Eric Bischoff Rips Triple H & Vince McMahon In Blog

Eric Bischoff recently made a blog entry on his official website with his thoughts on RAW this week, below are the highlights. (Thanks to site reader Lucas C.)

— “Triple H’s entrance is weak, old and so tired I went to go floss my teeth when it started. He looks like a Lhasa Apso genetic experiment gone bad. Get him some new music for Gods sake, and a hair-cut. One word describes HHH’s character: dated.”

— “The VKM announcement of the new GM tease was weak at best…is it me or are Vince’s ears gaining size on his head? The VKM revelation that he “sold RAW” was lame. When you start out a story line with a premise that is completely unbelievable, should it be a surprise that the audiences gags on it? Trump isn’t good in this role and is too forced. My guess is that Trump will bring in Ric to handle day-to-day duties on his behalf, and at least give fans something to get excited about for a while.”

— “The main event just bored me. 3 ways, 4 ways, 10 ways are just cheap ways to camouflage the lack of story and issues between the performers. I am the first one to defend writers/producers who are challenged to come up with fresh ideas for the same pool of talent week after week, but there is a consistent pattern in WWE story telling that just leaves me feeling flat.”

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  • Riss (:

    ok first Bitchoff should get a life bc vince is better at this and didn’t caue wcw to sell out so in the words of dx he can suck it (:

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