Linda’s Thoughts – Extreme Rules Predictions

I’m still on the fence about ordering tonight’s show. There are really just two matches that I would love to see. The first being the ladder match with Edge vs. Jeff Hardy and then the second Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio in a No Holds Barred match. Now the ECW title match should come off well, as I’m sure the Cage match with Batista vs. Orton will, but they are not enough to really get me to order the show. I have no desire to see the remaining matches on the show. But I have been known to order the shows every time I think I’m going to let one pass, so it’s still a slight possibility. Let me get give you my very unsure picks of the night. Man some of these matches are tough so I’m not expecting to shine with tonight’s Extreme Rules. Okay I will stop stalling and share my picks with you.

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Batista (Steel Cage Match)
I’m kind of concerned about this match because after watching Monday night, I’m guessing that Batista doesn’t know how to climb cages. Yes I’m being sarcastic here. Listen I know that this is going to be done very well, and I expect to see this one get bloody. And that’s something that the PG WWE has been missing for a long time. I am staying with Orton for the win, but tonight I am wondering if Triple H will show up. I said that three weeks ago about Judgment Day and it didn’t happen, but from what I have read I think there’s a chance that he could come out and who knows maybe he could cost either guy the title. But whatever happens I just can’t see an Orton loss not quite yet.
Winner: Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Champion Edge vs. Jeff Hardy (Ladder Match)
Yes, this to me is the match that’s going to rock the show, and the match that is keeping me from ruling out ordering the show completely. These two guys have made Smackdown such a pleasure to watch. Their feud has been just what WWE programming has needed, something with so much depth to it. Oh yeah this is going to be a hell of a physical one to watch. This is a coin toss for me, because I could see this going either way. You know the rumors are still out there that Hardy is leaving soon, so why then would he get the title. However, Jeff Hardy said in an interview that he might be re-signing. If that’s the case then why not let him win? But I am staying with Edge only because I feel that they give and take the title away from Edge too much. As I said without a doubt this should be the match of the night. I expect BIG things from Hardy and Edge. BIG THINGS!
Winner: Edge

John Cena vs. Big Show (Submission Match)
I wasn’t happy with their match at Judgment Day and I’m not into watching Cena and Big Show again tonight. Big Show should win since he lost three weeks ago to Cena, but JR must have said 100 times on Friday night that there’s no way that Cena can STFU the giant. That to me is a clue, and against my better judgment I will be going with another Cena win.
Winner: John Cena

ECW Champion Christian vs. Jack Swagger vs. Tommy Dreamer (Triple Threat Hardcore Rules Match)
Logic tells me that this should be the night that Tommy Dreamer becomes the new ECW champion since a loss ends Dreamer’s career in the ECW. But I just can’t help but feel that he’s losing, Christian is losing and Swagger will become the ECW champion for the second time. Honestly this is another match where I could see any of the three leave as champion. I definitely think this will be a very good match, and it’s nice to see Dreamer get a spot on a pay per view.
Winner: Jack Swagger

Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho (No Holds Barred Match)
These two had the match of the night at Judgment Day and I just figure this one is going to be even better. Now since we didn’t get a title change at that pay per view I’m going to say that Jericho beats Mysterio and leaves as the new I.C. champion. While many think that Jericho will remove Rey’s Mysterio’s mask, I don’t see that happening, at least not quite yet. Look out for tons of great moves here and this should be a real crowd pleaser.
Winner: Chris Jericho

United States Champion Kofi Kingston vs. MVP vs. William Regal vs. Matt Hardy (Fatal Four Way Match)
How can Kofi lose after he just got this title on Monday night? No it’s not happening, at least I don’t see it happening. With the exception of a strong Cage Match the Raw brand doesn’t offer that much, but this is one match that should make Raw proud. I think with these four guys involved in this one you will get a very entertaining match.
Winner: Kofi Kingston

CM Punk vs. Umaga (Samoan Strap Match)
Listen these two put on a cool match this week on Friday’s Smackdown, but because of that, I don’t feel the need to see them go at it again so soon. But they are and thankfully anytime they work together their matches have come off very well, so this should be a decent match with CM getting whipped A LOT with that Samoan strap. I can’t see Umaga losing only because he lost to Punk Friday night. So Umaga wins and I am going to guess that this match will end the feud.
Winner: Umaga

Miss Wrestlemania Vickie Guerrero vs. Santina Marella (Hog Pen Match)
Here it is, the worst of the evening, Santina wins, and Vickie is covered in Pig crap.
Winner: Santina

Okay now if I order the show I’ll talk about it with my Raw thoughts this week, if I don’t I will be checking results like crazy. Thank you for all your predictions that you have been sending me, and keep them coming there’s still plenty of time. Don’t forget I’ll be back Tuesday or Wednesday with my Raw thoughts. And let’s hope Raw is as good as last week’s show, if not better. Hey Folks, If you are a loyal reader of Linda Robin’s fantastic columns on the world surrounding Raw, SmackDown and everything in between, then you’ll love hearing her discussions with Nick Malone and Mike “Bon” Hawkins each and every Saturday Night from 10PM to 12AM on “Over The Ropes” only on and We are in the process of starting a new segment on Over The Ropes where you the loyal listeners and fans of Linda’s column can contribute to the show by sending in their questions to Linda as she will discuss them with the panel of Over The Ropes (namely Mike and I). You can send them throughout the week to her email address at (put in whatever email address you want to use) and we will discuss them personally on the air but in the email address, you must state your name and where you are from so we can properly identify you and such. If you ever want to call into the show, you can do so at 516-299-2030 as it is completely toll free and an experience as a wrestling fan you will never forget. Names like former Ring of Honor Champion, Nigel McGuiness, Larry Sweeney, Tyler Black, Sarah Del Ray, Mike Quackenbush, Les Thatcher, and even former WWE Superstar, Elijah Burke have appeared on this program in the past but if you want to hear all of 120 minutes of all the wrestling knowledge you can ever need, tune into Over The Ropes each and every Saturday Night from 10PM to 12AM only on WCWP!”

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  • jason

    linda i challenge you to a pay-per-view pickem and anyone else who wants a challenge here are my winners for tonight

    winners vs losers

    santina vs vickie guerrero

    umaga vs cm punk

    kofi vs regal mvp hardy

    mysterio vs jericho

    dreamer vs swagger christian

    cena vs big show

    edge vs jeff hardy

    orton vs batista

    and cm punk wont cash in tonight

    later with my wec picks

  • jason

    for the wec predictions

    some names might not be spelled right

    winners vs losers

    faber vs brown
    swanson vs aldo
    cerrone vs krause
    pulver vs grispi
    gamburyan vs franchi
    rebello vs dietz
    pettis vs campbell
    banuelos vs jorgensen
    thomas vs gomez
    dikum vs perez

    winners are on the left side

  • jason

    im 3-1 on my wec picks thanks to thomas losing to gomez

  • jason


    wwe picks

    i will tie linda tonight

    we are both 2-2 right now

    wec picks


  • jason


    wec 6-4

    wwe 4-4 and said punk wasnt cashing in

    didnt do to well

    luckily i tied with linda and had no other challengers

  • Vegas Martin

    I guess WWE isn’t TOO predictable afterall.

  • jason

    i will win next ppv

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