Spoilers: TNA iMPACT Tapings for 6/25/2009

– Here are TNA iMPACT tapings for this Thursday’s show from Ashley Colton and PWInsider:

TNA Impact Taping Reports 6/23/09

*NYC Street Fight: Brother Ray vs Brutus Magnus
During the match, Rob Terry, Doug Williams, Kiyoshi & Bashir all ran down and attacked Ray. Devon came down with a chair, gave Terry a wicked chair shot & put Kiyoshi through a table with a 3D. Postmatch, Brother Ray offered pieces of the broken table to the fans of the iMPACT Zone. They brought a young boy into the ring to give him a piece.

New TNA Champion, Kurt Angle comes to the ring followed by Scott Steiner, Booker T & Sharmell and Kevin Nash & Jenna Morasca. Angle introduces himself as the new champion and bring out the newest member of the Main Event Mafia, Samoa Joe. He comes out and hugs each member of the Mafia. Angle said it was all part of the master plan. It was all because of Jenna and her investment her millions which lead to Joe joining. He apologizes to Sting for not telling him and what he didn’t know didn’t hurt him. Mick Foley’s music immediately hits and he comes out to the ring with Rocco & Sally Boy who remain at the top of the stage and head back down the tunnel as Mick enters the ring. He says Angle doesn’t owe him an explanation..but he owes Sting one and Joe owes AJ one, but what Angle does owe him is a rematch at Victory Road. Angle wants Foley to cry, says he is a disgrace and has no power. Angle says he can choose his opponent at Victory Road according to his contract. Foley says at Victory Road, this crybaby is gonna kick his ass. Angle says, if you want something from the MEM, you have to give something back..how about we go back to Foley’s office and talk about things.

*Kevin Nash vs Abyss
During the match, Dr. Stevie ran down and used a taser on Abyss & allowed Nash to get the ring. Stevie remained on the ramp & played with the taser as Lauren ran down to check on Abyss.

New TNA Tag Team champions Beer Money come out. They say not only are they the greatest tag team in TNA but in the World. They offer Team 3D their rematch anytime, but Scott Steiner & Booker T come out. Booker asks them if they have ever heard of the Steiner Brothers or Harlem Heat and that Angle is running things, so he and Scotty are getting a tag title shot and they will have singles matches against him & Steiner. Team 3D come out and from the ramp, they said they’re a little frustrated and declare they are getting a rematch at Victory Road. They’re going to Mick and giving him an offer he can’t refuse. Hilarious segment.

*Knockouts 10,000 Tacks match: Taylor Wilde defeated Daffney

*Scott Steiner defeated Robert Roode.

JB is backstage with Kurt Angle, we learn that Sting is on his way and he wants answers.

AJ Styles comes to the ring to discuss what happened and calls Samoa Joe out to the ring. AJ asks if it was the money and says they had a plan. He said he turned his back on him, the company & the fans and screwed himself when he gave Angle the TNA Title. He wants to know who got in his head, who made him think it was all worth it. Joe says he can ask himself at Victory Road. Matt Morgan comes down and helps Joe beat down on Styles until Daniels makes the save. Nash, Booker & Steiner come down and beat down on Daniels & Styles…but then Sting walks down and the mafia leave the ring. Sting looks down at Styles & Daniels who are helped out by Security before taking the mic. MEM slowly start making their way back into the ring and Angle restrains Joe from Sting. Sting says he expected this from Angle & Joe but not from the other three. He said it was because of punks like Joe they started the Mafia. He tells Kurt he is pathetic. Morgan says Kurt had everything to do with this. Sting confronts the remaining members. He tells Nash he expected more from him, Nash basically says he went to bat for Sting in every instance. Nash says Sting’s plan isn’t working,but Angle’s is…this honor, dignity and respect is bullsh**, and its all about money. You can make friends and you can make money but you can’t do both in this business. Sting says this isn’t about Oz, Big D or Big Sexy but the heart of Kevin Nash..he offers him the bat to take him out to get his place in the mafia, Sting turns his back and pulls out second bat and attacks Nash before he can attack him, fends off the majority of the Mafia until Joe picked up the second bat and attacks Sting with it. The MEM then all beat down on Sting helplessly. Nash grabs Sting, holding him and shooing away the Mafia and delivers a Jackknife powerbomb on him, while the MEM stand tall over their now former leader.

*James Storm defeated Booker T w/Sharmell via DQ when Booker smashed Storm over the head with his own beer bottle.

*The Amazing Red defeated Cody Deaner with ODB

*Tara & Amazing Kong w/Raisha Saeed defeated The Beautiful People with Madison Rayne when Kong pinned Sky following an Implant Buster. Postmatch, Tara took the black box she had at ringside with her over to Sky’s fallen body and placed a live tarantula on her stomach.

*TNA World Title Match contested under tag team rules – Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe defeated Jeff Jarrett & AJ Styles when Angle made Jarrett pass out from his leglock submission. Postmatch, Scott Steiner, Booker T and Kevin Nash come down to celebrate with Joe and Angle. Styles grabs his Legends Title and goes to chase off MEM. He eventually hits Samoa Joe but the remaining Mafia members come back into the ring and beat down Styles gangland style while Jarrett was still unconscious. The lights in the iMPACT Zone go out and Sting’s music hits, and as they return on, Angle is choking Styles with the TNA World Title while Sting is behind him with his signature baseball bat. Sting takes out the members of the Mafia and grabs the TNA World Title. The lights go back out and not only has Sting disappeared but so has Angle’s TNA World Title.