WWE Monday Night RAW Results for 6/8/2009

– Tonight’s WWE RAW kicks off with a recap of last night’s steel cage match for the WWE Title between Randy Orton and Batista with some other Batista-Orton clips thrown in there.

– We’re live inside the Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana as Lilian Garcia introduces the new WWE Champion Batista. His music hits and Batista comes out with his belt to a huge pop. Batista makes his way to the ring as Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler welcome us to RAW.

Batista takes the mic and talks about beating the hell out of Randy Orton last night at Extreme Rules. He says he did this for everyone who is sick of Randy Orton and brings up Ric Flair. Batista talks about Orton as Voices plays and Randy Orton comes out to the entrance area looking pissed and ready to fight.

Orton just stares at Batista and approaches the ring as his music plays. Batista gets ready to fight. Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase rush Batista from behind with a chair. Batista fights all three of them off and lifts Orton for a Batista Bomb. DiBiase makes the save with a chair and the three of them beat down Batista in the corner. Legacy are working on the arm of Batista, probably to sell the injury he’s having surgery for tomorrow.

They beat the hell out of Batista. Orton puts his arm in a chair and stomps on it about 20 times. Batista yells at Orton that this will never be over. The assault on Batista’s arm continues and he’s selling the injury well. Orton picks up the WWE Title and holds it high in the air as the crowd boo’s. Legacy walks up the ramp as WWE officials tend to Batista in the ring. RAW goes to commercial.

– Back from commercials and medics are helping Batista through the back area to a stretcher and ambulance. They’re holding his arm. Batista said he can’t feel his arm. They strap Batista to the stretcher, for an arm injury, and roll him into the ambulance all while he grunts and whines in pain. He says “Please get my title” about four times as they shut the doors on him. Lawler reminds us that Randy Orton is in possession of the WWE Title belt. We go to replays with Cole and Lawler selling the seriousness of what just happened.

Kofi Kingston vs. William Regal

The WWE United States Champion Kofi Kingston comes out for this non-title match. Lilian Garcia introduces him and says he’s the Intercontinental Champion. William Regal comes marching out with a mic and says in these trying times, the last thing we need is a Jamaican as US Champion. Regal puts the fans down and says as US Champion, he can be our savior. Regal enters the ring and we get ready to go.

They lock up and Kofi takes Regal down first. Kofi comes off the top with a chop but Regal hits him in the gut and works him over. Kofi tries a roll-up but Regal blocks it. 2 count by Regal. Knee to the gut and a right hand from Regal. Kofi fights back and they trade shots. Kofi with a dropkick and the big double leg drop for a 2 count.

They go back and forth some more until Kofi nails the Trouble in Paradise out of nowhere to get the pinfall and the win in this non-title match.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

– Cody Rhodes is backstage with Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase. They tell Orton there’s no way Batista is coming back, they know they broke his arm. Josh Matthews walks in and asks Orton, who is holding the WWE Title belt, about what just happened. Orton says everyone needs to know Batista is down, he’s done. Orton says he is using his rematch clause tonight and if Batista doesn’t show tonight, he wins by forfeit and will be the new WWE Champion. Orton says just ask Vickie Guerrero. Orton says one way or another, he will be WWE Champion tonight. We go to commercial.

WWE Divas Title Match: Kelly Kelly vs. Maryse

Back from commercial and Kelly Kelly makes her way to the ring for this rematch from last week’s show. The Divas Champion Maryse is out next. Mickie James’ music hits and she comes out looking incredible to join Lawler and Cole on commentary. The match starts and Maryse sends Kelly to the mat.

They lock up and go to the mat. Mickie talks about beating Maryse twice already. Maryse remains in control of Kelly and taunts Mickie from the ring. 2 count on Kelly. Maryse with a nasty backbreaker on Kelly for another 2 count. Kelly counters a move and rolls up Maryse for a 2 count.

Kelly fights back and gets a 2 count on Maryse. Kelly comes off the top rope with a crossbody for another 2 count. They go back and forth until Maryse drops Kelly for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Maryse

After the match, Kelly and Maryse fight in the ring. Mickie James comes in the ring, looking hot in street clothes and Maryse leaves. Mickie blows a kiss at Maryse as the Divas Champion heads to the back.

– Cole and Lawler talk about the WWE Title match later tonight as we go to commercial.

– Back from commercial and we see clips of the Hog Pen match at Extreme Rules. Josh Matthews is backstage with Vickie Guerrero and she’s pissed. She says yes, Randy Orton is getting his rematch tonight on RAW against Batista. She says if Batista isn’t here then Orton will be awarded the WWE Title by forfeit. She says she has a huge announcement tonight that will change the face of RAW forever.

– Maryse is taking a break backstage. The Miz walks up and says don’t worry, Mickie James isn’t around. She says she isn’t worried about Mickie. Miz talks about Cena being scared of him. She says something in French and Miz tells her it’s hot when she does that. She tells Miz he’s a good talker but she’s never seen him beat John Cena. She says until he beats Cena, they have nothing together. Miz says he is awesome and walks off as Maryse looks on in disgust.

Santino Marella, Goldust and Festus vs. The Brian Kendrick, Jamie Noble and Chavo Guerrero

Santino Marella comes out for the next match. Out next is his partners Festus and Goldust. Hornswoggle is with them. We go to commercial break as they head to the ring.

Back from the break and Chavo, Kendrick and Noble are in the ring waiting. The bell rings and Festus snaps, clearing the ring. Kendrick is in now and Festus just unloads on him. Goldust is tagged in to continue the assault on Kendrick. Kendrick rocks Goldust and tags in Chavo. Chavo works him over in the corner now.

Goldust tries to come back but Chavo tags in Jamie Noble. Noble takes Goldust down with a submission hold as the ref checks on Goldust. Noble kicks Festus off the apron and hits Santino. Santino gets tagged in and works Noble over for a 2 count. Festus comes in and chases Chavo and Kendrick off. Chavo and Festus fight on the floor. Kendrick decks Goldust and throws Hornswoggle in the ring. Horny steps on Chavo’s foot and drives through the ropes onto Kendrick. Santino rolls up Noble in the ring for the pin.

Winners: Goldust, Santino Marella and Festus

The Miz vs. John Cena

Back from commercial and The Miz is making his way to the ring. Miz takes the mic and says this is the night we’ve all been waiting for as he goes one-on-one with John Cena. Miz goes on and on about Cena. Lilian introduces Cena as Miz gets ready to fight. The music hits and Cena comes out to a big pop.

As the match is about to start, the music hits and out comes Big Show. Show stands on the apron and Cena looks between him and Miz. Miz charges but Cena drops him. Miz rolls to the floor. Cena goes for an Attitude Adjuster on Show but he slides out of it. Show chokeslams Cena.

Show stands over Cena and locks on the clutch he’s been using for a few weeks now. Cena starts to pass out in the hold. The Miz enters the ring and starts hitting Show in the back with a chair. Miz yells at Cena and hits him with the chair. Show gets to his feet and Miz goes back to the floor and makes his exit while Show yells at him from the apron. Miz stands on the stage with the chair and stares as Show while Cena is laid out in the ring.

Winner: No Contest

– Back from commercial with Cole and Lawler going over what happened to Batista earlier.

MVP vs. Matt Hardy

We go to Lilian Garcia as she introduces MVP making his way to the ring. MVP takes the mic and says he doesn’t know what’s up with the WWE Title right now but if there’s a title match next on RAW, he needs to be in it. He says he is going to beat Matt Hardy tonight. Out comes Hardy, still with the cast on.

The bell rings and they lock up. MVP strikes first with knees to the gut and a drop toe hold. 2 count by MVP. Hardy fights back, drops MVP and gets a 2 count. Hardy chokes MVP with the ropes as the ref counts. Another 2 count by Hardy. Hardy takes MVP to the mat now. MVP catches Hardy in a overhead suplex. MVP ends up hitting his Ballin’ elbow drop but only gets a 2 count.

MVP misses the running kick in the corner. Hardy drops him with an inverted DDT for a 2 count. Hardy mounts MVP in the corner but MVP counters and drops Hardy on the turnbuckle. MVP goes to work on the cast now. MVP hits the Playmaker and pins Hardy for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: MVP

– Backstage we see Vickie Guerrero walking to the ring as we go back to a commercial break.

– Lilian Garcia is in the ring and she introduces Vickie Guerrero after Lawler and Cole talk about Extreme Rules. Vickie marches to the ring looking pissed off. Excuse me! Excuse me! Vickie says the last thing on her mind is making any of the fans happy. She cries about being slopped in the Hog Pen match last night and says she was so humiliated. She says she looked to the fans for sympathy but everyone just laughs at her.

Vickie asks where the fans decency and respect is at. Lots of heat for Vickie here. She says she’s had it. She talks about Batista and Orton and says she’s tired of everyone making fun of her each week. She says she is resigning as General Manager of RAW. Vickie screams she quits and the crowd applauds. Edge’s music hits and out here he comes to the ring.

Edge takes the mic and says he said somethings to her last night, some disrespectful things, that he should have never said. He says he is out here tonight to apologize and make things right. Vickie says she is happy to hear that. Edge says then she quit – so he doesn’t need to apologize or continue with this marriage. Vickie doesn’t like this. Edge tells her he married her for her power. Edge says she is worthless now that she has no power. She says he doesn’t mean those things. Edge says when they went out in public people thought she was his mother. Edge says he looks too good to be in love with a she-Beast. Vickie starts crying and Edge talks about how bad it was being with her.

Edge says it’s fitting her days in WWE are over because so is this marriage. Edge says he wants a divorce and Vickie starts screaming. Edge heads to the back while Vickie throws a huge fit in the ring. The crowd breaks out in “Goodbye” as Edge’s music hits and Vickie cries in the ring. Back to commercial.

– Back from commercial and we see what happened to John Cena earlier. Josh Matthews is backstage with Cena and asks how he’s doing now. Cena says he has been worse. He says he thought his problem with Big Show was over but he guesses it’s not. He talks about The Miz and says he’s picking a fight with the toughest guy in the bar trying to make a name for himself. Cena promises Miz that they will come face to face real soon and see just how awesome Miz really is.

Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase vs. Carlito and Primo Colon

Out first is the team of Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. If Legacy can get the win here, they will get a future WWE Unified Tag Title shot. Out next is the WWE Unified Tag Team Champions Primo and Carlito. They enter the ring as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Cody has Primo down on the mat. Primo fights out of it but Cody kicks him in the gut. Primo tags in Carlito who comes in swinging at Cody. Big running knee by Carlito. Carlito comes off the ropes and hits a dropkick on Cody for a 2 count. Cody fights back with forearm shots. Carlito kicks Cody in the face. Ted hits Carlito in the back of the head and Cody drops a big DDT for a 2 count.

Ted and Carlito go at it now with Ted in control. 2 count by DiBiase. Carlito fights out of a hold. Ted kicks Primo off the apron and kicks Carlito in the head. Cody is tagged back in now for some double teaming on Carlito. Cody stomps away on Carlito. Cody with a 2 count on Carlito. Ted is tagged back in for more double teaming on Carlito. Ted with another 2 count. Ted drops elbows on Carlito now for another 2 count.

Cody is back in now for more double teaming. He drops a knee on Carlito’s arm. Ted comes back in again with right hands on Carlito. Cody with more cheapshots on Carlito as the ref’s back is turned. And another tag to Cody. And another damn tag to Ted. Primo comes ina t the same time and takes DiBiase to the mat. Primo is all over the place. They trade falls in the ring and go back and forth. DiBiase drops Primo with the Dream Street for the pinfall, the win and future title shot.

Winners: Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase

– Backstage we see Randy Orton walking to the ring with Batista’s WWE Title belt on his shoulder. We go to commercial.

– Back from commercial and Randy Orton is walking down the ramp and to the ring with the WWE Title belt on his shoulder. Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase are in the ring waiting on him. Orton takes the mic and talks about Rhodes and DiBiase being the new #1 contenders for the Unified Tag Titles. Orton plays a replay from earlier of the attack on Batista.

WWE Title Match: Randy Orton vs. Batista

Orton reminds everyone that he gets a title rematch tonight and talks about if Batista doesn’t show, how he can win the WWE Title by forfeit. Orton says let’s get on with it and the bell rings as Lilian does the ring introductions, starting with Orton. Batista is introduced next and nothing is happening but the crowd chanting his name. His music finally hits as Legacy looks on from the ring. Batista doesn’t come out.

The bell rings again and Orton tells the referee to start counting to ten and he does. We see the backstage area on camera where there is an ambulance parked. The referee stops the count and Legacy argues with him. Triple H appears on the big screen. Ted and Cody jump out of the ring to get steel chairs. Triple H comes out of the ambulance with his sledgehammer and marches towards the ring.

Triple H’s music plays in the arena as Legacy stands shocked in the ring. Triple H comes to the ring and meets Cody Rhodes on the ramp. Triple H takes him out with a sledgehammer shot. Ted rushes him but gets taken out too. Orton stands in the ring as Triple H approaches. Triple H drops the sledgehammer and takes his shirt off. He enters the ring and Orton attacks first. They brawl. Triple H with lots of right hands in the corner and a final right to drop Orton. Triple H takes it to the floor and knocks Orton over a barrier. Orton strikes back and grabs a chair but can’t use it. Triple H slams Orton into the announcers table now.

Triple H mounts Orton on the floor with more right hands. He grabs a TV monitor but Orton kicks him in the gut before he can use it. Orton flees through the crowd but Triple H comes right after him. They fight in the middle of the crowd with Triple H in control. Triple H brings the fight back to ringside as Orton tries to escape. Orton grabs a chair and enters the ring. Triple H catches Orton in a spinebuster. Triple H grabs the steel chair now and cracks Orton in the head with it. Triple H hits Orton over the back four times with the chair and starts hitting him in the knee with the chair. Triple H takes the chair and drives it down onto Randy Orton’s neck. Triple H gets down and says something in Orton’s face as the crowd pops hard for a Pedigree. The Game picks Orton up and drops him with a Pedigree onto the steel chair. Triple H’s music plays again as he stands and poses over a destroyed Randy Orton in the ring. RAW goes off the air with Triple H giving Orton a crotch chop.

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