The Latest on Jeff Hardy and Tommy Dreamer’s WWE Contract Situations

– Bill Behrens reports that neither ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer or Jeff Hardy have signed full multi-year contract renewals with WWE but both did sign short extensions a while ago when each of their contracts were near the end dates.

According to Behrens, Dreamer signed his extension several months ago. It’s unknown if either of them will end up signing full multi-year renewals.

There are some people within TNA management that are pushing for Tommy Dreamer to come in. Dreamer has several friends in TNA and one top TNA star told Behrens that he thinks Dreamer should be brought in to freshen up the creative team. However, there are also a few people in TNA with “stroke” who are resistant to Dreamer coming in at all.

– As noted before, WWE developmental Diva Jenny Quinn is out with injury. Some extreme new photos of Quinn have hit the net and are truly a must see. To check them out, CLICK THIS LINK.




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