WWE Extreme Rules Results – June 7, 2009

WWE Extreme Rules 2009
June 7th, 2009

Dark Match Result:

Kelly Kelly & Mickie James beat Beth Phoenix & Rosa Mendes in a dark tag team match prior to tonight’s pay-per-view from the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana after Mickie hit a DDT.

Extreme Rules:

– The 2009 WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view kicks off with a video package for the Randy Orton vs. Batista steel cage match later tonight. We’re live from the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana. The official Extreme Rules theme music plays and the pyros go off. Michael Cole gives us the formal welcome to tonight’s pay-per-view.

Fatal Fourway for the WWE United States Title: MVP vs. William Regal vs. Matt Hardy vs. Kofi Kingston

Tonight’s opener is for Kofi Kingston’s WWE United States Championship. Kofi comes out first followed by Regal and then Matt Hardy followed by MVP.

All four men are now in the ring. The referee holds the United States Championship up since it’s on the line. The referee calls for the bell and we’re underway. There’s a brief stare down by all four as MVP and Kofi go after the heels. They takes Hardy out first then work over Regal.

Hardy works with MVP on the outside, Kofi leaps over the top rope and onto both on the outside. Regal is alone in the ring, he greats Kofi but Kofi backs him off from the apron. Cross-body off of the top rope by Kofi onto Regal for a two count. MVP gets in and works with Kofi. He hits a shoulder block, it looks like they may have banged heads.

Kofi hits a heel kick on MVP but Regal gets in and starts to take control of the match. He takes out Kofi then lands blows on MVP. He beats Kofi down in the corner. Regal sets Kofi up on the top turnbuckle and attempts a butterfly suplex. MVP comes up and throws both off. Hardy runs in and covers MVP for a two count. He gets a two count on Regal. Then Kofi! Two counts on all three.

Side Effect from Hardy onto Regal for a two count. Scoop and a slam from Hardy onto MVP. Hardy goes off the middle rope and drops a leg across the throat of MVP. Two count.

MVP and Hardy are working but Kofi comes out of nowhere and gets MVP out of the ring. Standing dropkick on Hardy then he slams Regal on top of him. Boom, boom, boom leg drop on them both as he gets a two count on Hardy. Regal is thrown to the outside, Kofi and Hardy work in the ring. Kofi ends up kicking MVP who is on the outside. Regal hits a fallaway slam on Kofi onto Matt Hardy. Kofi got a cover on Hardy. MVP gets in and takes out Regal then goes onto Kofi. He lands offense and gets a two count. Hardy makes the save. Hardy and MVP go at it in the ring.

Blows from MVP as he finally takes Hardy down to the mat. MVP goes off the ropes, ballin’ elbow drop for a cover on MVP. Regal makes the save and hits a release suplex. Regal unloads on MVP in the corner. Kofi gets back involved. Regal kicks MVP to the outside. Scoop and a slam from Regal on Hardy. Regal tries to throw Kofi out but he eats Trouble in Paradise. Kofi pins Regal to win the match.

Winner & still WWE United States Champion – Kofi Kingston

Earlier Today:

They go to footage from ‘Earlier Today’ with Josh Mathews catching up with Big Show in the parking lot in one of the buses. He asks him his strategy for his Submission Match tonight against John Cena. He asks Mathews shouldn’t he be asking Cena about his strategy because he can’t put the STF on him. He tells Mathews to get away from his bus.

No Holds Barred Match for the WWE Intercontinental Title: Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho

They roll footage from SmackDown where Jericho impersonated a Mysterio fan and took him out. The following match is for the Intercontinental Championship. Jericho’s music plays but he’s no where to be seen. Jericho comes on the mic and cuts off his music. He’s at the merchandise stand outside on the concourse. Jericho cuts a heel promo on his deception for selling the masks to children. Jericho makes his way through the crowd to ringside on the mic. He tells the fans not to touch him and he will knock them out. Jericho says he’s going to make the masks even more worthless when he tears his mask off. Jericho is in the ring tonight and promises to win the Intercontinental Championship tonight for the 9th time. Jericho tells the fans there is nothing they can do about that.

Rey Mysterio’s music plays as he comes out with the Intercontinental Championship. The pyros explode as Mysterio greets his younger fans at ringside.

The referee holds up the belt, explains the rules to the workers and calls for the bell. We’re underway as Mysterio takes Jericho to the mat and kicks him to the outside. Stiff boot from Mysterio to Jericho’s face. He bounces Jericho’s head off the announce table. Mysterio takes the top of the Raw announce table and throws it at Jericho. Dropkick to the side of the temple of Jericho on the outside.

Jericho throws Mysterio off the crowd control gate. He whips Mysterio over the ring steps but Rey counters and works the knee of Jericho. Mysterio follows-up his attack then throws Jericho into the ring steps on the outside.

Mysterio lands a running hurricanrana off the ring apron on Jericho on the outside. He puts Jericho in the ring and hits a leg drop over the top rope for a two count. Suplex by Jericho in a counter as he drops Rey on the ropes. Jericho backs off the regroup.

Jericho stomps Mysterio in the face then tries to catapult him but his neck hits the bottom rope. Jericho chokes Mysterio with his foot and gets a cover for a two count. Jericho works Mysterio over in the corner, using his foot to choke out the Intercontinental Champion. Mysterio gets out on the apron and jumps on the top turnbuckle in moonsault position. Jericho pushes him off to the apron. Jericho kicks Mysterio in the face and works him over with stomps on the apron.

Jericho looks for a springboard dropkick off the middle ropes as Rey counters with a kick from the apron, sending Jericho to the outside. Mysterio dives off the top to the outside onto Jericho.

Prior to the dive off the top to the outside, Mysteiro hit the 619 on Jericho. He gets a two count on Jericho in the ring. Mysterio sets him up for his finisher in the ring but Jericho counters. Now both men are down in the ring. Jericho stirs first.

Both men are to their feet. They alternate control and both ending up winning in roll-ups. Mysterio whips off the ropes into a Jericho boot. Jericho tries to roll him up again but goes for the Walls of Jericho. Inside cradle in a counter from Mysterio. Two count as Mysterio kicks Jericho in the face and gets another two count.

Mysterio walks into a clothesline from Jericho off the ropes. Jericho gets a two count on the Champion. Jericho lands a right hand to the face of Mysterio who is on the mat. Jericho hits another and picks Rey up by the head. Jericho throws Rey out of the ring under the ropes into the crowd control gate. Jericho raises his hand and gets heat.

Jericho goes to the outside after Mysterio. He hits Mysterio in the face by the SmackDown announce table. Face-first suplex from Jericho on Mysterio. The match must end inside the ring but it’s No Holds Barred. Jericho puts Mysterio in the ring and gets a two count.

Jericho applies a sleeper on Mysterio and finally pulls the mask almost off Rey. The camera got a clear shot of his face. Mysterio dodges a shoulder block from Jericho, sending him into the ring post and out of the ring. Mysterio flies out of the ring onto the Challenger with a suicide dive.

Count outs are irrelevant. Jericho is rolled back into the ring. Mysterio lands more offense then head scissors. Hurricanrana on Jericho followed by a two count. Jericho counters but Mysterio hits a drop toe hold and sets him up for 619. Jericho counters and hits an overhead backbreaker followed by a long two count. Lion Sault from Jericho, he misses. Mysterio hits 619 to the back of Jericho’s head. Mysterio goes off the top rope from the apron but is hit with a Code Breaker off a counter.

Two count for Jericho, he’s astonished. He goes for a chair on the outside. Jericho gets in the ring with the chair. Mysterio hits a standing dropkick right into the chair, hitting Jericho in the face. Two count for Rey off a reverse lateral press. Mysterio grabs the chair and uses it with a leg drop on the Challenger. Two count for Rey.

Mysterio sits in the chair and ends up hitting a drop toe hold on Jericho into the chair in a counter. Rey goes for more offense but Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho. Mysterio grabs the chair but he can’t get a handle on it. Finally Mysterio gets to his back and hits the chair shot. Mysterio sets Jericho up for the 619. Mysterio goes for it and misses, Jericho rips the mask off Rey and wins the match and the Intercontinental Championship!

Winner & new WWE Intercontinental Champion – Chris Jericho

After the match, Jericho celebrates in the ring with Mysterio’s mask and the belt. Rey covers his face as he walks to the back.


They show shots of Bourbon Street before going to a backstage segment. Josh Mathews is with Batista. Mathews asks Batista about what happened between Ric Flair and Randy Orton. They roll footage from Raw. They go back to Batista backstage. Batista tells Randy it’s one thing to kick him in the head and knock him out for months but when he takes a cheap shot on a man he loves like Ric Flair – it’s a whole different ball game. Batista tells Orton he is going to make him pay and he needs to get ready for a long road of pain and suffering. He says tonight is only the beginning and tonight he takes away the WWE Championship. Then he is going to take his pride, dignity, his health, and everything. Batista says he’s not going to stop until he wipes out his entire legacy.

Samoan Strap Match: Umaga vs. CM Punk

Out first is Umaga followed by CM Punk. Charles Robinson hooks Umaga in the Samoan Strap first then Punk. They’re both in as the referee calls for the bell. We’re underway as Umaga takes Punk to the mat first off an elbow.

Punk counters on Umaga with his kicks. Punk touches two turnbuckles but ends up eating a Samoan Drop in a counter. To win the participant has to touch all four corners of the ring. Umaga straps Punk in the back.

Headbutt from Umaga onto Punk. Diving headbutt off the ropes from Umaga onto Punk. Umaga goes to the outside and drags Punk as well. Umaga pulls Punk across the ring post then bounces his hand off the steel ring steps.

Face first suplex from Umaga onto Punk, butting the MITB winner on the ropes. Umaga kicks Punk with a crescent kick to the outside. Umaga touches one of the turnbuckles, then the second one. He has a hard time getting to the third one with Punk on the outside. Punk makes it to the apron. Umaga walks over and eats offense from Punk. All turnbuckle touches are cleared. Punk’s in the ring and goes for GTS. Umaga counters with a heel kick.

Umaga charges as Punk but Punk moves out of the corner. Punk uses the strap to connect on a low blow on Umaga. The Samoan Bulldozer goes to the outside. Punk pulls Umaga into the ring post. Umaga gets back in the ring. Crowd chants for Punk. Running knee and a bulldog from Punk on Umaga. Punk touches one of the turnbuckles, then the second. He gets the third, goes for the fourth but Umaga’s up. Umaga hits a big slam on Punk, clearing the touches.

Umaga touches three turnbuckles but Punk grabs the middle rope and pulls Umaga back. Umaga charges at Punk and his own momentum gets him tossed to the outside. The touches are cleared as Umaga is on the outside, Punk goes for the first two corners. He touches third. Umaga pulls him back from the outside.

Umaga gets on the apron and takes Punk down. He goes to the top rope but Punk gets up. Punk throws Umaga off the top rope and onto the mat. Both men are down.

Punk gets up first and touches three turnbuckles. Umaga pulls him back as he goes for the fourth. Umaga goes for Samoan Spike but Punk gives him GTS and he touches the fourth!

Winner – CM Punk


We go to the ECW announcers at ringside as we cut to Gregory Helms backstage with Christian. Helms asks Christian what his mindset is for tonight’s match. Christian says either he loses the ECW Championship or one of his friends leaves the business he has loved for the past 20 years. Christian says he’s going to miss Tommy Dreamer. Christian promises he will be the ECW Champion by the end of the night. Tommy Dreamer cuts in and says after this match he will not be the ECW Champion. Jack Swagger cuts in and says neither one is going to be ECW Champion after tonight. They both walk off on him.

Hardcore Rules Match for the ECW Championship: Tommy Dreamer vs. Jack Swagger vs. Christian

Marty Elias holds up the ECW Championship belt and calls for the bell. Christian and Dreamer gang up on Swagger. Dreamer chases him around the outside then gets in to eat kicks. Christian stands out of the way then goes to work on Swagger. Swagger counters and suplexes Christian to the mat. Swagger throws Christian out of the ring and hits a suplex on Dreamer.

Tommy Dreamer gets a trash can and a kendo stick from under the ring as Striker called it the Singapore stick. Christian gets a trash can lid. Dreamer goes to work on Swagger with the Singapore Kane. Christian uses the trash can lid. Christian kicks Dreamer and beats him with the trash can lid. Abdominal stretch on Christian from Dreamer. Christian goes to the outside, Swagger attacks Dreamer in the corner.

Swagger picks up the trash can lid and charges at Dreamer. He gets thrown over the top. Dreamer goes off the apron with the trash can onto Swagger and Christian. Swagger is rolled back into the ring. Dreamer gets another trash can from under the ring and gets in with a kendo stick. Dreamer sets Swagger up on the ropes, he’s in tree of woe position. Dreamer grabs another trash can from under the ring. Dreamer hits Swagger with it who is still in tree of woe position in the corner. Dreamer tries to charge at Swagger but Christian takes him out. Christian hits a dropkick into the trash can on Swagger then goes back to work on Dreamer. Two count for the ECW Champion.

Swagger uses the kendo stick on Christian in the ring, Dreamer’s on the outside. Swagger gets a two count then lands a big suplex on the Champion. Another two count followed by a rope whip. Abdominal stretch maneuver followed by an overhead press slam on Christian. Two count.

Swagger removes the turnbuckle cover. Dreamer hits Swagger with a kendo stick from the outside. Christian gets a pin on Swagger for a two count. Dreamer gets in the ring and slams Christian on a trash can lid. Dreamer goes off the middle rope with a leg drop, he misses. Dreamer rolls to the outside. The crowd wants tables. Christian springboards off the middle rope to the outside but runs into a trash can shot from Swagger. Swagger and Dreamer both throw weapons in the ring.

Both in the ring, Swagger takes out Dreamer. He sets Dreamer up on the top rope and sets up a row of trash cans. Christian hits a powerbomb on Dreamer and Swagger from the top rope. Good spot as Christian goes for the pin on Dreamer. Two count.

Swagger removes the turnbuckle cover. Dreamer hits Swagger with a kendo stick from the outside. Christian gets a pin on Swagger for a two count. Dreamer gets in the ring and slams Christian on a trash can lid. Dreamer goes off the middle rope with a leg drop, he misses. Dreamer rolls to the outside. The crowd wants tables. Christian springboards off the middle rope to the outside but runs into a trash can shot from Swagger. Swagger and Dreamer both throw weapons in the ring.

Both in the ring, Swagger takes out Dreamer. He sets Dreamer up on the top rope and sets up a row of trash cans. Christian hits a powerbomb on Dreamer and Swagger from the top rope. Good spot as Christian goes for the pin on Dreamer. Two count.

Christian grabs a crutch from the outside. Christian goes off the top with the crutch but runs into offense from Swagger. Swagger takes a swing with the crutch but Christian tries the Kill Switch. Swagger counters and drop Christian on the exposed turnbuckle. Dreamer hits Christian with the crutch, hits a DDT on Swagger and pins him for the three count. New ECW Champion!

Winner & new ECW Champion – Tommy Dreamer

After the match, Dreamer goes to the crowd on his way to backstage. He celebrates with the fans.


We’re backstage with Vickie Guerrero punching Chavo who is acting like a pig, even wearing a pig nose. Vickie ends up punching Chavo and he tells her not so hard.

Hog Pen Match for the Miss WrestleMania Crown: Vickie and Chavo Guerrero vs. Santina Marella

Jerry Lawler is in the Hog Pen over by the ramp, explaining the rules of the bout. Lawler explains you take some hogs, some mud and some slop and the two participants compete in it. The individual who pins their opponent in the Hog Pen wins the match and the crown of Miss WrestleMania. Santina Marella comes out first followed by Vickie and Chavo. Vickie says this is now a Handicap match and Chavo will be joining her. She tells him to get in the pen.

The bell rings and we’re underway. Vickie is on the outside, it’s Chavo and Santina. Santina throws some slop on Chavo but he lands offense. Chavo smears the slop in Santina’s face. Santina flips Chavo with a back drop and follows up with clubbing blows. Chavo grabs some slop from the bucket and throws it at Santina. Chavo tries to throw Santina into the pigs but he counters and throws him in. Chavo gets out and gets caught in a two count by Santina. Chavo buries Santina’s face in the mud. Chavo tags Vickie in.

Santina grabs a bucket of slop as Chavo comes in. Chavo ends up throwing a bucket of slop on Vickie as Santina gets out of the way. Santina puts a bucket of slop on Chavo’s head and ends up pinning Vickie for the win.

Winner & new Miss WrestleMania – Santina Marella

Chavo and Vickie fight it out after the match. Santina stands at the top of the ramp. Vickie and Chavo are covered in mud. Santina’s music hits.

– They showed a SummerSlam commercial, debuting a new SummerSlam logo. They cut to the event leading to the cage match, which is next.


We’re shown a shot of Chavo and Vickie Guerrero walking backstage. Vickie tells Chavo it’s all his fault. She says she’s humiliated and wants her crown back. They run into Goldust and Hornswoggle. Goldust asks her to sign a paper, he launches into a torrettes spasm. Good stuff. Chavo apologizes as they walk into her office as Edge is sitting there.

Edge says two months away from him and look what’s become of her. Vickie, furious, tells Edge to get out and tonight he will face Jeff Hardy all alone. Edge tells Vickie she’s nothing without him. Vickie tells Edge he doesn’t care about her and never has. Vickie says tonight she’s not going to ask any of the Raw Superstars to help him tonight. Edge asks Vickie if she isn’t going to help him. Edge suggests Vickie get a good divorce attorney and tonight it all ends. First Jeff Hardy then this sham of a marriage.

Steel Cage Match for the WWE Title: Randy Orton vs. Batista

The WWE Champion Randy Orton makes his way to the ring first. Out next is the challenger, Batista.

Lilian Garcia handles the formal introductions from his broadcast position. The bell rings and we’re underway. Orton immediately climbs to the top. Batista goes up and gets him. Orton finally gets to the other side. They’re working from the top rope. Batista pulls Orton back inside the cage. They exchange blows as Batista bangs Orton off the cage and down to the mat. Batista works over Orton in the corner.

Orton regroups quickly from Batista’s offense and tries to get out again. Batista pulls him back in and hits a clothesline. Suplex from Batista on Orton. Two count.

Batista drives a boot to the face of Randy Orton, grabbing the ropes for leverage, smashing Orton’s face into the cage. Orton goes off the ropes and kicks Batista in the face. Orton nearly escapes through the door. Batista grabs him and pulls him back in. Batista splashes into him in the corner then goes coast-to-coast. Orton counters, throwing Batista into the steel then hitting a backbreaker.

Orton gets his hands on the floor but Batista pulls him back in. Batista smashes Orton off the steel in numerous places. Batista powerslams Orton down for a two count. Orton beats Batista down with right hands in the corner. He follows with stiff boots. Spine buster from Batista in a counter. He goes for the Batista Bomb, Orton counters out.

Standing dropkick from Orton on Batista who was on the apron. Batista bounced off the steel. Orton’s going to try and escape again. Orton gets to the top rope and jumps off. He lines up for the punt. He misses. Orton goes back to the top rope. Batista puts him on his shoulders. Batista Bomb attempt but Orton hangs onto the cage, finally Orton breaks it with rights. Batista finally gets Orton up and hits the Batista Bomb. Believe it or not, that is all…

Winner & new WWE Champion – Batista

Submission Match: Big Show vs. John Cena

Lilian Garcia does the introductions as Big Show makes his way to the ring. Out next is John Cena to a big pop. Referee Scott Armstrong calls for the bell and we’re underway. Cena kicks Big Show in the back of the leg. Big Show lands a clothesline on Cena, taking him to the mat.

Big Show goes for the Camel Clutch Backbreaker early but Cena counters and goes for STF. It’s not going to work, Cena can’t hook it on Show. Both men are back to their feet, Big Show starts to box at him.

Cena tries to wear Big Show down but Show sends him to the mat and hits him in the face with a right. Show picks Cena up off his knees and lands another blow. Big Show hits a headbutt and sets Cena up in the corner. Splash from Big Show.

Big Show swats Cena across the right with one hand and out of the ring off of a bulldog attempt. Cena is down on the outside. He gets up slowly. Big Show waits from the ring. Loud Cena chants.

Cena gets on the apron, eats a right hand from Big Show. Show puts him back in the ring and ties his left arm up in the ropes. Cena fights him off with stiff blows. Shoulder block from Cena but Big Show hits him flush without even budging.

Big Show lands blows to the midsection of Cena. Show taunts him, telling Cena he is going to break him. Big Show applies a full nelson submission hold on Cena. Cena blocks it before Show can get his fingers locked behind Cena’s head.

Big Show ends up knocking Cena down to his knees. Show whips Cena into the corner. Cena jumps on Big Show’s back and applies a sleeper hold. Big Show walks around with Cena on his back, he grabs the ropes. Cena wrenches back on it hard as Big Show goes down to one knee.

Big Show counters out and picks Cena up for a powerbomb. Cena counters, sending Big Show to the mat. Cena went down face-first so he’s down too.

Big Show gets up first. Big Show drops down on Cena by the front of the ring. Show tells the fans to quiet down and chops Cena’s chest. Cena fights back with right hands but Show swats him down to the mat. Show picks Cena up by his head. He lands a big right hand to the ribs of Cena. Suplex from Big Show on Cena. Show smiles as he looks at Cena curled up by the bottom rope.

Big Show works on Cena in the middle of the ropes. Cena is choked by the middle rope. He counters out and goes to the corner. Big Show hits a big headbutt. Show walks over Cena. Show goes off the ropes for a splash on Cena, Cena moves. Cena picks Show up, he falls on him. Show works with a submission maneuver on Cena on the mat.

Cena has nowhere to go as Big Show has his arms locked around his body. Show goes for a chokeslam but Cena blocks it. Show throws Cena over the top rope. Big Show goes to the outside. Show picks Cena up on the outside and walks him into the steel ring post. Show puts Cena back in the ring. Abdominal stretch from Big Show on Cena in the middle of the ring.

Show wrenches back on the submission hold. Cena breaks the hold but Show goes for more offense. Cena counters with a DDT. Cena goes for the STF, Big Show rolls to his side and kicks Cena out of the ring.

Cena gets on the apron and lands offense. He goes to the top rope, he jumps off but into a bear hug from Big Show. Cena begins to weaken. Cena gives elbows to the face of Show. Cena fight out and grabs the head of Big Show. Cena goes off the ropes and drops Big Show down to the mat. Cena teases the Five Knuckle Shuffle, he connects. Big Show goes for a chokeslam. Cena gets Show up for the Attitude Adjustment, he connects! Cena goes for the STF, Show battles out with an elbow.

Big Show hits the knockout blow on Cena, sending him to the outside. Show goes to the outside and picks Cena up. Cena counters, sending Show into the steel ring post.

Show goes back to the ring. Cena does as well with a leg drop off the top rope. Cena is on the apron, working the leg of Big Show. He gets Show’s leg in the ropes and locks in the STF. Big Show tries to power out, Cena wrenches back. Show taps. Cena tried using the rope for leverage but they botched it bad.

Winner – John Cena

– We cut to a video package for the Ladder match for the World Heavyweight Title between Edge and Jeff Hardy.

Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Title: Edge vs. Jeff Hardy

Jim Ross plugs the match as we go to ringside. There’s about 20 or more ladders between the ramp and the ring and all around it. Out first is the Champion Edge. The World Heavyweight Title is hanging above the ring. Out next is Jeff Hardy to a big pop.

The bell rings and we’re underway. The referees are outside the ring. They lock up as this is the show’s main event. Hardy lands a clothesline on Edge in the corner. He bounces Edge’s head off two turnbuckles. Hardy stomps away at Edge. Leg drop from Hardy.

Hardy is whipped into the corner, Edge takes him out. Edge goes for a suplex, Hardy counters and lands a face-first suplex, sending Edge to the mat. Hardy goes to the outside and grabs a ladder.

Edge hits a baseball slide into a ladder onto Jeff on the outside. Jeff counters and rolls Edge into the ring. Jeff ends up throwing Edge over the top rope and onto a ladder.

Jeff sets a ladder up in the ring. Edge pulls him off and throws him into the ladder. Edge has Jeff by the hair as he hits a right hand.

Hardy just got tangled in the ladder off offense from Edge, taking him down to the mat. Edge uses this to his advantage. Edge gets another ladder in the ring as the one Jeff got tangled in got thrown out. Jeff is whipped into the ladder in the corner. Edge puts it in another corner and bounces Jeff’s head off of it.

Edge goes for a Spear on Hardy onto the ladder, Hardy jumps out of the way, sending Edge face-first into the ladder. Hardy sets the ladder on Edge in the corner and lands a dropkick.

Jeff throws Edge into the ladder. Jeff runs at him, Edge gets out of the way. The ladder falls on the head of Jeff. Edge tries to set the ladder up but ends up closing Hardy in it. Edge applies the sharpshooter on Jeff in the ladder. Jeff is tapping but submissions don’t count.

Edge throws Jeff to the outside. He sets up the ladder in the ring. Jeff gets back in, going off the top rope and dropkicking the ladder. Both go crashing down.

Jeff messes with the ladder and puts it upside down. Jeff picks Edge up and sends him crashing down in between the ladder.

Jeff goes to the outside and puts another ladder in the ring. This ladder is functionable, the other was disabled. This ladder is bigger, 15-feet perhaps. Jeff hits Twist of Fate on Edge. He starts to climb the ladder.

Jeff gets to the top, jumps off and grabs the belt. He doesn’t unhook it as Edge pulls him off. Hardy took a nasty landing and is in pain. Hardy is able to counter Edge into the ladder. Hardy climbs three quarters up the ladder and executes Whisper in the Wind on the World Heavyweight Champion.

Hardy grabs another ladder and puts it in the ring. It’s shorter than the other ladder in the ring. Hardy clotheslines Edge to the outside. They’re both outside the ring. Edge delivers a boot to the face of Hardy.

Edge sets a ladder up on the apron and the crowd control barrier. Edge grabs Hardy and goes for a suplex, Hardy battles out in a counter. He bounces Edge’s head off the barrier. Jeff throws a ladder at Edge.

Edge counters and throws Hardy into the steel ring steps. Edge throws Hardy into the barrier. He grabs one of the ring steps. Hardy kicks the steps, Edge drops them. Hardy bounces his head off the steps and sets them up. He runs at Edge but Edge flips him over the security wall. Hardy bounces up off the concrete after the neckbreaker. Hardy takes his shirt off and throws it into the crowd. He sets Edge up on the ladder on the apron and security wall.

Hardy climbs a ladder on the outside. Edge climbs up the other side. They fight it out up top. The ladder topples and Edge just went through one of the ladders. Hardy took a nasty spill as well.

Somehow they’re both back in the ring. Jeff punches Edge into one of the referees in the ring. Jeff climbs the ladder under the belt. Edge is on another ladder. Jeff has a finger tips on the title. Edge jumps from the other ladder with a Spear attempt but Hardy hits Twist of Fate.

The crowd erupts as Jeff starts to climb up the ladder. He kicks Edge in the face. Hardy grabs the belt but Edge comes up the other side. Edge knocks Hardy off. Hardy grabs Edge by the foot. Hardy can’t hand on but now Edge is hung up in between rungs. Hardy grabs the belt and wins the World Heavyweight Championship!

Winner & new World Heavyweight Champion – Jeff Hardy

Jim Ross is in the ring as CM Punk’s music plays and he runs out. Punk is cashing in his title shot opportunity. The referee tells him this match is for the title. Punk picks Hardy up and hits GTS. Hardy kicks out at two!

Hardy kicks out at two off a roll-up. Punk kicks Hardy in the face and lands Go to Sleep again. Cover and a three count.

Winner & new World Heavyweight Champion – CM Punk

Extreme Rules goes off the air with CM Punk celebrating his World Heavyweight Title win.





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