JR Blog: Lilian Garcia Not Leaving, Jericho-Mysterio, Batista Update and More

Jim Ross is back with another blog on jrsbarbq.com. Here are some of the highlights:

– Not enough can be said of Edge and Jeff Hardy wrestling this week on TV considering all that they put themselves through Sunday in the Ladder Match. There’s probably some idiot out there on message proclaiming that the two participants “know how to fall” when using a ladder.

– Is there a hotter, live audience reaction for any one in WWE than for Jeff Hardy? I know Jeff’s body is beat to hell as we speak but he has taken his game to another level and has come a long way from the teen we hired back in the day. I’m really proud of Jeff.

– One has to expect that we will likely see more of Jericho vs. Mysterio Monday night on the huge, enhanced, 3 hour Raw that starts one hour early at 8/ 7 Central. At least I hope so. Jericho vs. Rey in New Orleans was big time stuff from two guys who were trained the old school way.

– Dr. Jim Andrews, as I understand it, in Birmingham, Alabama performed the surgery to repair a major injury to Dave Batista’s biceps. The Animal will be out at least 4 months and perhaps closer to 6. Bad break for a good guy but no one has to worry about how hard Batista will work to come back and be 100%. Nor will Dave be “lonely” one has to assume. Perhaps Nurse Slobberknockers will be available. Sponge bath any one??

– The young wrestlers who are getting an opportunity to wrestle against Ricky Steamboat at selected, live WWE events should count their blessings. What a learning opportunity for these youngsters. Steamboat told me over the weekend that he never has wrestled a match in his career where he was positioned as the villain for the record.

– With C.M. Punk cashing in the Money in the Bank Contract Sunday night, does that now make Punk a wrestling villain? I think not. I think many fans were more upset that Jeff Hardy lost than they were with Punk winning . It seems to me that any one with a brain would pick the most opportune time possible to cash in the MIB Contract and moments after an insane, ladder match seems like perfect timing. Now, the fans themselves may turn against Punk and if so, fine, but Punk’s actions at Extreme Rules don’t seem as if they should automatically make him public enemy #1. Punk has some “attitude” so I think he will be able to handle whatever comes his way.

– Lots of questions regarding WWE seeking a female, ring announcer/singer. This doesn’t mean that Lilian Garcia is going any where but media company’s like WWE are never NOT looking for new announce talents. I do not know what Lilian’s long term professional or personal goals are but I have not heard any thing but good things about her work. We all know she can damn sure sing. Who knows, perhaps Lil is looking to cut back on her road schedule. She’s in Prague as I write this.