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Read Candice’s Blog Pulled By WWE, New RAW Diva Coming

Posted by Marc Middleton in WWE News
Saturday, June 20th, 2009

– Developmental women’s wrestler Angela Fong is once again on the road with WWE this weekend. She noted on her Twitter account yesterday that she was in Des Moines, Iowa, the site of last night’s RAW brand house show. She also said she lost her luggage on her way to Iowa.

– As noted earlier, posted a blog on the WWE Universe site thanking company executives, current and past Divas, and male wrestlers for contributing to her five-year run in World Wrestling Entertainment. The blog was subsequently taken down as her account was disabled.

We managed to get ahold of what she wrote. Here is her blog in its entirety:

Dear WWE Universe,

Today is the first day of my next journey! I am filled with excitement and gratitude that I wanna express! First and foremost I wanna say thank-you to the McMahon family! Thank-you Vince, Linda, and Stephanie! I have had an amazing 5years wrestling for you guys! You have taught me and given me so many incredible memories! My time in the WWE was so heartfelt and an incredible journey that I will never forget. I wanna thank the people who have helped me there to be successful! Thank-You Johnny Laurenitis, Mark Corrono, and the rest of talent relations! You guys are awesome at what you do and I appreciate everything you have done for me! Thanks to the amazing agents Arn, Dean, Ricky, Mike, Fit, Barry, Steve, and Billy. You guys are incredible at what you do and it was so exciting for me to get the oppurtunity to learn from the BEST! Speaking of the best, was a champ in every sense of the word, inside and outside of the ring! Thank-you John for our great friendship, conversations, and encouragement in the business! I have so many fun filled memories on the road that I will never forget thanks to Victoria, Torrie(vote for her, shes amazing), , Tommy ( what a Dream), and Mickie ( one half of the nasty girls)! You guys will be my buddies for life and I will never forget you! Thank you to the other amazing superstars and Divas! You guys are simply the best at what you do! You have contributed so much in me becoming a wrestler, thanks to HHH, , Melina, Mickie, , , , and everyone else who every helped me in the ring(in no particular order)! Thanks to the awesome crew and people behind the scenes, without them the show wouldnt even begin, they are all so incredible and full of talent! My time in the WWE was a true blessing!

I am excited that I was the FIRST WWE Diva Search contestant to become the WWE Womans Champion! I know I have paved a way for the woman like me and am so proud of them now! Go get em ladies, your all so talented and beautiful!

A special dedication to all the amazing and wonderful fans who have supported me, made sites for me, were always positive, and mostly just showed your love! I really appreciate you! I hope to see you in my next journey! I feel it coming fast! You can see my new website in less than 1.5 months at and catch up with my updates, also on twitter!

I have loved that journey and am ready to grow into this next chapter! Stay tuned…. much more to come!

Yours Truly,

Candice Michelle

“Defining Beauty”…in every sense of the word!

Her profile was also pulled from the SmackDown roster page, and not moved to the WWE Alumni section.


One Response to Read Candice’s Blog Pulled By WWE, New RAW Diva Coming:


    Date: Jun 20, 2009 at 7:47 pm

    Such haters!

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