Update on Hardy’s WWE Status, Where Kane Has Been Lately, More

– There were no immediate internal reactions to the ratings of RAW, SmackDown, ECW and Superstars all being down in the wake of the most media publicity WWE has gotten in more than a year, with the whole NBA deal. Not much is being said except how difficult it was for the company to change all those travel plans and have the production and set-up aspects of the shows go as well as they did.

– For what it’s worth, some members of the WWE creative team are under the impression that Jeff Hardy’s last show until he takes a break will be The Bash pay-per-view in July. They’re also booking SummerSlam ideas to involve Jeff just in case he’s still around. Most in WWE are still under the impression that Hardy is going to leave at some point but also think he hasn’t even figured out when that would be.

– Kane hasn’t been used since coming over to SmackDown but it’s not because he’s injured. It’s said to be one of those deals where they moved him and now don’t have any good ideas for him for now.

– Those Mickie James photos noted from earlier were actually shot in Mexico and apparently are WWE photos but first appeared on the Italian site. View them by CLICKING HERE.