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Judgment Day was three weeks ago and because of that, it should be no surprise that there’s another WWE PPV. Even with Extreme Rules being an entire gimmick PPV, you have to wonder if the WWE is going to shoot themselves in the foot so to speak with putting Backlash, Judgment Day, and Extreme Rules on PPV only a few weeks apart. At some point, I’d think that most fans won’t or can’t pay $40 every three weeks to watch a PPV. That being said, as long as Vince is making money from the PPVs, there’s probably going to be just as many PPVs, which will minimize their importance just as much as it has in the past. Now, let’s get to the card.

Santina/Vickie Guerrero isn’t exactly what I would consider extreme and since it won’t be much of a match anyway, I’m not going to discuss it too much. Hopefully, this one is kept short because while it could be an entertaining comedy match, it could also really slow the pace of the show if it goes too long. As for a winner, I’ll pick Santina because I can’t really see a heel winning a “hog pen match.” Okay, enough said about this one.

CM Punk/Umaga in a strap match should be a decent match but it’s tough to pick a winner here. It would seem the WWE isn’t directly giving Punk any type of push but rather just keeping him in the picture, which I would think it a tactic to make Punk’s title shot more unexpected. However, the WWE might also not have any real plans for Punk to get a title shot in the near future so the money in the bank title shot might not have any effect on the outcome of the match at Extreme Rules. Considering that Umaga won at Judgment Day and the match is technically a “Samoan” strap match, I’ll pick Umaga to get the victory.

The U.S. title match should be a very good match but I expect Kofi to retain the title since he just won it this past week on Raw. With the winner already being predicted, I want to take a few minutes to discuss these for very different wrestlers in this match in terms of their overall role in the WWE. When he started in the WWE, MVP’s ring work was suspect and hine sight would probably show that the T.V. time he received when first stepping in a WWE was due to his gimmick rather than his ability to have good matches. However, in recent months MVP has been involved in better matches, which is why I think he’s played more of a role on Raw in recent weeks. Although, with MVP no longer the U.S. champion, I wouldn’t be surprised if his role on Raw was scaled back slightly for a few weeks. Matt Hardy was able to have a successful heel turn in the feud with his brother Jeff, however, at this point Hardy appears to be lacking a feud to cement his heel character on Raw. Weather or not a feud for Hardy is in the works isn’t known at this point but I’d think Kofi could have some good matches with Matt if the WWE choose to go that route. Speaking of Kofi, the U.S. champion has taken another step forward in his career and I’m really interested to see which direction his title run goes. Kofi has the athletic ability and the charisma to be a star so it would seem like it’s really only a matter of time until he develops into a main stay in the WWE. However, since we are talking about the WWE, they can put the brakes on a push at any moment so at this point, it’s a wait and see scenario if Kofi is used to his full potential in the future. I’ve mentioned many, many times that I think William Regal is one of the most underrated wrestlers in WWE history and I think his sporadic T.V. appearance over the last few months tell the same story. Hopefully, Regal’s involvement on Raw the past few weeks and his PPV appearance at Extreme Rules is a sign that Regal will be used on a more regular basis on WWE T.V.

The ECW title match is intriguing because the outcome of the match could quite literally determine Tommy Dreamer’s future in the WWE. Would it be great for Tommy to finally win a major title in the WWE? Sure, it would. Will it actually happen? Probably not. Dreamer’s “retirement” could consist of his seeking other opportunities outside the WWE or it could simply be Tommy going back to the office job he had before the ECW brand was started in the WWE back in 2006. Dreamer has stated on WWE.com that if he doesn’t win the ECW title at Extreme Rules that he would in fact leave the WWE but that could just be for story line purposes so at this point, it’s really unknown if Dreamer would actually leave the WWE completely if he doesn’t win the title at Extreme Rules. That being said, it really would be great for Dreamer to win the title, not only for all the heart he puts into every match but there’s really a lot the WWE could do story line wise with Dreamer as champion. Hopefully, Dreamer sticks around the WWE in some role and just because I think it would be cool, I’ll pick Dreamer to win the ECW title.

The John Cena/Big Show submission match is one I’m not looking forward to, but than again when is a Big Show match ever worth looking forward to? Also, didn’t we just see this match three weeks ago? Wasn’t that match three weeks ago not that great to begin with? If you haven’t guess by now, I’m not a fan of the Big Show and in my view, the WWE is putting Cena ia a feud with him simply to keep Cena busy until the time is right to put Cena back in the main event picture, which is why I’ll pick John Cena to get a win here.

The IC title match should be a really good match and even though Jericho didn’t win the title at the lasts PPV, I’ll predict that he wins the title here because it would validate his position as a main star on Smackdown. I’ve also mentioned before that a title isn’t going to effect how over Rey is with the crowd so I don’t think it would hurt his status on Smackdown to drop the title. Speaking of Rey, he deserve a lot of credit for all the strong performances that he’s had so far this year and it would appear that Rey is back to delivering solid matches every time he is in the ring.

The Ladder match for the World Heavyweight title should be great but the winner in this one seems very obvious with Edge retain the title. Just as I mentioned before, I don’t think the WWE will put the title back on Hardy. There have been rumors for the past two months that Hardy could be leaving the company and also you have to remember that Hardy has two wellness policy violations, which have to play a role in the WWE’s decision for the outcome of this match. Jeff Hardy has a major fan following and is currently one of the WWE’s most popular stars so it does match sense to put him in a title match, but while the WWE has Hardy in a main event spot on a PPV, it doesn’t seem like they will have him win the title.

The WWE title match is a steel cage match and while I never expect much from a Batista match, I think this one could be decent. That being said, just as I explained for Judgment Day, there’s no reason to put the title on Batista because of how much time the WWE has invested in Randy Orton’s main event push so I’ll pick Orton to retain the title.

On another note, I’d read that this week marks eleven years since The Junkyard Dog’s death and Jim Ross mentioned on his website how great a performer JYD was back in the day. I’d also like to take a moment to mention some thoughts about JYD. JYD was one of the stars that had a major presence in the ring and along with that JYD was one of the best “good guys” that you would see in the ring. As J.R. mentioned, Junkyard Dog wasn’t the best technical wrestler but you know JYD was a great performer from the crowd response and also that he was able to remain a “good guy” throughout his entire career without it being stale because you just couldn’t have a heel JYD. That being said, it’d be nice if JYD’s career is remembered by the fans for years,

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