Full Details On Batista’s Torn Bicep Injury

Source: PWInsider

– PWInsider.com has confirmed before tonight’s WWE pay-per-view that newly crowned WWE Champion Batista has suffered a torn bicep and is scheduled to have surgery this coming Tuesday afternoon. Batista defeated Randy Orton in a steel cage match tonight at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view. As of a few hours ago, he was also written into tomorrow’s RAW storylines. Expect the injury will be worked into WWE storylines also.

The news of the injury was known before the Extreme Rules show hit the air tonight and did not occur in the match with Randy Orton. There’s still no word yet on when the most recent injury to Batista happened.

There’s no word yet on the severity of the bicep tear or how long Batista is expected out of action, but a few people have been wondering if the injury will mean an imminent return for Triple H. Since Batista is booked for RAW tonight, they may end up doing some kind of rematch clause with Randy Orton or maybe something else has happened that we don’t know yet to allow Batista to remain in action.

Regardless of what happens, we will keep you updated on what happens going into tomorrow night’s RAW.