WWE Official Comments on Trump Storyline & Stock Drop, Torrie Update

– The following recap is from t-wilson.org from Torrie’s latest on NBC’s I’m a Celebrity… show:

Time for another two-hour episode from the jungle. Tonight another celebrity will immunity into the final week.

We go back to last Thursday’s episode when Daniel was eliminated. In the confessional, Torrie is upset but says that she’s not happy that Janice was clapping and being disrespectful.

The next morning, Torrie says it’s quieter without Daniel because he was such a big personality.

Lou reads out a scroll, two members of each team must go head to head in a luxury trial. For the girls, it will be Torrie and Patti. In the confessional, they say they are competitive and remind viewers they won the last task they worked on together. The task involves standing on a plank while the person from the other team shortens the plank by pulling a wrench. Torrie must shorten John’s plank, John talks smack to her saying things like “Hulk Hogan’s behind you!”

Torrie pays no attention to John’s attempts to psych him out. Torrie manages to drop John off his plank… Torrie wins the task for her and Patti! They win a luxury massage! On the massage, Torrie says it’s the best massage she’s ever had & that it has revived her. When they get back to the camp, the contestants agree that Torrie is ‘a beast’. Lou says no one should take Torrie lightly, “She’s a machine.” That’s our girl!

Live: Due to adverse weather conditions, all the celebrities are currently holed up in the confessional.

Back to the highlights. The celebrities are now taking part in a scavenger hunt. Each celebrity must find an item in five minutes, if everyone gets their item they all win a prize. Torrie must find two dumbells and take them to the confessional, which she does and is followed by Janice. The celebrities complete the hunt with time to spare. The celebs win marshmallows, crackers and chocolate.

Live: Due to the weather the status of the live immunity trial is unknown.

Back to the weekend highlights. John Salley wants to quit, but Torrie says “You’re not a quitter” and tries to talk him out of going. John says to Patti, “I’m not the white girl with the blonde hair and pretty face, how do I win?” in reference to Torrie.

Torrie tells John there’s millions of people watching him on the show, including her brother who was so excited to hear he’s on it.

The judges reveal the result of the vote for the ‘Tunnel of Terror’ trial. The public has voted Torrie to take part, she will face off against Sanjaya. In the jungle clearing, it’s time for the food trial. The celebs must go into the tunnel and collect as many stars as possible within 3 minutes, there are 20 stars to collect in total. They must complete the entire trial for their stars to count.

Sanjaya is first up. This task looks horrible; snakes, tarantulas, crocodiles and more. Sanjaya has collected 19 out of 20 stars. Torrie says she’s ready for the task. She goes down the hatch, she must collect the full 20 stars in 3 minutes to beat Sanjaya… Torrie collects two stars from the whole with the snakes. She gets another two from the spider hole. She now puts her hand in the krayfish hole, but doesn’t manage to get any stars. She’s now in a pond with crocodiles and picks up more stars. She then goes through a mudchue to collect more stars. Torrie manages to finish the task with 10 seconds to spare. Torrie manages to get 18 stars, which means Sanjaya wins the task with 19 stars.

Sanjaya says he was nervous because Torrie’s very tough. Lou says he knew Sanjaya was the one that could take Torrie down. Torrie says she’s so upset about losing the task, especially to Sanjaya.

At around 3.00am we see that a snake has made it’s way into camp. Onsite security come and remove it, waking up the frightened celebrities.

It’s time elect a new camp leader. It’s time for a new trial to determine who becomes the new camp leader. The task is ‘Jungle Quiz’. The celebrities must select the name of the celebrity they think best answers the questions. The celebrities that answer the question right get to put a strike up next to the celebrity they don’t want to be camp leader. The answers were decided by fans on NBC.com. The celebrities unanimously agree that Janice is the most laziest, which matches the American vote. John Salley is picked as the celeb who does the most work. It’s time to pick who America thinks is the most famous, they pick John for that one. Worst bedhair goes to Sanjaya, Torrie puts a strike next to Stephen. The smartest camp mate vote goes to John, Torrie guesses correctly so gets another vote. She adds a strike next to Sanjaya, eliminating him from the running. Holly puts a strike next to Torrie. Torrie gets another chance to strike someone out, she puts a strike next to herself twice in a row, eliminating herself from the running for camp leader. John wins the challenge and is the new camp leader.

It’s time for a heart-to-heart. Torrie says one of her favourite things is talking about each other in camp. Tonight they’re talking about their favourite friend in camp. Torrie says Janice reminds her of her best friend at home, but she picks Stephen because she knew him before the show and wants him to look out for her. On Sanjaya and Holly, Torrie says “You’re a cougar like me!”

Up next is a live trial for immunity, called ‘Up in Arms’. The winner is guaranteed a spot in the final week.

Because of the weather, they seem to be running out of time so we won’t be seeing any of the trial tonight.

The trial will air during tomorrow night’s show at 8pm on NBC.

– WWE stock dropped as much as 6.7 percent on Tuesday and at least one stock exchange analyst is blaming the drop on the new storyline with Donald Trump.

Dow Jones News Plus’ Maxwell Murphy says: “For starters, public companies don’t announce mergers and acquisitions involving one of their most lucrative brands as part of staged, circus-like events. And if, heaven forbid, they do, they certainly must file with alacrity an 8-K with the Securities and Exchange Commission to announce and explain the pact, which WWE hasn’t done.”

Murphy also noted that he contacted the USA Network after they sent out the press release for the angle. Murphy wrote, “A USA spokesman referred questions to WWE about whether the release could mislead WWE investors who don’t get the joke, or run afoul of Securities and Exchange Commission disclosure rules. An SEC spokesman wasn’t familiar with the situation, but doubted the agency would have a comment one way or the other about the propriety of such a press release.”

A WWE spokesperson noted in the article that the storyline Trump sale “will make for great television,” but wouldn’t directly admit that the sale was indeed a storyline.





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