TNA Slammiversary Results – June 21, 2009


– The Slammiversary online pre-show opens with Jeremy Borash inside the Palace at Auburn Hills running down the stacked card for tonight’s pay-per-view. We cut to a promo for the King of the Mountain match tonight for the TNA World Heavyweight Title.

– Lauren is backstage with Beer Money talking about their tag team title shot against Team 3D tonight. Team 3D were in Japan wrestling this weekend and Lauren asks if their easy schedule will give them an advantage over 3D tonight. Roode puts over how good of a team Team 3D is. Roode says Team 3D are amazing before he and Storm bust out laughing. Storm and Roode say they don’t care about Team 3D and will win the TNA titles tonight.

The British Invasion vs. Eric Young and Rhino

The Brits make their way to the ring first for tonight’s pre-show match. Out next is Eric Young followed by his partner Rhino. Rhino has some special managers with him, some local celebrities from his home state of Michigan I guess. Ah, Mike Tenay says they are fans who won a contest. Eric Young is playing his new role. At one point, Rhino goes to tag in Young but he won’t accept the tag. The Brits take advantage and take Rhino down. Eric Young starts walking to the back. Rhino’s friend Jesse Neal tries to stop Young but can’t. Neal comes to ringside to cheer on Rhino as the Brits are in control. Neal ends up getting on the apron and Rhino tags him in. Neal cleans house of the Brits but gets taken out by Williams and Brutus. They hit a clothesline off the top and pin Neal for the win.

Winners: The British Invasion

Lauren and JB are ringside running down tonight’s card and hyping TNA’s seventh anniversary. We go to more promo videos for tonight’s matches.

– Lauren is backstage with Sting talking about Matt Morgan. Sting brings up his 20 plus years in the business and says he will make an example out of Morgan tonight. More promo videos.

JB talks to Dixie Carter, who is at ringside in the crowd with fans. She wishes all the dads out there watching a Happy Father’s Day and we get ready for the pay-per-view.

Tonight’s Slammiversary pay-per-view opens with a birthday themed video package showing various clips from the past seven years of Total Nonstop Action. Maybe the song was used here was done by former TNA Knockout Goldylocks but I could be wrong.

– And we’re live from The Palace of Auburn Hills in Michigan. Mike Tenay welcomes us to the pay-per-view as the pyro goes off and we prepare for tonight’s opener.

King of the Mountain Match for the TNA X Division Title: Suicide vs. Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley vs. Jay Lethal vs. Consequences Creed

Introduced first is Detroit Tigers player Curtis Granderson. He sits at ringside with Tenay and West and other Tigers are in the crowd. Out first is Jay Lethal, wearing some vintage Randy Savage. Shelley is out next followed by Consequences Creed and then Chris Sabin. The TNA X Division Champion Suicide is out last.

The bell rings and the other four men attack Suicide and beat him down. MCMG are playing the hometown face role it looks like. All four of them hit moves on Suicide in the corner. The Guns take Suicide now and hit some nice double team moves. Creed and Lethal bring a ladder in the ring and wedge it in the corner. MCMG continue to double team Suicide until he counters both of them. Creed works on Suicide now.

Suicide counters a move into a ladder and takes down all four men. Suicide goes for a pin on Lethal. Lethal has to go into the penalty box for 2 minutes. Suicide is still getting beat in the ring. Guns set the ladder up and Creed works with MCMG to drop Suicide into the ladder. Creed charges at Suicide but ‘Cide tosses the ladder into him. Suicide ducks and Sabin hits Shelley. Suicide clears the ring except for Shelley and hits a Codebreaker type move on him for another pin. Shelley has to go into the box and Suicide is still eligible to get the belt.

Lethal comes back in the ring out of the box and goes to work on Suicide. Big clothesline by Lethal and a 2 count on the champ. Suicide drops Lethal’s face into the corner but turns around to a chair shot from Chris Sabin. Lethal sits the chair up but Sabin takes a seat in it. Lethal and Sabin fight over a pinfall on Suicide. Creed comes in and lays on top of all three of them and there’s a pin. The three argue over who got the pin. Shelley is let out of the box and Suicide goes in. The four of them celebrate in the ring together. Jay Lethal is now eligible to grab the belt. Lethal gets the belt from Curtis Granderson and goes to hang it. The Guns take out Creed and Lethal. Lots of crazy stuff here. The Guns are working on Lethal and Creed.

Suicide finally comes out of the box. Creed drops Shelley for a pinfall. Creed, Lethal and Suicide are now all eligible. Shelley has to go back in the box. Lethal and Creed double team Suicide now. Creed with a big dropkick to the face and a 2 count. Suicide tries to fight them off but Sabin comes in. Suicide flings Sabin into the ladder that’s propped up. Lethal gets dumped to the floor but he grabs Suicide and pulls him out. Creed comes over the top rope and lands on them both. They fight over near the entrance way. Sabin climbs the ladder, jumps on top of the penalty box and leaps off, landing on Suicide, Lethal and Creed. Shelley comes out of the box and sets the ladder up. Sabin and Shelley argue. Shelley drops Sabin and pins him for a three count. Sabin goes into the box. Shelley climbs the ladder but Suicide leaps into the ring and into the ladder, sending Shelley down.

Creed flings Suicide into the ladder now and he hits hard. Lethal and Shelley are on the top turnbuckle with the ladder in between them. Shelley slams Lethal’s head into the ladder and Lethal looks stuck in the ladder rungs. Creed dropkicks Shelley off the apron to the floor. Suicide suplexes Creed onto the ladder and it catapults Lethal across the ring. Nice spot. Sabin comes out of the box and clotheslines Suicide to the floor. Sabin pins Lethal. Lethal goes to the box and every man is eligible now for the win. Creed drops Sabin. Shelley grabs Creed and drops him on his head.

Suicide comes back in and lays out Creed but Sabin lays out Suicide. Granderson gives the belt to Sabin and he and Suicide fight on the ladder. Sabin ties Suicide upside down in the corner and hits a huge running dropkick to the face. Sabin sets the ladder back up as Lethal is let out of the box. Sabin climbs the ladder with the belt until Lethal stops him. Lethal with a nasty back drop off the ladder. Shelley comes off the top with a frog splash on Lethal. Shelley takes Suicide out with a super kick. Shelley lays the ladder out between the ring apron and the fan barrier. He runs in but Creed rocks him with a big kick. Creed slams Suicide. Lethal goes to the top but Sabin pushes him off. Sabin gets knocked out onto the ladder that’s propped from the ring to barrier. Shelley with a nice dropkick from the top on Suicide. Shelley kicks Suicide to the floor but he lands sitting up in a chair. Shelley comes over the top and lands on Suicide in the chair. Sabin is still on the ladder that’s propped up and leaps off the top rope with an elbow drop onto Sabin on the ladder. The crowd pops.

Shelley and Creed fight on the apron. Shelley nails a super kick that dazes Creed. Shelley hits the Sliced Bread on the apron, running up the turbuckle, on Creed. Nice move. He goes for the same move, running up the side of the penalty box, on Suicide but it’s countered. Suicide comes in with the belt and the ladder. The crowd is booing Suicide. Lethal kicks the ladder and Suicide over. Suicide runs to the top of the penalty box. Lethal tries to use the ladder on Suicide. The ladder is hanging off the top of the penalty box. Creed climbs the penalty box and battles with Suicide. Shelley brings a ladder in the ring and sets it up. Shelley grabs the belt and climbs up to hang it. Suicide walks across the ladder that’s hanging on Lethal’s back and the penalty box. Suicide leaps and knocks Shelley off the ladder. Suicide grabs the belt and climbs the ladder to hang the X Division Title and win the match.

Winner: Suicide

After the match, the lights go out and Suicide disappears. Tenay and West run down the rest of tonight’s card. We go backstage with Lauren to talk with Shane Douglas. She says Team 3D hasn’t arrived yet from their matches in Japan over the weekend. She reminds Douglas he has to beat Daniels tonight to stay in TNA. Shane says he has set the standard everywhere he’s been. Douglas says Daniels can’t beat a legend like him. Shane says he beats punks down who try to make names for themselves before walking off. We cut to a Daniels vs. Douglas video promo.

Second Chance Match: Daniels vs. Shane Douglas

The Franchise comes out first and says cut the damn music. Douglas is awesome on the mic. He asks is this how a second rate sports city treats someone from Pittsburgh. Daniels makes his way to the ring to a nice pop.

The bell rings and they go at it. Douglas takes Daniels first and keeps in control until Daniels dropkicks Douglas’ leg out and applies a side headlock. Daniels with a drop toe hold and steps on Shane’s back. Right hand by Daniels now and another dropkick in the corner. Daniels stomps Shane in the corner. Another side headlock by Daniels.

Daniels drops Douglas again and locks on another side headlock. Daniels trying to keep Douglas grounded here. Another dropkick by Daniels and another. 2 count by Daniels. Big chops by Daniels now. Daniels misses a kick and Shane rolls to the floor to regroup in front of the announcers. Douglas turns around to a springboard moonsault off the ropes to the floor from Daniels. Daniels slams Shane’s head into the apron a few times. Douglas pushes Daniels into the steel steps and his arm looks to be hurt. Douglas works on the injured arm now and slams it into the steps.

Back in the ring now and Douglas with a chinlock on Daniels. Daniels fights out of it but Shane drops him and goes back to work on the arm on the mat. Daniels gets a foot on the rope and Douglas has to break his hold. Douglas stomps on Daniels now. Daniels kicks Douglas to the mat and hits a kick to the head. Both are down. Daniels comes back and hits a bridge suplex for a 2 count. Douglas gets ready for the Best Moonsault Ever but Shane stops him and starts fighting back. They trade shots on their feet. Shane goes for his belly to belly suplex but Daniels counters. Daniels hits the Best Moonsault Ever for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Daniels

Mick Foley is backstage with Jeremy Borash. JB tells Foley his chances of retaining the TNA World Title tonight aren’t looking good. Foley says Jeff Jarrett knows what’s best for TNA as a company and Foley needs to stay Champion for the good of the company. Foley starts singing “I’ve got the World Title in my hands…” Foley says after tonight, he starts concentrating on his next title defense – Bound For Glory in 2010. Yep, 2010. Foley moonwalks off out of the room still singing.

TNA Knockout’s Title Match: Tara vs. Angelina Love

We get a promo for the Tara vs. Angelina Love match before Tenay does the Tale of the Tape. Out first is Tara, the former Victoria in WWE. She gets a nice pop from the crowd. Out next comes The Beautiful People – Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne and Knockout’s Champion Angelina Love.

The Beautiful People rub their rears on the ring ropes as Tara looks on from outside the ring. The bell rings and they come face to face in the middle of the ring. Angelina shoves Tara. They lock up and Angelina takes her down with a shoulder. Angelina celebrates. They lock up again and Angelina takes her to the mat and taps her on the back of the head. Angelina talks to Velvet and Madison before turning around to rights from Tara. Tara picks Angelina up by her hair over her back and drops her. She does it again and holds it this time for a few seconds. Tara tosses Angelina across the ring by her hair now and gets a 1 count. Angelina rolls to the floor to regroup.

Tara comes out and cleans house, bringing Angelina back in the ring. Velvet and Madison pull her down off the apron. She goes back in and Angelina rolls her up for a 2 count. Angelina with a dropkick on Tara for a 2 count now. Angelina mounts her now and nails a bunch of right hands. Angelina slams Tara’s head into the mat a few times. They go back and forth until Angelina hits a spin kick for another 2 count. And another 2 count by Angelina.

Angelina distracts the ref while Velvet and Madison beat up Tara on the outside. They throw her back in and Angelina covers for a 2 count. And another 2 count. Angelina with kicks in the corner. Tara fights back with right hands and a clothesline, followed by another. Scoop slam by Tara. Tara hits her side slam finisher and goes to the floor. Velvet Sky is talking to the announcers when she turns around to Tara. Tara drops Velvet and then Madison. She goes back inside the ring but gets kicked by Tara. Velvet and Madison spray Tara in the face with hairspray. Angelina hits her finisher on Tara for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Angelina Love

Lauren is backstage with Dr. Stevie, Daffney and Raven. Stevie puts down Lauren and says they have tried to help Abyss out and Lauren’s sorority sister Taylor Wilde has been drug into this. Raven touches Lauren and says he likes her for reasons he names. He says she reeks of sadness and it turns him on. Raven addresses Abyss and says they are addicts. He says tonight it will be a glorious night of redemption. Raven says through all their therapy over the years, nothing will change because they are hopeless addicts with nowhere to go but straight to hell. Raven says tonight they will have a breakthrough even if it kills them. He starts laughing like a maniac and says Quote the Raven, Nevermore. Raven starts crying and laughing now while hugging Dr. Stevie. We go to a promo video.

Monster’s Ball Match: Raven and Daffney vs. Abyss and Taylor Wilde

Out first is the team of Raven and Daffney, with Dr. Stevie at their side. Weapons are in the entrance way. Daffney does her split on the apron and Raven poses in front of her. Raven takes his usual seat in the corner of the ring as Taylor Wilde makes her entrance to the arena. Taylor waits on the entrance way as Abyss makes his entrance.

The bell rings and everyone goes at it. Abyss and Taylor take Raven and throw him into Daffney in the corner. Abyss throws Taylor into Raven. Abyss goes to slam Raven in the corner but he moves and Abyss crushes Daffney. Raven tries to use a trash can on Abyss but gets rocked back into the ropes and to the floor. Taylor drops Daffney but Stevie pulls Taylor’s leg and she falls. Abyss lifts Daffney high in the air and throws her over the top rope onto Stevie and Raven on the floor. Taylor climbs the top rope and leaps over onto Stevie, Raven and Daffney on the floor.

Abyss and Raven fight in the crowd now while Daffney and Taylor go at it on the floor. Daffney jumps on Abyss’ back and she gets dropped back on her head. Taylor goes to work on Daffney now. Raven uses a trash can lid as he and Abyss fight up in the crowd. Raven uses part of the fan barrier on Abyss and puts part of it over his neck. He goes back and brings a table out into the arena area. Daffney and Taylor are also fighting over in the fan area on the concrete. Raven and Abyss fight in front of the table now. Daffney and Taylor are brawling right by them. Taylor puts Daffney on top of the table and climbs a speaker stand. Taylor splashes off the speaker and through the table on Daffney. They’re laid out.

Raven and Abyss go back towards the ring. Raven grabs a kendo stick but Abyss stops him. Raven is in the ring as Abyss brings out his black bag from under the ring. Stevie comes in the ring and drops Abyss with a chairshot to the face. Abyss is busted open. Raven sets up a chair in the ring and drop toe hold’s Abyss into it. Stevie starts handing Raven a bunch of weapons. Raven cracks Abyss with a kendo stick a few times. Raven with a 2 count on Abyss. Daffney and Taylor make it back to ringside now. Daffney smacks her in the head with a steel pan. Raven cracks Abyss in the head with a trash can a few times. Abyss gets up and kicks the can into Raven’s face. Abyss uses the can on Raven now and the kendo stick.

Abyss goes for a chokeslam and hits it as Stevie distracts the ref on the apron. Abyss goes for a pin but the ref is distracted and doesn’t count. Raven gets up and hits Abyss with the can again. Stevie holds Abyss and Raven charges with the can. Abyss ducks and Stevie is laid out with the can. Raven is down and Abyss throws Taylor Wilde off the top onto Raven. Stevie comes and distracts the ref again, holding his leg. Abyss goes over and gets his bag again. Abyss empties the bag full of thumbtacks out on the mat. Daffney comes from behind and starts hitting Abyss. Daffney begs Abyss now. She turns around to Taylor Wilde. Taylor picks Daffney up and slams her down on the thumbtacks. Taylor covers Daffney on top of the tacks but Stevie comes in and breaks the pin. Stevie turns around to Abyss in his face. Abyss blocks a slap and goes for a chokeslam. Raven makers the save with a chair shot to the back. Raven hits the Evenflow DDT on a chair onto Abyss but only gets a 2 count. Abyss counters another DDT and nails the Blackhole Slam on the tacks. Abyss gets the pinfall on Raven for the win.

Winners: Abyss and Taylor Wilde

Borash is backstage with Jeff Jarrett. Borash brings up how Jarrett has never lost a King of the Mountain match he has been in and mentions the match is named after Jarrett’s nickname. Jarrett says he has no desire to be TNA Champion but if he doesn’t get the title back and control of this company then we’re all headed for a brick wall and brings up Mick Foley. Jarrett says he will win the TNA World Title.

Sting vs. Matt Morgan

Matt Morgan makes his way to the ring for the next match after a promo video. Keep in mind, the official stipulation for this match is that if Morgan wins, he takes Sting’s leader spot in the Main Event Mafia. Yep. Sting is out next to a pretty nice ovation.

The bell rings and we’re ready to go. Sting gets the crowd to pop before locking up. Morgan sends Sting to the floor on the outside. Morgan comes out after him and slams Sting into the fan barrier a few times. Morgan lifts Sting up and again throws him into the fan barrier. Morgan brings Sting back into the ring. Sting fights back and drops Morgan’s neck over the ropes before kicking him off the apron to the floor. Sting throws Morgan into the fan barrier now and fights him around the ring.

Morgan regains control in the ring and the crowd is booing him. Tenay announces that Team 3D has just arrived in the building from their trip to Japan. Morgan rocks Sting in the corner with elbows now but shows off to the crowd. Morgan with a big scoop slam and leg drop for a 2 count. Morgan slings Sting into the corner and keeps in control with a choke in the corner. Morgan chases the ref to the apron. Morgan with a big splash in the corner and a big sideslam for a 2 count. Morgan hangs Sting over the ropes and runs with a big splash. Morgan chokes Sting again with his boot and the ropes then leg drops him. 2 count for Morgan. Morgan with a sideheadlock now.

Morgan makes another pin attempt and locks another headlock on. Some in the crowd are cheering for Morgan. Sting finally fights back with rights and lefts. Morgan comes back with shots of his own. Sting goes to kick at Morgan’s legs. Morgan misses a splash in the corner. Sting comes off the top with a missile dropkick. Sting hits a splash in the corner but gets dropped by a big boot and a 2 count by Morgan. Morgan goes for the Hellevator but Sting counters and tries to hit the Death Drop but can’t. Morgan with a 2 count. Sting goes low on Morgan and drops the Death Drop for a 2 count. Sting kicks at Morgan and drops him with an enziguri. Sting goes for the Scorpion Death Lock but Morgan breaks out. Sting goes to the second rope and hits a Death Drop from that turnbuckle on Morgan for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Sting

Lauren is backstage with Samoa Joe and AJ Styles. She talks about Foley and Jarrett not being on the same page and says they might need to work together. AJ says this match is about strategy and having a plan. Styles says he doesn’t care if its him or Joe but tonight they will put this company back in the hands of the Originals. Styles says they are taking back what’s rightfully theirs. Joe tells Kurt Angle tonight is his day of reckoning. He says he has brought the Nation of Violence to TNA and the members of the Mafia have fallen. Joe says tonight this ends where it began, with Angle, and tonight he is hunting. He says “we” will become the most powerful force in the history of professional wrestling before they walk off.

TNA Tag Team Title Match: Team 3D vs. Beer Money, Inc.

Tenay does the Tale of the Tape before Beer Money make their way to the ring. Storm is riding his cooler scooter as usual. Out next is the TNA World Tag Team Champions Team 3D. They’ve got their New Japan tag titles with them that they just defended in Japan. The bell rings and it’s Devon starting it off with Storm.

The crowd is already chanting for tables before they even lock up. Storm and Devon go back and forth with some shots and taunting. Side headlock by Storm. Devon misses a clothesline and Storm rocks him. Storm with a nice head scissors take down. Devon drops Storm with a big clothesline and a few slams. Devon with the diving headbutt for a 2 count. Storm tags in Roode for some double teaming. Roode drops a big knee drop on Devon for a 2 count.

Brother Ray comes in and backs Roode into the corner. Roode comes back and they trade shots out of the corner. Bubba with a big boot to the face on Roode. Roode tries a clothesline but it does nothing. Roode takes Devon off his feet this time and they lock up again. Bubba with big chops in the corner on Roode. Bubba with a big suplex on Roode. Ray with an elbow to the head but Roode fights back with rights and chops. Roode tries a sunset flip but can’t get Ray down. Devon is tagged in and they double team Roode. 2 count by Devon. Roode takes control of Devon now and tags in Storm. They try a double suplex but Bubba makes the save. Devon clotheslines Storm and Roode.

Storm works over Devon now and hits a big clothesline. Roode is tagged back in and keeps control of Devon, getting a 2 count. Storm comes back in and works on Devon in the ropes. They both clothesline each other and both are down. Roode comes in when Ray does. Ray with rights and a big back body drop on Roode. Roode kicks Ray in the face but Ray catches him with a Bubba Bomb for a 2 count. Storm is thrown to the floor as Team 3D double team Roode in the ring. Storm tries to come back in but is sent right back out. Ray holds Roode and Devon hits the Whassup from the top rope. The crowd wants tables.

Devon gets a table out but Storm stops him from doing anything else. Storm puts Devon on the table on the floor. Roode comes back up in the ring and hits a spinebuster on Ray for a 2 count. Roode tags in Storm. Beer Money with a double suplex on Ray. Beer Money salute the crowd. The British Invasion – Rob Terry, Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams come down to the ringside area to heat from the fans. They takeover commentary with Tenay and West. Storm with a neckbreaker on Ray in the ring for another 2 count. Bubba drops Storm and lays out Roode. Devon is tagged in and he comes in to clean house on both members of Beer Money. Devon with a big slam on Roode and a 2 count. Devon clotheslines Storm and ducks a splash from Roode. 2 count on Roode after a big clothesline by Devon. Devon with a big powerslam on Storm and a chokeslam on Roode for a 2 count. Bubba comes in and sends Storm to the floor. They hit the double team neckbreaker on Roode for the 2 count. Storm comes off the top with a crossbody on Devon and Ray.

They go at it and Devon clotheslines Roode. Ray gets Roode on his shoulders while Devon limbs the top. Roode slides out of it and pushes Ray into Devon. Roode with a Codebreaker move on Ray. Storm hits a top rope hurrancanrana on Devon while Roode follows through with the frog splash. They only get a 2 count. Beer Money take Devon to the top rope for a double superplex. Ray gets up and makes the save. Ray gets Roode on his shoulders and Devon comes through with the top rope clothesline. They only get a 2 count. Roode holds Devon while Storm spits beer. Devon ducks and the beer hits Roode. Team 3D hit the 3D on Roode and he’s out. They go for the pinfall but Rob Terry is on the apron, distracting the ref. Brother Ray jumps off the top rope and lands on the Brits. Devon knocks Williams through a table. In the ring, Beer Money hit their DWI move on Devon for the pinfall and the win.

Winners and New TNA World Tag Team Champions: Beer Money, Inc.

Jeremy Borash is backstage with Kurt Angle. Angle is looking different tonight with some more hair than usual, new trunks and definitely not his usual appearance. Angle cuts a promo on the King of the Mountain match and says he will be TNA World Heavyweight Champion. We go to a promo video.

King of the Mountain Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Title: Mick Foley vs. Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles vs. Jeff Jarrett

We get a promo video for this match before Mike Tenay runs down the Tale of the Tape. Out first is the TNA Legends Champion AJ Styles. Out next is Samoa Joe followed by Jeff Jarrett and his guitar. Kurt Angle is out next and he’s wearing a Pittsburgh Penguins hockey jersey which gets him lots of heat from the Michigan crowd. Finally, the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Mick Foley makes his way to the ring.

Jeremy Borash does the official introductions in the ring. Samoa Joe puts on a Detroit Red Wings jersey and attacks Kurt Angle before the match even starts. Angle is still wearing the Pittsburgh Penguins jersey. The referees try to pull Joe off and announce that Joe must start the match inside the cage and Kurt Angle is already eligible. The match starts and AJ and Jarrett trade shots on Angle. AJ with a big dropkick on Angle and Jarrett with a splash on the ropes. Jarrett with an enziguri on Angle. 2 count by AJ on Angle. Foley is just standing outside the ring on the ladder. Jarrett drops Angle again and allows AJ to get a 2 count. Foley finally comes in and goes at it with Jarrett. Joe comes out of the penalty box. Foley tells the ref Jarrett pinned him. Foley goes in the box and Jeff is now eligible.

Joe hits a big kick on Jarrett. Styles dropkicks Angle back into the fan barrier. Joe and Jarrett go at it in the ring with Joe in control. Joe with a 2 count on Jarrett. Foley is talking to Don West or something. Angle and Styles go at it on the floor. Joe chokes Jeff in the ring with his boot. Foley comes out of the box as Joe sends Angle back to the floor. Foley comes in with shots on Joe. Joe staggers Foley with forearms and drops him. Joe locks on his clutch on Foley and tries choking him out. AJ and Jeff fight with Angle on the floor. Angle throws Jarrett into the crowd. Angle grabs a ladder and brings it in the ring. Joe drops Angle and Jarrett with the ladder and throws it at Angle.

Foley is still dazed from Joe’s clutch and crawls in the cage. Joe back suplexes Angle onto the ladder. Joe whips Jarrett into the ladder hard as it’s propped up in the corner. Joe grabs the title belt and sets the ladder up in the ring. Joe starts climbing as Foley is released from the box. Foley rushes the ladder and knocks it out from under Joe. Joe lands hard and the ladder is all bent up. AJ works on Foley now and they trade shots. Joe hip tosses Foley right into the ladder while it’s in the corner. Jarrett grabs the ladder and sets it up but it’s all twisted up so he throws it over the top at Angle on the floor. Jarrett brings in a fresh ladder and sets it up. He grabs the TNA belt and climbs the ladder. Angle low blows Jarrett and goes at it with Foley, sending him to the apron. AJ knocks Angle down and sets the ladder up in the corner. Angle goes for a back suplex but AJ lands on his feet. Angle ends up countering another move and suplexes AJ right into the ladder. Angle turns around and Jarrett tries a guitar shot. Angle kicks him low and stops it. Jarrett with right hands. Angle ends up with the Ankle lock on Jarrett.

Jarrett breaks the hold, grabs the guitar and lays Angle out with it. Jarrett grabs the belt and climbs the ladder. Foley climbs the other side and tells Jarrett to give him the belt. They trade shots on top of the ladder. AJ springboards off the ropes into Foley, the ladder and Jarrett. AJ goes at it with Foley now while Joe works on Jarrett. Foley drops AJ and climbs on top of the penalty box. Joe sets the ladder up in the corner. AJ climbs on to the penalty box with Foley. Foley tries to suplex AJ back into the ring but he fights it off. AJ tries to drop Foley back on the concrete but Foley hangs on. Foley takes AJ and slings him through the air across the ring, landing hard. Jarrett drops Joe with The Stroke right into the ladder. Angle gets up and hits an Angle Slam on Jarrett for a 2 count. Foley leaps from the top of the box onto Angle in the ring with a huge elbow drop. Angle goes in the box.

Foley gets his sock out and sets the ladder up. Foley grabs the belt and starts climbing. AJ brings the TNA Legends Title in and kicks Foley off the ladder. AJ and Joe trade shots on Foley now. Angle is laid out in the box. AJ with the pele kick on Foley. Joe catapults AJ over the top rope onto Foley on the floor. AJ pins Foley on the floor and is now eligible. Foley has to go in the box now. Angle is hurting bad as he’s let out. Jarrett sets up the ladder and grabs the belt. Jarrett starts climbing. AJ meets him on the ladders and they fight up top. Angle comes in and tries to pull Jarrett off. The belt drops. Jarrett jumps onto Angle off the ladder and DDT’s him. AJ climbs down off the ladder and goes for the belt which is on the mat. Joe rocks Styles with forearms and AJ fires back.

AJ with a nice dropkick on Joe and everyone is pretty much down in the ring. Foley is let out of the box. AJ grabs the belt and goes for the ladder. Foley stops him and takes the belt. Foley hits AJ in the face with the belt. Joe flies with a big kick and kicks the belt into Foley’s face. Jarrett meets Foley on the floor and they trade shots on the outside. Foley chokes Jarrett. Joe grabs the belt and climbs the ladder. AJ grabs Joe’s foot and pulls him off. The belt falls around Style’s neck. He climbs the ladder but Joe grabs him from behind. Joe kicks Jarrett off. Joe with forearm shots on Styles. Joe gets flung by AJ through the ropes to the floor on Jarrett. AJ counters an Angle Slam and hits the Styles Clash on Angle. AJ grabs the belt again and climbs the ladder. Joe comes running in and powerbombs AJ off the top of the ladder with a sick thud. Joe grabs the belt and climbs. Angle meets Joe at the top of the ladder and they stop. Joe hands Angle the belt. Angle hangs the belt on the rung to become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Joe and Angle hug atop of the ladder.

Winner and New TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Kurt Angle

– The rest of The Main Event Mafia come out to the entrance way to applaud Angle and Joe. Tenay says Samoa Joe has just joined The Main Event Mafia. Slammiversary goes off the air.