Interesting Note on WWE’s Umaga Announcement, Vickie Guerrero Update

– It should be noted that World Wrestling Entertainment’s announcement saying Umaga had been released from his contract for his second violation of the company’s Wellness Program and his subsequent refusal to attend a rehabilitation facility is the first Wellness Policy violation that wasn’t announced via a company press release to the media.

WWE did post the announcement on their Corporate website and their “WWE News” area. However, dating back to November 2007 when violations were publicly disclosed, the company would always issue a company press release. As of this post, a press release has been issued.

In another note, the headline of the announcement on the corporate website ( differs from the one on The headline on the corporate website reads: “World Wrestling Entertainment Terminates Performer.” On, the headline reads: “Umaga release update – violation of WWE Wellness Program.”

– The owner of a Vickie Guerrero fansite,, has direct contact with Vickie herself. According to a post on the website, the site owner personally asked Vickie if she sees herself returning to WWE in some capacity one day. Given her response, it would appear that she has left the door open for a return down the line. Here is what Vickie said:

“Knowing WWE…probably.”

Vickie also hopes Mary Anne, the owner of the website, leaves the site open so she can keep in contact with her on a personal level. Vickie handed in her notice to the company a few weeks ago in order to spend more time with her daughters.