JR Blog: Monday’s Ad-Free Trump RAW, Gail Kim, The Bash and More

Jim Ross is back with another blog on jrsbarbq.com. Here are some of the highlights:

– Shocking to hear how Misawa actually died in the ring which was eerily similar to the injury sustained by the late Christopher Reeve. Japanese medicine is unique to say the least and obviously utilizing Japanese medical treatment and Misawa delaying having his injured neck surgically repaired proved to apparently be his down fall. Damn shame. It is amazing that Japanese medicine is apparently far behind Japanese Technology.

– One thing that astute fans see is that WWE is moving along, advancing, several younger talents. Because of the overall lack of depth, these young talents who have been designated as having “star potential” aren’t going to win every match but if all involved in the process does their job then even when a young talent loses, if they lose fighting their ass off, these young talents can still elevate and succeed.

– The Bash PPV seems to be some what lost in the shuffle but from a Smackdown perspective I feel the Sacramento PPV will feature some really good wrestling. It looks as if SD will have three bouts on the PPV as it now stands.

– Gail Kim is one of the best kept secrets on Friday Night Smackdown and I hope that we begin to see more of Gail in the near future. With skilled Melina, McCool, and Gail, Friday Night Smackdown has the nucleus of a competitive Diva’s division. These ladies just need the ring time to display their skills.

– Yours truly, as of now will not be in Green Bay Monday night for the commercial free, Donald Trump laden Monday Night Raw which suites me to a tee. Getting to Milwaukee on Monday and watching Raw and then attacking our work on Tuesday works best at this stage of my game and adding Mondays back into the equation is doubling my work load and my travel schedule.

– One would assume that Donald Trump will eventually name a Raw General Manager and I’m guessing it will be someone that Mr. McMahon isn’t too fond of which covers ample territory. Will that announcement be made this Monday in Green Bay. I think we can rule out Bret Favre.