Does WWE View TNA As Competition?, Ratings Note, More

— There are several birthdays today with Scott Norton and Brad Armstrong (aka B.A. and Buzzkill) both turning 48, and Chuck Palumbo turning 38.

— One source within WWE feels that the company does respectfully consider TNA as competition, although doesn‘t really entertain the idea that they will ever be a serious threat. One member of upper management says that even if TNA did increase in popularity, Vince would never take them as serious as he did WCW during the 90’s unless they did something to deliberately hurt his business.

— In a somewhat related note: On this day in 1998, WWF RAW drew a 4.3 rating with WCW Nitro following closely behind at a 4.0 rating, for a total of over 9,160,000 people watching professional wrestling between the two. RAW was headlined by Austin & Undertaker vs. Mankind & Kane in a Hell In The Cell match, while Nitro was headlined by Randy Savage vs. Diamond Dallas Page in a steel cage.

BREAKING: Randy Orton ARRESTED 3:30 a.m. Monday Morning [MUGSHOT + Full Details >>]