WWE RAW Results – June 22, 2009

Tonight’s WWE RAW opens with a highlight video from the Fatal Fourway match on last week’s show where Randy Orton captured the WWE Championship. We see the announcement from Vince McMahon on selling RAW to Donald Trump and Triple H earning his title shot at The Bash and then Trump’s announcement for this week’s Last Man Standing match. We cut to RAW’s usual opening video.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler welcome us to RAW tonight from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Lilian Garcia is in the ring and introduces the new RAW owner, Donald Trump. The money music hits and out comes Trump with Kelly Kelly on his arm. Kelly heads to the back and Trump has a mic.

Trump welcomes to RAW. He says he owns RAW and loves RAW, but it is the fan’s show. He reminds us tonight RAW is commercial free on TV and the fans in the arena are getting refunds on their ticket prices. The crowd pops at this. Trump says only he would that and to enjoy the show. The crowd in Green Bay is loving Trump tonight. Trump heads to the back and John Cena’s music hits.

Cena hits the ring and says his hat’s off to Trump. Cena is wearing a new shirt and hat. Cena puts over Trump’s announcements for tonight. He says Trump has booked him in a match against Big Show tonight. Cena puts over Trump some more. Cena plays a video of The Miz mocking him over the past few weeks.

Cena says The Miz always has something so interesting to say and calls Miz out to the ring. The music hits and Miz comes out to the entrance way with a mic. Miz says he has said any and everything to Cena and he has done absolutely nothing because he’s a coward. Cena says he’s standing right here and Miz is all the way over there, so who’s the coward? Miz starts walking to the ring. The crowd tells Miz he sucks. Miz enters the ring and comes face to face with Cena. Miz tells Cena he’s a coward to his face. Cena says normally this would be where Miz picks up his own teeth but he’s not going to do that tonight. Cena says he is going to give Miz exactly what he wants. Cena says for the first time ever, Miz will main event a pay-per-view this Sunday at The Bash in a match with himself. Cena says Miz has been running his mouth for two months. Cena says in 6 days, Miz finds out he don’t belong here and find out his “real world” has been canceled. Cena says this is the part of the show where Miz puts his tail between his legs, goes to the back and prays he makes it out alive this Sunday. The crowd starts chanting Cena’s name. Miz tosses a mic at Cena and hits him with a right hand. Miz immediately scurries out of the ring. Cena smiles as Miz runs to the back and Cena slaps hands with the fans at ringside on the way to the back.

We see a clip from earlier today. Vince McMahon is broke down on the side of the road on the phone. His limousine driver is trying to fix something under the hood. Vince says Donald Trump has his limo tonight. The limo driver says a gas station is up the road and Vince says he has never been to a gas station in his life. The driver says the arena isn’t far and Vince says it’s too far, Vince McMahon doesn’t walk. Vince gets in the driver’s face and tells him yes, we are going to walk. He jumps on the driver’s back and tells him to walk. The guy collapses and Vince kicks him. Vince tells the guy to call his boss and handle this as he goes back to the car.

– Todd Grisham and Jim Ross are at ringside. They’ve got a bucket of KFC’s Grilled Chicken which is sponsoring the show tonight. Ross and Grisham hype Vince’s farewell address later tonight as we go to the ring.

Todd Grisham and Jim Ross are at ringside. They’ve got a bucket of KFC’s Grilled Chicken which is sponsoring the show tonight. Ross and Grisham hype Vince’s farewell address later tonight as we go to the ring.

Jeff Hardy, The Great Khali and Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler and Edge
Jeff Hardy makes his way to the ring to a nice pop for our next match, a six-man tag team match. Out next is The Great Khali followed by Rey Mysterio to a bigger pop. The WWE Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho is out next followed by his partners Dolph Ziggler and finally Edge.

Punk’s music hits and out comes the World Heavyweight Champion for commentary. Dolph and Khali start the match off. Khali sends him to the mat and he tags in Jericho. Khali grabs Jericho and throws him across the ring after a slap. Big chops in the corner by Khali. Khali clotheslines Jericho to the floor. Edge runs in and hits Khali from behind. He tosses Edge over the ropes on to Jericho. Dolph comes in and he gets thrown over onto Edge and Jericho. Hardy comes in and dives over the ropes onto the three heels. Rey comes in, stands on Khali’s shoulders and leaps over the ropes and onto the pile of guys on the floor. Khali climbs the second rope to jump but Jericho comes in and stops him. Khali knocks Jericho down and tags in Rey.

and Jericho go at it with kicks. Rey hits an enziguri and goes for the 619. Edge grabs his leg. Rey turns around and Jericho drops him for a 2 count. Jericho tags in Dolph. Dolph comes in with kicks and a knee on Rey for another 2 count. Dolph tags in Edge and slaps Rey on the way out. Edge misses a dropkick and Rey kicks him in the head with a nice kick. Rey tags in Hardy while Dolph is tagged in. Hardy unloads with clotheslines and a neckbreaker. Hardy knocks Edge and Jericho off the apron. Leg drop and atomic drop by Hardy. Hardy with a facebuster on Dolph. Hardy turns around to a spear from Edge. Khali comes in and goes for a Punjabi Plunge on Khali but he can’t. Jericho tries to hit a Codebreaker on Khali and Edge tries a spear. Rey drops Edge and nails the 619 on him. Jericho tries to pull Rey off the apron but Rey nails a nice moonsault off the ropes to the floor. In the ring, Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on Dolph and goes to the top. Hardy hits the Swanton on Dolph for the pinfall and the win.
Winners: Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio and The Great Khali

After the match, CM Punk says a win like that deserves props and heads to the ring. He comes from behind and raises Hardy’s hand in the air. Hardy doesn’t like this and nudges him off. Hardy exits the ring as Punk raises his World Title in the air in the ring and they lock eyes.

– Backstage we see Vince McMahon knocking on Donald Trump’s office. Vince is asking for security when Santina Marella taps him on his back. Santina introduces itself to Vince and extends a hand. Vince slaps it. Vince talks about Trump giving refunds tonight. Santina says some crap and Vince ignores it. He knocks again on the door and Trump comes out. Vince says this is his office, there must be some kind of mistake. Trump reminds him he bought RAW so it’s his office now. Trump says Vince’s office is down the hall. Vince says he will see him later and Vince walks off. Santina introduces itself to Trump after he asks who the hell she is. Trump says he’s doing the same thing to her tonight he did to Miss California. Trump says you’re fired and Santina walks off. They do a split screen here as Santino Marella walks in. He says his sister he must do something to save her and says nah, she had a good run before walking off.

Primo Colon vs. Cody Rhodes
The WWE Unified Tag Team Champions Carlito and Primo Colon come to the ring next. Primo takes the mic and talks about how Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase call themselves Legacy and get to hang out with WWE Champion Randy Orton. Carlito says yeah, he’s heard they hang out at the beach and Ted and Cody rub oil on Orton’s body like nobody else can do. Primo gets serious and tells Cody and Ted that they will still be Champions after The Bash this Sunday. He says their only Legacy will be part of Randy Orton’s groupies. His opponent Cody Rhodes is out next, with Ted DiBiase at his side.

The bell rings and they go at it. Cody ties Primo’s arm up and takes him to the mat. Primo turns it into a head scissors and they get back on their feet. Primo works on the arm now before they trade more shots. Primo with right hands in the corner now. Cody drops Primo’s neck over the ropes and drops him again for a 2 count. Cody works Primo in the corner some more and stomps him. Big knee drop by Cody and a headlock.

Cody tries to dump Primo over the ropes but he hangs on. Cody kicks Primo to the floor. Ted and Carlito have words on the outside. Primo comes back in and Cody gets a 2 count on him. Cody with a chinlock. Primo fights out of it and takes him down with a head scissors. Primo with more right hands and a nice dropkick. Cody with a high elbow for a 2 count. And another 2 count after some back and forth. Cody kicks Primo in the face and drops him with a Russian leg sweep for another 2 count.

Primo rolls Cody up for another 2 count. They go back and forth. Primo comes off the top with a cross body into a pinfall but Cody reverses it and pulls Primo’s tights for the pinfall and the win.
Winner: Cody Rhodes

Backstage we see Vince McMahon walking around his new locker room office. Goldust and Hornswoggle walk up. Goldust asks Vince if he remembers Hornswoggle, who spent months thinking he was his bastard son. Goldust has his wig and puts it on Vince’s head. Horny and Goldust mock Vince and he tells them to get out of here. They point him to his new office. It’s a bathroom stall with his nameplate on it. Vince says all he wants is one swig of dignity tonight for his farewell address. A toilet flushes and Festus comes walking out of Vince’s office stall with a newspaper. He hands Vince the paper and walks off. Vince is pissed as he throws the paper down.

We cut to a video showing the recent history between Randy Orton and Triple H to hype their Last Man Standing match later tonight.

Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Title: Randy Orton vs. Triple H
Lilian Garcia is in the ring announcing the rules for this WWE Title match. Out first is the challenger Triple H to a nice pop from the crowd. Voices starts playing as the WWE Champion Randy Orton makes his way to the ring.

Lilian does the formal ring introductions as we get ready to go. The bell rings and Orton strikes first. Orton backs HHH in the corner with rights. Triple H reverses with a bunch of rights of his own. Triple H throws Orton into the steel ring post and he goes to the floor. Triple H throws Orton into the announce table and brings him back in the ring for a big spinebuster. Orton ends up throwing Triple H over the top rope and he lands on his leg. Orton comes to the floor and Triple H clotheslines him and is limping. Triple H drops Orton’s ribs onto the fan barrier and knocks him into the crowd.

Orton is down in the crowd as the referee begins the 10 count. Triple H goes into the crowd and starts wailing on Orton. HHH slams Orton into barriers in the crowd. They head back towards the ring and Orton pulls Triple H into the fan barrier, sending him back over to ringside. Orton works on the hurt knee of Triple H now. The ref begins to count on Triple H. Orton throws him into the steel steps. Orton picks up the steps and rams Triple H in the head with them.

The ref starts to count again but they go back in the ring with Orton in control. Orton stomps and punches away at Triple H now, still working on the knee. Orton drops a knee and Triple H moves out of the way. Orton pulls Triple H’s legs around the ring post and slams them into it. Orton uses the post again on the knee of Triple H. Orton grabs a steel chair now. Triple H kicks it back into Orton’s face and Orton goes down to one knee. They get to their feet and Orton drops Triple H with a chairshot to the head. The ref starts his 10 count again.

Triple H makes it up but Orton drops him again. Orton starts taking apart the announcer’s table. Triple H fights back but Orton slams his head into the table. Orton mounts Triple H on top of the table with right hands. Orton goes for an RKO through the table but Triple H hits him with a low blow. They both are down on top of the table. Triple H picks Orton up and goes for a Pedigree through the table. Orton counters and drops an RKO on top of the table. The table doesn’t give and Triple H is out. Orton rolls to the floor and the ref starts his count on both of them. Orton gets to his feet. Triple H gets up at 9. Triple H back body drops Orton on top of the table. Both are down now as the ref starts counting again. They both get up at 9 staggering. Triple H cracks Orton in the head with a TV monitor and both men go back down.

They fight up to the entrance way now and Triple H slams Orton into the fan barrier. Triple H is selling his knee hard. They stagger up the entrance way. Triple H hits a spinebuster on the ramp. Both are down as the ref starts counting again. Triple H gets up first and Orton does at 9. Triple H goes for a Pedigree on the ramp but Orton reverses it with a back drop. Triple H gets up at 9 and they fight on the side of the ramp now. They trade shots on their knees. Orton slams HHH’s head into the stage setup. Orton gets that crazy look and starts stalking Triple H. Orton goes for an RKO but Triple H pushes him over a barrier and into an equipment area. The ref starts counting. They make it up again. Triple H grabs a ladder and charges at Orton with it. Orton ducks and the ladder smacks a WWE crew member in the face and he’s busted open. They call for a doctor for the crew member. Orton takes advantage and starts stomping on Triple H.

Orton slams Triple H’s injured leg over the stage area. He goes over and grabs the ladder, putting it on the stage. Triple H gets up but Orton takes his leg out with the ladder. Orton drops him again. Orton puts his leg in between the ladder legs and starts stomping away. Orton stomps on the ladder and leg about 15 times and the crowd boo’s him hard for it. The ref starts counting on Triple H as Orton stares at the crowd. Orton grabs the ladder and tells the ref to stop counting. He stands the ladder up on the entrance way. He grabs HHH for the RKO by the neck and starts climbing the ladder. He goes for a RKO off the ladder but Triple H counters and shoves him to the steel. Triple H hits the Pedigree ont he stage and both are down.

Both men are down as the referee begins his 10 count again. Neither of them get up and the referee runs down to the ring for the official word. Lilian Garcia announces Randy Orton still WWE Champion due to neither man being able to get up. WWE officials come out and help Triple H to his feet and to the back as he’s limping bad. Orton is still down. Triple H breaks free of the officials and stomps on Orton. They take him to the back as other officials tend to Randy Orton. Voices plays as we go to replays.
Winner: No Contest

Backstage we see The Miz talking to Maryse again. She starts to walk off and he stops her. She says don’t waste her time. He talks about John Cena and she says something in French. He talks about beating Cena at The Bash. She says do something impressive. That’s about it.

Back in the arena, Donald Trump is making his way to the ring with Eve Torres and Maria on his arms. Trump asks if everyone is having a good time and the crowd pops. Trump says there’s nothing like good ownership and talks about the refunds and no commercials again. Trump says Vince was going to appoint a new General Manager but he isn’t. Instead, he is going to have a celebrity host each week. Trump says each week it could be an actor, an actress or a WWE Champion, assuming he meant a Legend. Trump says he is working for the fans and they will get lots of freebies from him. Trump says the biggest thing will be WrestleMania 26 and it’s going to be fantastic. Vince McMahon’s music hits and he comes walking out.

Vince walks out and says he is tired of what Trump is doing already. He says he is losing lots of money with no commercials. He says he heard Trump wants to do this every week but that’s not going to happen. He says people in Green Bay don’t deserve to get their money back. Vince says there’s a rumor Trump wants RAW free every week but he won’t allow it. Vince says he will be bankrupt in four months. Trump says this is peanuts as he paid a big price for RAW and can do whatever the hell he wants. Trump says he has a lot of rich friends who want to buy RAW from him and he can double his money anytime he wants to. Vince says how can he be so stupid. Vince says Trump played him and all this is a well orchestrated plan to drive him into bankruptcy. Vince admits Trump is smarter than him. Vince offers to buy RAW back for the same amount of money he paid him, they shake hands and everything’s fine. The crowd boo’s.

Trump says he has no interest in that offer. Vince says he will pay back what Trump paid plus 25%. Trump isn’t having it and Vince offers 50% more than what Trump paid. Trump says no deal and Vince offers 75% more. Trump still says no and tells Vince to up his numbers. Vince offers Trump double his money back and the crowd boo’s. Vince tells them to shut up. Trump shakes Vince’s hand and says he has a deal. Vince tells Trump if he ever crosses his path again he will knock him on his billionaire butt. Vince has another thing to say… Donald Trump, you’re fired! The crowd boo’s some more.

The crowd starts chanting Trump’s name and he slaps Vince in the face. Guys in suits rush the ring and separate Vince and Trump as Vince is pissed off. The money music hits as Vince makes his way out of the ring and Trump looks on. Vince tries to get back on the apron but the guys pull him off. Trump just taunts Vince from the ring. Vince heads to the back as the crowd boo’s and Trump waves to the fans to a pop. Did Vince just buy back RAW?

Randy Orton is backstage getting medical attention with Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. Vince walks up and tells Ted and Cody to get in their car and get the hell out of here. Vince tells Orton he just bought back RAW and Orton will feel real pain this Sunday at The Bash. He changes the match with Triple H this Sunday to a Best of 3 Falls match. The first fall will be a wrestling match, the second fall will be a Falls Count Anywhere match and if necessary, the third fall will be a Stretcher match. Vince says he likes to call it Three Stages to Hell and tells Orton to enjoy it, because he will.

The Bella Twins and Mickie James vs. Maryse, Rosa Mendez and Beth Phoenix
Back in the arena and Mickie James is making her way to the ring with The Bella Twins, Brie and Nikki. Out next are their opponents Beth Phoenix, Rosa Mendez and WWE Divas Champion Maryse.

Rosa and Mickie start the match off with some trash talking. They lock up and Rosa takes control first. Mickie reverses and hits a forearm shot. Rosa tags in Beth. Beth talks smack to Mickie and then they lock up. Beth puts Mickie on her shoulders but they go to the apron. Mickie comes off the top but Beth drops her. One of the Bellas come in and Beth knocks her around. Rosa comes back in and wails away on the Bella.

Nikki takes Rosa down with a head scissors and goes to work on the arm. Nikki hits a move in the corner and tags in Brie. The ref is distracted as Beth lays out Brie. Beth chokes Brie as the ref’s back is turned. Rosa with a 2 count on Brie. Maryse comes in and gets a 2 count. She works over Brie and slams her face into the mat. Maryse locks on her chinlock and holds it. Mickie comes in and Maryse goes out. Mickie works over Rosa. Beth comes in but Bellas take her out. Maryse distracts Mickie. Mickie turns around to a shot from Rosa. Mickie drops Rosa with a superkick for the pinfall and the win.
Winners: Mickie James and The Bella Twins

Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole appear in the ring and run down the card for The Bash this Sunday.

Big Show vs. John Cena
Big Show makes his way to the ring next for tonight’s main event. Out next is John Cena to a nice pop from the crowd. Cena and Show come face to face. Cena tells him he can’t see him and mushes him. Cena with right hands and a shoulder that sends Show to the floor. Show drops Cena’s face over the fan barrier and takes it back in the ring.

Show punishes Cena in the ring now and gets a 2 count after a spear and a big suplex. Show backs Cena in the corner and goes for a chop. Cena ducks and starts with right hands. Show decks him and goes for a big powerbomb but drops Cena on his face instead. Cena rolls to the floor. Show continues dominating Cena in the ring. Show clutches Cena but Cena locks on a headlock. Show powers out and drops Cena for another 2 count. Show charges at Cena and hits a huge splash in the corner. Show tries again but Cena moves out of the way. Cena fires back with right hands but Show just knocks him right back down.

Cena finally fights back with his moves. He comes off the top rope with the leg drop on the neck. Cena hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle but gets dropped with a big chokeslam. 2 count by Show. Show climbs to the second rope and goes for a big splash and nails it. Show doesn’t pin Cena and wants to hurt him some more. Show gets Cena from the back and tries for his clutch move. Cena slides under his body and locks the STF on Show. Miz runs down and Cena breaks the hold. He chases Miz off. Cena lifts Show for the Attitude Adjuster. Miz runs back on the apron and pushes Cena over. Show falls on top of Cena and pins him for the win.

Winner: Big Show

– After the match, The Miz enters the ring where Cena is still down. Miz talks crap to Cena in his face. Miz stands with his hands in the air and does some odd pose. Miz barks something at Cena and we go to the back.

– Backstage we see Randy Orton with his bags, headed to his car. He pops the trunk when Triple H attacks from behind. Triple H asks Orton if he thought it was over. Triple H puts Orton’s body half way in the trunk and slams the trunk door down on his body. Orton sits down beside Orton and tells him it’s not over by a long shot. Triple H tells him this Sunday he’s going to hell and walks off. RAW goes off the air.