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TNA iMPACT SPOILER Results For July 16, 2009

Posted by Tim Brown in iMPACT! Results, WWE News
Friday, June 26th, 2009

Thanks to Dominick Valenti and for the following:


def. Johnny Gardano

– ODB def.

– Jethro Holliday vs. . Lethal never came out, but did. lays out Holliday and calls for Dr. Stevie to come down. He cuts a promo on Stevie.

promo: Foley says he feels naked without the belt and he wants his title back at the PPV, he calls out Kurt. comes out without the Main Event Mafia and speaks. comes out and says everything Kurt is saying is a bunch of bull. says he wants Joe and his handler.

– Backstage, is beating up and they take things to ringside. Foley and his new security run down for the save.

def. to retain the X-Division Title. Sabin and Shelly beat down after the match, then Homicide hit’s the ring with his briefcase and cashes it in. He beats to become the new X-Division champ.

– The Beautiful People cut a promo on Tara.

– Sarita def. Melissa Flash (who also plays Raisha Saeed.

– Nash, Steiner & Booker def. & . Jenna Morasca gets into a cat fight with Sharmell afterwards.

– Jay Lethal & def. Sheik Bashir and Kiyoshi

– Awesome Kong def. Sojourner Bolt

– Cage match: Kurt Angle vs. Sting. Jarrett joins the commentary team, but gets jumped by Joe. Joe gets in the cage and beats up Sting with Kurt. Lights go out, “FTW 13” appears on the screen, and in the ring Joe has Sting in the Tazmission. Foley and Jarrett try to make the save, but Nash, Steiner and Booker lay them out. They leave Sting unconscious in the cage.

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