WWE Leaks More False News To The Internet

Source: PWInsider.com

WWE has been throwing out some false information for a while in hopes of catching internet leaks. The Ric Flair/General Manager “spoiler” was one of these red herring leaks, and another red herring came out last week with the RAW rating. The real rating for the first hour was a 3.03, while the first hour rating given by the company to some employees was a 3.3.

WWE employees used to be allowed to leak out the ratings to the media, probably because they were so high and the company was proud of them. However, shortly after WrestleMania 18 in 2002, leaking ratings to the internet was forbidden as the company’s numbers started to head south.

If WWE is able to pinpoint the person who leaked out the false 3.3 number, he or she will likely be fired. There’s no word on whether anyone lost their jobs or not over the Flair leak.

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