a front suplex. Hardy climbs back to the top but Punk rolls to the floor. Hardy leaps off the apron with a clothesline on Punk and both men are down on the floor. Hardy brings it back in the ring and dropkicks Punk into the corner. Hardy goes for his double kick in the corner but Punk catches him in the GTS. Hardy stops the GTS and holds the ropes. Punk with a high knee in the corner and the running bulldog for a close 2 count.

Punk unloads with big kicks on Hardy and chops. Hardy nails the Twist of Fate out of nowhere and climbs back to the top. Hardy goes for the Swanton Bomb but Punk rolls out of the way. Punk signals for GTS. Punk lifts Hardy to his feet but Hardy rolls him up for a close 2 count. Punk gets up with a big roundhouse kick to the head. He goes for GTS again but Hardy slides out of it and nails another Twist of Fate. Hardy goes back to the top and hits the Swanton this time. Hardy covers Punk for the pinfall and the win. Or did he? Punk leg was right under the ropes when the pin was counted. Hardy’s music starts playing but the referee calls everything off. Punk’s leg was under the rope. Hardy argues with the referee.

The match is not over and Hardy is pissed. He grabs Punk for another Twist of Fate but Punk counters and goes for the GTS. Hardy slides out of it and Punk gets poked in the eye. Punk scrambles to the corner and the ref checks on his eye. Punk nails the referee and knocks him down, while holding his eye. Jeff Hardy looks on stunned as the referee calls for the bell. Punk got disqualified and is still selling the eye injury, probably blaming not being able to see on hitting the referee. The crowd starts chanting Bullshit. Punk retains the World Title.

Winner by DQ: Jeff Hardy

– After the match, Punk starts walking to the back. Hardy comes after him and tells him he knew what he was doing. Punk blames it on his eye. Hardy attacks him and drags Punk back to the ring. Hardy unloads on Punk, beating the hell out of him as the crowd chants his name. Several WWE officials have to pull Hardy off of Punk. Punk gets up staggering around. Hardy breaks free and nails another shot on him, Punk goes to the floor. An official helps Punk to the back while he holds his eye and the crowd boo’s.

Teddy Long is backstage again when Carlito and Primo Colon walk in. They’re not happy with what happened earlier. Teddy says Vince told him to shake things up and that’s just what he did. He says he did the right thing. Teddy tells them to get to stepping, they argue a bit before leaving.

– Randy Orton is backstage pacing. He picks up his phone and makes a call. He leaves a message for Cody and asks where they are at, telling Cody to call him back. Orton looks worried. We cut to footage from the concert earlier outside of The Bash.

– We cut to a promo of the feud between John Cena and The Miz.

The Miz vs. John Cena
Bands Rev Theory and Adetas Way are at ringside as The Miz makes his way to the ring first. Miz is wearing his anti-Cena shirt. Out next is John Cena to a nice pop from the crowd. The bell rings and they go at it. Cena takes Miz down first and they lock up. Cena with another take down and elbow drop.

Cena keeps in control and works on Miz’s hand. Cena with a headlock takedown. Cena dodges a move and takes Miz down with another headlock. Cena backs therm to the corner and the ref counts. Miz with a side headlock now. They run the ropes and Cena hip tosses Miz. Miz kicks him in the head but it doesn’t phase Cena. Miz leaves the ring and Cena chases him back in the ring. Miz manages to drop Cena’s neck over the ropes and takes control. Miz with shoulder thrusts in the corner and right hands. Miz hits the running forearm in the corner.

Miz comes off the top with a takedown and a 2 count. Miz has Cena on his knees and rocks him with a right and kicks. Miz with another takedown and a close 2 count. Miz hits a running dropkick on Cena and sends him to the floor. Miz brings him back in and covers for a 2 count. Miz wastes time and just stands over Cena. He picks him to his feet and hits him with a right. Cena blocks it and fights back. Cena with the flying shoulder and another. Cena with the back drop. Cena hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle and goes for the Attitude Adjuster. Cena nails the Adjuster and locks on the STF. Miz taps out quickly. What was the point of this?

Winner: John Cena

– We cut to a promo for the Three Stages of Hell match for the WWE Title with Randy Orton defending against Triple H.

Three Stages of Hell Match for the WWE Title: Randy Orton vs. Triple H

Out first is the WWE Champion Randy Orton without Ted DiBiase or Cody Rhodes. Orton looks a bit worried as he stalks to the ring with his WWE Title belt. Orton poses in the corner with his belt as Voices plays. It takes a while but Triple H’s music finally starts playing and out he comes to a nice pop from the crowd.

Match #1: Singles Match
Lilian Garcia does the formal ring introductions as we get ready to go. Orton strikes first and they trade shots in the middle of the ring. Orton with a big shoulder block but he runs into a big knee from Triple H. Triple H comes out of the corner with another clothesline. Triple H beats Orton down in the corner. Triple H runs into a big boot in the corner. Orton pulls him down by his legs and tries to wrap them around the ring post. Triple H counters and pulls Orton’s face into the ring post.

Triple H with a 2 count now and more offense on Orton. Orton kicks Triple H in the face. HHH comes back with a Pedigree attempt but Orton takes his leg out. Orton works on the leg now and smashes it into the apron. More shots on the leg by Orton and he finally slams them against the ring post. Back in the ring and Triple H is limping. Orton works him over in the corner and continues working on the leg. Orton stomps away on Triple H now and drops his weight on the leg.

Orton goes for a RKO but Triple H blocks it. Triple H with a big spinebuster. Orton drops his signature backbreaker move on Triple H and both of them are selling. Triple H is on the floor as the ref starts counting. Triple H gets on the apron but Orton kicks him right back off to the floor. Orton tries to pull Triple H back in the ring but The Game cracks him in the head with a steel chair. Triple H gets DQ’d.

Winner of the First Fall: Randy Orton

Match #2: Falls Count Anywhere Match

Randy Orton is announced as the winner of the first fall. Triple H brings the steel chair back in the ring and starts wailing on Randy Orton with it. Orton is in pain from all the chair shots as he rolls to the floor. The second fall is a Falls Count Anywhere match. Triple H hits a Pedigree on the concrete and gets the pinfall and win of the second fall.

Winner of the Second Fall: Triple H

Match #3: Stretcher Match
WWE officials bring the stretcher down to ringside. Orton is laid out as Triple H puts him on it and starts pushing it up the ramp. He almost reaches the winning mark when Orton gets up and kicks the stretcher into Triple H. They go back down to ringside as Orton takes out the leg again. Both men are limping. Orton kicks Triple H into the fan barrier, over it and into the crowd. Orton controls Triple H in the crowd now with punches and they fight through the fans.

More brawling through the fans. Triple H fights back and starts making their way back to ringside. Triple H clotheslines Orton over the fan barrier and back to ringside. Orton lands hard but ends up dropping Triple H on the floor also. They fight back to where the stretcher is. Orton throws Triple H into the steel steps and ring post. Triple H rolls in the ring and Orton brings a piece of the steel steps in. Orton grabs the steps and goes to deck Triple H with them. Triple H trips Orton and Orton’s face smacks into the steps. Triple H grabs the steps now and rams them into Orton’s head.

Triple H brings Orton out of the ring and puts him on the stretcher. He starts rolling it up the ramp to cross the line at the top. Orton kicks Triple H in the head and makes the save. Both are down on the ramp. Orton puts Triple H on the stretcher and DDT’s him off of it onto the steel ramp. Orton steps back and goes for the punt kick but Triple H moves out of the way. Triple H goes for a Pedigree on the ramp but Orton backdrops him onto the stretcher. Orton starts pushing the stretcher up the ramp. Triple H slides off it just in time and Orton starts wailing on him.

Orton gets down and in Triple H’s face. He goes for an RKO but Triple H pushes him face first into the stage set. Triple H nails the Pedigree on the top of the stage, right on the stretcher finish line. Triple H puts Orton on the stretcher, about three feet in front of the finish line. Cody Rhodes comes out and stops the stretcher at the last second. He starts brawling with Triple H and beats him down. Triple H throws Cody into the stage set. Triple H goes to pull Orton over finish line until Ted DiBiase runs out. DiBiase beats Triple H down and Cody joins in on the beating. They put him on the stretcher but he gets up. The beating continues.

Triple H gets his sledgehammer out of nowhere and takes out Ted and Cody. Randy Orton gets up and nails Triple H with a piece of the stage that Triple H had removed. Triple H falls on the stretcher and Orton pushes him across the line to retain the WWE Title.

Winner: Randy Orton

– After the match, Randy Orton is posing with his WWE Title belt on the ramp. Triple H comes up from behind with the sledgehammer. Orton turns around to a big shot to the mouth and he’s laid out, face down. Triple H poses over a down Randy Orton before limping off to the back. Triple H comes back out and crotch chops Orton. After replays, the WWE Champion Randy Orton is helped up off the stage by WWE officials. The Bash goes off the air with Randy Orton on his feet with the WWE Title belt.


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