JR Blog: Jericho/Goldberg Incident, Trump Backstage, SD and More

Jim Ross is back with another blog on jrsbarbq.com. Some of the highlights:

– Gerald Brisco is feeling much better and after a “false start” regarding his lab work looks as if he will have his “valve job” for his ticker next week. In order words, Jerry Brisco is scheduled, as I write this, to have the small hole in his heart and the faulty heart valve repaired in Tampa next week. Jerry seems to have made a positive turn from the affects of his multiple strokes. The Brisco’s are tough and have always been winners and I can feel Jerry attacking this matter with the competitive edge with which he was born. Recovery time for all the native Okie’s health issues will likely be a couple of months, maybe a little more, but what some folks wouldn’t give to have a couple of months off and get away from the challenging, weekly travel schedule.

– Monday was fun and I want to say that Donald Trump and his traveling party are as professional and friendly as any of the celeb’s that have ever visited WWE. I always enjoying talking with Mr. Trump and he’s actually been watching the programming as he had a few J.R. quotes from previous shows. I thought that was pretty cool.

– This week’s Friday Night Smackdown show is a really solid, two hour effort with lots of wrestling and some extremely entertaining interaction between Mr. McMahon and Theodore Long. You can judge for yourself Friday night but I think you will agree that the SD team created an awareness for The Bash PPV which it needed. With so many PPV’s makes it challenging to give all of them the time and TLC that they need to fully engage the consumer in buying them. I think that this Sunday’s PPV has a chance to be really good especially if the match times allow for compelling stories to be told.

– Chris Jericho was telling the story in Milwaukee Tuesday night of the locker room altercation he had with Goldberg on Goldberg’s first night in WWE. I saw the incident and it was essentially over in the blink of an eye as Jericho grabbed a tight, front face lock on his larger adversary and then the mêlée was broken up. Jericho smiled when remembering that moment and many of the young guys seemed to enjoy hearing the story.