Another Batista Injury Update, Things Aren’t Looking As Bad

– In another Batista injury update, the WWE Champion was diagnosed with a torn tendon in the biceps earlier today. The good news is that it’s not believed to be a full fledged muscle tear which means less time out of the ring for him.

The injury is believed to have occurred about three weeks ago but that’s not confirmed, reports PWInsider. Batista is still scheduled to undergo surgery tomorrow. Many are under the impression that the injury was caused just by wear and tear.

There is no word yet on how long he is expected to be out of action but those within WWE are hopeful that it will be a minimal amount of time while yesterday they were expecting the worst.

– As noted before, WWE developmental Diva Jenny Quinn is out with injury. Some extreme new photos of Quinn have hit the net and are truly a must see. To check them out, CLICK THIS LINK.




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  • dave

    i find it funny batist has been out with many injuries has caused severl wwe stars to be out with injury yet they keep him but fire kennedy cause he suffered a few injurys that were not his fault

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