JR Blog: WWE Talent Releases, Styles-Obama, RAW-SD and More

Jim Ross is back with another blog on jrsbarbq.com. Here are some of the highlights:

– For some who take what I often write in these blogs or my WWE.com blogs too seriously, let me clarify one thing. I like to ruffle feathers with the Raw team simply for the hell of it when I crow about SD being a “better show” than Raw. This is part B.S. and part of me being loyal to my brand. I am a team guy and always have been since I started playing team sports as a young kid. I have played through some unique times and experiences in this biz that I have been condemned for by some. That’s their opinion but I still remain a team guy until either the team or I decide it’s time for a change. Until then, I will remain loyal to my SD team. I am the same way with my friends. If you are my friend, then I’m there for you and expect the same in return. So, remember that my “barbs” at Raw are largely done tongue in cheek but I am throughly happy on Smackdown because it features more wrestling and content in front of the fans, among the other reasons I will choose to discuss at a later date.

– WWE.com’s Joey Styles has apparently been Twittering a fair amount lately and blasting our country’s commander in chief, President Obama. While I personally shy away from getting involved in political debates, I don’t begrudge any one from expressing themselves even if I happen to disagree with much of what is written. Even in private, I will reserve my opinions on our President until he’s a little farther along in his journey. The American political system in general is a cluster and that includes the Democrats and the Republicans who, BTW, seem to be unraveling especially if their party thinks blowhard Rush Limbaugh is an asset. That’s partly true. That would be the ‘ass’ part.

– WWE is making some talent cuts, or so I read, which is a necessity in the biz even though it is one of the worst functions a talent relations person has to do. It is a necessary evil so to speak but I encourage every talent that was cut to continue to chase their dreams until it becomes abundantly obvious that this is not the business for them. If talents are being released because of drug or alcohol issues, then they have much bigger and more important issues to deal with than learning how to hit the ropes or learn the beloved Moonsault.