Update on The Dirt Sheet, Heyman Talks Dreamer and Vince, Mysterio, More

– Paul Heyman has a new column on the Sun website talking about Tommy Dreamer and his ECW Championship win. Heyman also talks about Vince McMahon wanting to kill off all the ECW Originals in 2006 and how himself, John Laurinaitis and Stephanie McMahon were able to talk Vince out of it.

– WWE’s shop website has a new Rey Mysterio American Flag mask and a new basics t-shirt for MVP. They’re also selling several Father’s Day items including a Shot Glass/Bar Nuts Package, an Ultimate BBQ Snack Package, wrestler themed Wastebasket packages and a Father’s Day DVD package. The Wastebasket package comes with the wastebasket, an air freshner, a car magnet, a plush bear, a bobblehead, a blinking pin and a wrestler’s DVD. The Superstars featured in these Wastebasket packages are Triple H, Edge and The Hardys. So if your dad’s a big WWE mark, don’t pass up on the chance to get him a Triple H air freshner.

– WWE Superstars Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov were spotted at the Tampa Bay Rays game on Thursday night and were shown on the big screen.

– The latest edition of The Dirt Sheet on WWE.com features The Miz and John Morrison getting along together doing a funny promo for the show’s sponsor, Castrol GTX. When the actual show starts, it has Morrison playing the face and Miz playing the heel. The whole show is basically a plug for Castrol and they do some comedy on Star Trek as well.

– Former WWE Diva and Extreme Expose member Brooke Adams is still doing modeling and is back with lots of amazing new photos. You can view her latest hot shots by CLICKING HERE.