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I’m sorry I didn’t get a Raw column out, but this might be a pattern for a few more weeks. Our house is finally coming to the end after almost 11 months of construction. Yes it’s been a nightmare, but things are I would say a couple of weeks away from finally getting done. And once it’s done, we have to have the house painted so that will take up just a little more time. The reason I couldn’t get a column out was because the electricity was on and off for a couple of days. One day it was because we lost power due to the heat, dare I say it wasn’t pleasant in here? The other was because of work being done in the house. I’m just going to go with the flow and if I can get a column out, oh I definitely will, if not at least you guys will know why and you’ll know that it’s just a temporary thing. With that said I would like to say that I loved Raw and Smackdown this week. You guys would have been so proud of me, because my Raw column was going to be so positive. And last night’s Smackdown was another fantastic show. With the exception of too much Vince on both shows, everything else just about worked for me. And both shows along with ECW really have me all ready for the Bash. Yeah this one I’m ordering and you know if there’s a pay per view this weekend it must be time for my predictions. I feel somewhat shaky with most of them, but what the hell it’s not like I’ve been doing excellent in the last few months. So here are my Bash picks, and I want to thank all of you that have sent me yours, and don’t forget keep them coming I promise I will get to each and every one of them.

Unified Tag Team Champions Carlito & Primo vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase
Sure this is the first tough one for me. Now this is one of many feuds that WWE rushed to get into this pay per view. See I would keep the title on the Colons, which would allow them more TV time. But I have a feeling that Legacy is going to win. Now I am very sure that this is going to be a good match and it’s nice to have a tag team match on a pay per view for a change. I just wish this one would have gotten the build up that Morrison and The Miz got when they feuded with Primo and Carlito. But then as good as that build up was they didn’t even get a shot at Wrestlemania, their match was saved for the Wrestlemania DVD, go figure. So Legacy wins and God only knows whom they will defend against because without the Colon’s there really isn’t anyone to go against.
Winner; Legacy

John Cena vs. The Miz
This is another match that should have had a better build up. Now don’t get me wrong, they have had the Miz taunting Cena for several months, but the problem was that instead of more focus between Cena and the Miz, they kept that miserable Big Show /Cena feud going. Listen I’m not sure that it’s over. I have a bad feeling that Big Show is going to interfere and cost Cena the match, and believe me that’s the last thing that I need to see. Now I would prefer Miz to beat Cena. I feel that way because on the mic the Miz has knocked this feud out of the ballpark. His insults week after week have been so solid and it would be very sad to see the Miz lose the first time out to Cena. I think this could turn out to be a good match, at least it’s a fresh match, and I’m going with the Miz to win. Now I hope this makes sense I’m staying with the Miz, but a Cena win I think is more likely.
Winner: The Miz

The Great Khali vs. Dolph Ziggler
Ziggler is a shoe in. This guy is on the way up, and he’s managed to get the upper hand on Khali when he has lost to him. Ziggler has really been a blast to watch since his move to Smackdown and this guy is going to get a “big” win tomorrow night. I think this match will be kept short, but just from their past encounters this should be a good one to watch.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio
There is no way that Rey is losing that mask, nope no way at all. Rey is going to win and get the IC title back. I can’t wait to see this one; these two have been so great together and when this feud ends which I guess could be after the Bash I am really going to miss it. You can bet that this will be one of the highlights of the night. And watching Jericho’s facial expression when he loses will be another highlight.
Winner: Rey Mysterio

Women’s Champion Melina vs. Michelle McCool
I guess it’s goodbye to Melina’s title reign tomorrow night. I would rather see her retain, but I see McCool getting the win. Many of you know I’m not big on McCool; she just can’t seem to break out of her lackluster heel persona. There’s just so much more that she needs to do to get that character over. Anyway I will go with McCool for the win, and hopefully this will be a decent match, and I think it will be. I’m also thinking, well maybe hoping if McCool wins, than maybe Gail Kim will finally get into the spotlight and the title picture.
Winner: Michelle McCool

ECW Championship Scramble Match – Tommy Dreamer vs. Christian vs. Fit Finlay vs. Jack Swagger vs. Mark Henry in a Championship Scramble match
This is another match that I’m not sure about. It’s a toss up between Dreamer and Swagger. Of course I have been waiting for Swagger to get the title back for a couple of months now. I don’t know if they want to take it off Dreamer after only one month, then again I think Swagger could bring in more ratings. The scramble match could be fun and I’m sure this will turn out well. In fact it should be a good match and it was nice of Vince to allow ECW to have one match on tomorrow nights show. Yes that was sarcasm. Well I’m going with a Swagger victory. It would be good to get the belt back on him. He wears it very well.
Winner: Jack Swagger

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Triple H – Three Stages Of Hell match with a regular first fall, a Falls Count Anywhere second fall and, if needed, a Stretcher Match third fall.
I was so thrilled with Hunter and Orton’s Last Man Standing match this past Monday night. It was absolutely outstanding. Now can they do it again tomorrow night? That I don’t know, but I sure hope so. They really have to work hard to top Monday’s match and I think it is possible. Now this might be a stupid reason for going with a Triple H win, but here it is. Since this is a two out of three falls match you just know it’s going to take all three stips to get a winner. And the reason I’m going with Hunter is because the last match is a Stretcher match, and I just can’t see Hunter going out that way. Only because he has gotten “hurt” time and time again from Orton. I think tomorrow night; Hunter will be the one that ends Orton’s title reign by putting him on a stretcher and taking his belt away from him. My reasoning might sound weird but then again you know me. As I said I hope that this one turns out to be one of the best of the nights. They proved on Monday night that they certainly could work a 5 star match let’s hope the streak can continue for the Bash.
Winner: Triple H

World Champion CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy
This feud has been off the charts on Smackdown. CM Punk has been outstanding and I still say he’s turning heel. This has been a very gradual turn, and kind of a sneaky one. He has done nothing but play mind games with Jeff Hardy. Hardy has come back very strong on the mic when he has interacted with Punk and everything with these two have clicked. This is a MUST see match at least I think it is. It could maybe be the match of the night. Can you tell I’m excited? I really am and I see Punk beating Hardy and not necessarily beating him cleanly. Punk could care less how he wins, as long as he wins and all of that should add to one hot match.
Winner: CM Punk

There you have my picks of the night, and I already ordered the show. I’m kind of worried because I am so hyped for the show that it could turn out to be nothing great, so I’ll try to tone down my excitement just a little so we can get one terrific show. I will also try to return with my thoughts on this show and Raw Tuesday or Wednesday, but remember if you don’t see me than you know it’s house related. For those of you planning on watching The Bash or anyone lucky enough to be there live ENJOY!

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  • Nick

    My Predictions
    legacy wins the titles
    ziggler beats khali
    mysterio wins by DQ
    McCool wins the title
    dreamer, orton, and punk all retain

  • jason

    last ppv we tied so here are my predictions to win this time

    winners vs losers

    miz vs cena
    khali vs ziggler
    mccool vs melina
    legacy vs carlito primo
    mysterio vs jericho
    dreamer vs swagger christian finlay henry
    punk vs hardy
    hhh vs orton

  • jason


  • jason


    linda and i tied again

  • jason



    the one is for the tag match with jericho and edge winning

  • jason

    wow 3-4-1

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