eFed: Orton Wins World Title, Savage Wins Intercontinental Title

Randy Orton TitleIt was a crazy week in the eFed.  In the beginning of the week it was looking like Mr. Perfect would be crowned the Intercontinental Champ and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin would regain his World Title.  Both jumped out to early leads.

However, business picked up and Orton and Savage came away with victories by a mere 1 VOTE!  It goes to show you that anything can happen on Wednesday Night Destruction and what happens is solely up to you.

For those who are new to the eFed.  New matches are updated every Wednesday which you get to vote to determine the title holders.  The history of the titles is recorded so you can see who have been past champions so you can track the different title changes.  Remember to check the eFed every Wednesday for new matches.   A new music video is also posted every week.