Legacy Speaks on Their Fathers, Kids in the WWE Crowd and Lots More

– WWE Superstars Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase were recently interviewed by MercuryNews.com to promote this coming Monday’s RAW. Here are some highlights:

Ted DiBiase on growing up with his father as a star: “Not many kids can say that. No other kids wanted to go to their dad’s accounting office and sit there with him. But I was dying to go with my dad to the arenas and hang out in back with the guys and see it all going on.”

Cody Rhodes on Dusty and his career: “My father knew that it could be a hard life. He didn’t know if I could handle that. He wasn’t sure if I had thick enough skin. But it’s also changed so much from the time my father was in it. My experience is my own experience. So far it’s been wonderful. I talk to him every day. I’ve never called him and said, ‘I hate working here.’ ”

Rhodes on kids in the crowd: “We were at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C., a few months ago, I overheard two of our wrestlers, John Cena and Dave Batista, talking. Dave looked out at the crowd and said, “I’m used to seeing lots of pretty girls in this arena, but there are so many kids. Isn’t this incredible?’ John looked at him and said, ‘Yep, when there were pretty girls in the arena, it was half full. Now the entire arena is full.’ ”

Rhodes on amateur wrestling: “I was actually going to wrestle at Penn State, but the (pro wrestling) bug caught up with me. Having that high school wrestling background did help me in WWE. We are sports entertainment here, but there’s still a ring with three ropes and a mat underneath you.”

Rhodes on Legacy’s work: “The three of us put a lot of time into everything that you see us do in the ring. Everyone in The Legacy goes back and watches the broadcasts of our matches and asks themselves what we did good and what we can do better. There’s a constant text-messaging battle that goes on between the three of us.”