JR Blog: Tonight’s RAW, Wrestling Tournaments, Brisco Update, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog from yesterday on jrsbarbq.com. Here are some of the highlights:

– I would like to see some sort of annual, TV tournament in wrestling that is held over an extended length of time for a prize or opportunity of significant value. Tournaments held over time are natural, episodic TV elements, much like two out of three fall bouts, which have value when producing weekly TV shows. People are likely thinking “King of the Ring” but that seems to have run its course but I suppose it could be resurrected.

– Exchanged a few text messages over the weekend with Jerry Brisco who is in a positive state of mind after suffering three strokes and discovering that he has a hole in his heart and a faulty heart valve. Jerry’s wife Barbara had to confiscate his cell phone as many of Jerry’s friends were reaching out to him. The WWE Hall of Famer is respected by all that know him not to mention the fact that Jerry has helped so many men get their start in the business. Jerry told me that he will know more on Monday when he will have heart surgery as it was expected to be this week but that is not definite.

– Yours truly watched Todd Grisham do his Fox Sports gig on Saturday night hosting the MLS pre game show, etc. Todd played college soccer and did a really smooth job at the sports desk for Fox on Saturday night. Honestly, Todd is more proficient than many SportsCenter anchors on ESPN who, at times, force too much of themselves into their broadcasts.

– One can assume that the Smackdown contribution Monday night on the first ever commercial free Monday Night Raw will consist of probably one bout. However, that one match could be a dandy. There should be no issues with matches having an adequate amount of time to take care of their business on Monday night with no commercial breaks.

– I expect ECW to also have one bout on the show obviously, in some fashion, promoting the ECW Title Bout at “The Bash” which is all of the sudden here…. as in next Sunday in Sacramento.