Sting’s Final Opponent?, Foley & Borash Mock Bischoff

Partial Credit: ProWrestling.NET

— To update on our previous report about Sting contemplating retirement this year: The word backstage is that Sting is telling people he wants his retirement match to be against an up-and-coming star who can gain something from the match, as opposed to an established name like Kurt Angle. One name that keeps coming up is Matt Morgan, but it’s far too early to tell who the opponent will be yet.

— Jeremy Borash and Mick Foley performed a skit in response to Eric Bischoff labeling Borash as “obnoxious” and saying he shouldn’t be on camera during a recent Sirius satellite radio interview. You can watch the skit, which kicks off The Spin Cycle at this link. Also the panel for this week’s Spin Cycle features Raven, Scott Steiner, Angelina Love, and Alex Shelley. Steiner and Angelina share a kiss while Steiner makes his entrance.

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