Linda’s Thoughts – Raw Bounced Back/Mr. Kennedy

Okay I do believe in miracles because Raw made a nice comeback after what we got last week. You know I haven’t enjoyed Raw for a few weeks now, but Monday night I didn’t think of channel surfing ONCE! Now there were a few weird things but all in all it was a good show, and I think Raw did a super job with the way that they hyped Sunday’s Extreme Rules. I thought I would start off with the parts of the show that I didn’t care for which are few, then I will have a new segment called – Come On Do They Think We Are Stupid? Yes Raw had two big segments that came off totally ridiculous, making me wonder, do they think we are that stupid? However, they were not enough to upset me or make bash the show. And after that I will end with all the cool things that won me over. There were just a few things that didn’t appeal to me. And I will start with those things first.

I don’t know about you, but I do not have any interest in the Big Show/John Cena feud. The longer this has played out the less I have liked it. The tag team match with Big Show and the Miz vs. Chavo and Cena was blah, there was nothing too it. I’m hoping Sunday marks the end of this dud of a feud.  I also was not pleased to see Chavo pin the Miz. I would have much preferred to have this match end in a DQ or a no contest, but to pin a guy that has been one of the only bright spots of Raw, that didn’t sit well with m. But as much as I didn’t like this match, there were two things about this segment that I did like, and I will get to them later in this column.

Wow have they ruined Vickie’s character. Bringing her to Raw has been a downfall as far as I’m concerned. The woman that I looked forward to watching week after week on Smackdown is now the woman that at times just gets on my nerves, and not in that great way that she did when she was starting up her romance with Edge. This whole Miss Wrestlemania thing is far from clever. Her hand waving is the female version of what Booker did years ago as King Booker. When he did the Royal hand wave it was funny because it was different. Now it’s just recycled and not humorous at all. Instead of giving the fan’s a nice extreme match with maybe Mickie and Maryse, they are showcasing Santina vs. Vickie in a Hog Pen match. And watching Santino “take on” Vickie was time that could have been given to one of the better matches of the night.  We all know that Vickie will be covered in pig crap Sunday because on Monday with the help of William Regal and Matt Hardy, Santino was taken out and pinned by Vickie. She then poured a bucket of slop on Santino’s crotch and then on his face laughing like a hyena. This was the worst segment of the night.

Well there were just two bad segments. But now it’s time for Come On Do They Think We Are Stupid? We go two poorly booked segments Monday night and they both had to do with one storyline, the Batista/Orton/Flair angle. The first was Ric Flair taking on Randy Orton in a parking lot brawl.  So Ric is retired and he’s not going to wrestle, but he can participate in brawls and his first will be in a parking lot against Randy Orton. This was the main event and for the most part I really was cool with it. But the stupidity of this has to be that a 60-year-old man was able to dominate a young Randy Orton through out the match. I would have thought a guy at Randy’s age would have taken the opportunity to brutally go after 60-year-old Flair, but no, it was all Ric. And to make matters worse, Randy needed the rest of Legacy, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase to help him with Ric Flair, not good, not good at all. The other part that was extremely stupid to me was that once the guys got Ric Flair in the cage, Batista ran out and just stood there and screamed. Now the longer Batista was standing there, I started yelling to Batista (like he could hear me) climb the cage, climb the cage. I don’t understand why they did not have Batista climb over into the cage I’m sure I have seen others do it. It just seemed so weird to see Batista get so worked up over what they were doing to Flair, but not worked up enough to climb in and help him. So that’s why I ask, Come On Do They Think We Are Stupid? But even though these two things bothered me there were things that I liked about this main event, which I will also get into in a little bit.

So as you can see I’m still right in there as far as enjoying Raw. I think Raw got off to a very strong start with the Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, and Ric Flair opening.  Orton started things off by promising to give Big Dave the biggest beating of his life. He put over their cage match that will be taking place at Extreme Rules. He then said that Vickie gave him permission for Batista to take part in a Steel Cage match on Raw and Randy will flip a coin to see if Rhodes or DiBiase will oppose Batista. So Cody got the nod for this match and a very focused Rhodes said he knows what to do. I liked when Rhodes mentioned how his dad, Dusty was in some of the greatest cages matches of all time and that cage matches are in his blood. Rhodes then said that he would give Batista a preview of what Randy would do to him on Sunday. I like Cody, to be honest with you, I think he’s very natural on the mic and I like his wresting skills. Now after a lot of bragging by Orton, Flair came out and told Orton that he was going to call him out until Randy grows up and faces him. Flair was riled up and was waiting for an answer; I got a kick out of him when he kept calling Orton, punk, punk, punk. With that Orton agreed and told Ric it would be a night that he would never forget. Orton, Rhodes and Flair put on quite a segment here and it just made me feel that the night was going to be a good one, and it’s nice to be right for a change.

So the cage match was first and Cody lost another match, but it was one that I expected him to lose. You got a pay per view on Sunday and there was no way that someone like Batista was losing. The match was good, short but good, but I’m a little tired of seeing Rhodes and DiBiase losing most of the time, but that’s for another column. So this was a decent cage match, followed by another decent women’s match with Beth Phoenix and Maryse taking on Mickie and Kelly Kelly. Again this was very short, but it was okay. You know I have one problem. Vince gets rid of wrestlers left and right so I want to know why Rosa Mendes is still there. This reminds me of Deuce and Domino with Cherry. Week after week she would accompany them like Rosa does with Beth, but week after week Cherry did nothing and that’s what Rosa does week after week, NOTHING I don’t see why she is there. But as I said this match was okay. And the matches just kept on coming with Primo and Carlito vs. Matt Hardy and William Regal. This match came off very well, I happened to really enjoy this one. I don’t quite get the pairing up of Hardy and Regal and I hope that it’s not a permanent thing, but for this match it worked out very well. The Colon brothers won, and that was because Matt accidentally clobbered Regal with his cast. This ended with the two heels arguing with each other. I was waiting for one of them to attack the other, but that didn’t happen.

There were two backstage segments one with Flair and Batista. I didn’t mind this one as much as I usually do with these two, because Ric was so much better this week, but I’m a little tired of the low keyed Batista responding to Ric, I’m just not buying it. I know that’s Batista quiet and calm and I don’t mind it, but when he’s talking with Ric it just doesn’t work for me. Also Vickie was talking to Regal and Hardy and she was a little hostile until they came up with a plan, which involved her match with Santino.  This was nothing great but the show was coming off so well that I was okay with these segments. Now maybe if the show was as bad as last week’s, I wouldn’t be so generous. As I mentioned I did not care for the Chavo/Cena vs. Big Show/Miz match, but there were two things that I liked. Of course the first was another awesome promo by the Miz. Again he was putting Cena down with a hilarious promo about how the kiddies love Cena as much as they love the Jonas Brothers and SpongeBob Squarepants. The line of the night was when he said, “ Congratulations, John you made it, you are in the same category as Hannah Montana. Oh yes the Miz was on fire. Also as much as I’m not into Big Show, I found him more interesting to watch when he was ordering the Miz around during their tag team match. He seemed to have more nastiness toward the Miz than Cena. It’s like Big Show came to life, which is something I haven’t seen in a long time.

MVP vs. Kofi Kingston for the U.S. title was an awesome match. I would say the match of the night. I was thrilled by this one and shocked that MVP lost. I’m okay with it for two reasons, one, maybe Kofi will get a decent push. I like this guy and I wouldn’t mind seeing him on a more regular basis. And the second reason why I think MVP lost, and this is just a guess, but I’m thinking with Mr. Kennedy gone MVP is moving on up. Now maybe that’s positive thinking on my part, but I could see the title holding him down and without it, MVP can get involved in bigger storylines. I promised to mention Kennedy on Sunday, but I didn’t get a chance, so I would like to say something now. I want to say that the Kennedy release for me was absolutely fine. This guy when he started was a riot and he was fun to watch, but the injuries I believe took a lot away from him and every time he returned he wasn’t the same. Plus he did some pretty bad interviews denying he used Steroids and then having it come out that he did. All these things I believe somewhat ruined him. I remember many times talking about how he just seems to lack something in the ring. His in ring work with HBK a few years ago was weak and 9 out of 10 times anyone that gets to work a feud with Michaels comes off looking pretty damn good, but not Kennedy. I haven’t been a fan of his for a while, and I really can’t get over the reaction to his release. The majority of fans seem crushed and I don’t get it. I don’t believe he ever had that one GREAT match or great feud. I remember years ago I want to say it was his first injury that they brought him back to sit next to Tazz and Cole. I think he sat with them for two weeks, maybe three, but he came off so bland, so weak that after that he was off TV until he heeled. I won’t miss him and you know many are counting the days until he starts up with TNA. Hey if he does, good for him and maybe he’ll show me that I’m 100 percent wrong and it wasn’t him but it was the WWE that was his downfall. Well wherever he ends up I wish him nothing but luck. Okay so back to MVP and Kingston. I liked the match but I will say it was a little cheesy with how well MVP took the loss. But then again they want to keep him a face so I guess losing like a good sport was what they wanted.

Hey are we getting a tease that Ted DiBiase isn’t so hot on Orton? I thought they had a very cool exchange about Orton’s brawl with Flair that was coming up. DiBiase made a few interesting comments. He seemed concerned about Orton fighting with Flair. Ted wanted to know what would happen if he got hurt in the fight and then lost the belt on Sunday. Orton responded by saying that his match with Flair would be a preview of what Batista would have to go through inside the cage. Ah but DiBiase came back with that’s exactly what Cody said. Do I detect a change in DiBiase’s loyalties? That I don’t know but I found this all to be very interesting. And finally the main event. I mentioned all the weird things about this, but you know what? I still liked it. No I could have done without Flair taking so much time beating up Orton, and I could have done without Batista just standing there, but if this makes any sense, this still was filled with action, and it was done so well that for once Raw made the Batista/Orton feud look good and it made their match on Sunday seem just a little more enticing.

I really liked what we got on Monday night and I will be honest with you. I’m not 100 percent sure about ordering the show on Sunday but after Raw I’m leaning more toward ordering it. I will be back over the weekend with my Extreme Rules predictions and I really haven’t thought about most of the matches yet, so I will have some studying to do. Send me your picks anytime and for those of you who have already I thank you. Finally I hope you will read this and think about doing it. I’m very mysterious aren’t I? “Hey Folks, If you are a loyal reader of Linda Robin’s fantastic columns on the world surrounding Raw, SmackDown and everything in between, then you’ll love hearing her discussions with Nick Malone and Mike “Bon” Hawkins each and every Saturday Night from 10PM to 12AM on “Over The Ropes” only on and We are in the process of starting a new segment on Over The Ropes where you the loyal listeners and fans of Linda’s column can contribute to the show by sending in their questions to Linda as she will discuss them with the panel of Over The Ropes (namely Mike and I). You can send them throughout the week to her email address at (put in whatever email address you want to use) and we will discuss them personally on the air but in the email address, you must state your name and where you are from so we can properly identify you and such. If you ever want to call into the show, you can do so at 516-299-2030 as it is completely toll free and an experience as a wrestling fan you will never forget. Names like former Ring of Honor Champion, Nigel McGuiness, Larry Sweeney, Tyler Black, Sarah Del Ray, Mike Quackenbush, Les Thatcher, and even former WWE Superstar, Elijah Burke have appeared on this program in the past but if you want to hear all of 120 minutes of all the wrestling knowledge you can ever need, tune into Over The Ropes each and every Saturday Night from 10PM to 12AM only on WCWP!”

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