Top TNA Match Flops Hard, Reason for Victoria’s Name Change, Angle, More

– Last week’s episode of iMPACT drew a solid 1.18 cable rating with 1.6 million viewers. The show did a 0.82 in Males 18-34 and 0.94 in Males 35-49.

In the segment-by-segment numbers, the Main Event Mafia interview where Sting fired Sharmell, Jenna Morasca and the security team gained 149,000 viewers. Doug Williams vs. Cody Deaner in a ladder match gained 41,000 viewers. The segment featuring Abyss and Dr. Stevie, with the debut of Raven, stayed even. For the second week in a row, Angelina Love was a ratings hit as her match with Sojo Bolt and the debut of Victoria gained 81,000 viewers, scoring the high quarter of the show at 1.28. Once again, the numbers trailed off following her segment as a Mick Foley promo and Jeff Jarrett’s bout with Eric Young lost 108,000 viewers. Young’s subsequent turn on Jarrett and Team 3D’s trophy presentation to Beer Money, Inc. stayed even. The main event pitting AJ Styles against Daniels was a huge ratings flop. The segment lost 244,000 viewers, the show’s worst one-segment decline in several weeks.

– Among those in the fight scenes taped over the weekend for the movie Warrior, where Kurt Angle played a Russian named Koba, were MMA fighters Nate Marquardt, Yves Edwards and Anthony Johnson.

– Despite offering $10 off any ticket to anyone bringing a stub from one of the canceled WWE shows in Colorado last week, only 700 people attended the show in Pueblo, with 900 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Although, for the show in Cheyenne, the paid crowd was only 500 and second row seating was available as of show time.

– As reported earlier, Lisa Marie Varon, who was referred to as “the former Victoria” in her TNA debut last week, is set go under the name “Tara” in the promotion. The reason for this is TNA wants to own all ring names and merchandising rights, so unless you are someone with a huge name that is your own name — like Kurt Angle, Bobby Lashley or Scott Hall — you are going to be given a new name most of the time.