TNA Rewarding Fans for Flyering WWE Shows, Hardcore Holly Injured

– TNA is actually rewarding members of their new TNAtion website with “points” for handing out flyers at WWE shows. Here are the official rules:

Flyering for the TNAtion: 5 points per day up to 3 times. Up to 15 total points for the week. You must provide a minimum of 15 pictures per flyering day and a short description as to where the flyers were posted or distributed. Pictures must be placed on an online gallery site like MYSpace. You must provide links to the pictures when submitting for points. Depending on the circumstance, we may or may not send you flyers. Note: You will earn an extra 10 points if you flyer at a WWE show. Total possible weekly points will then be 25.

The company states they will send flyers to people to hand out at WWE shows.

– T.J. sent the following:

On a recent trip to the UK for Varsity Pro Wrestling Bob ‘Hardcore’ Holly received two broken ribs at the hands of VPW wrestler The UK KID who was trained at The Shawn Micheals Wrestling acadamy. The match was originally billed as UK KID V Kip James in a Steel Cage, later replaced by Bob Holly and the cage replaced with a TLC match. The match was surrounded with alot of hype including a facebook group called RIP UK KID bobs gonna kill you, and alot of UK magazines talking about the stiffness and bullying antics of Holly expecting to see UK KID leaving on a legit stretcher being only 26 years of age.

It was said that Holly broke two ribs under his left pec two weeks prior to the match on a small independant show, he received treatment in the states and had stated he was cleared to work. During the TLC match UK KID drove the ladder into his chest on more then one occasion and Holly just rolled out the ring and took along time to get back in. The match was clearly ended short and Holly almost stopped any offence until the finish. Holly missed the after show party and meet and greet in Walkabout to be taken to portsmouth A and E.

Holly was booked for more VPW dates in the UK in August but it is yet to be seen if he will now retrun after being injured.

You can view a clip of Hardcore Holly’s TLC in UK.