Mr. Kennedy Update, Torrie Wilson/NBC Show Recap and More

– Former WWE Superstar Mr. Kennedy is available for bookings via [email protected] Kennedy noted on his Twitter page that he was thinking of trying to go to chef school as cooking has been a stress reliever during his time away from the ring while injured.

– The Brandon Sun has an article up about WWE trying to get a share of the Japanese market.

– has an article today talking about the Top 10 most winning streaks in sports where The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak is #7.

– The webmasters of Torrie Wilson’s official website sent out the following recap of her debut on NBC’s “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here” which aired last night:

The celebrities are split into two teams; Torrie is on ‘Team Yellow’ which also includes Sanjaya Malaker, comedy duo Frangela, Lou Diamond Phillips and Stephen Baldwin. As the celebrities are introduced, Torrie says she’s been a wrestling Diva for 9 years but the jungle will be scary. The yellow team get a boat to take them to their camp, while the red team [including Janice Dickinson and Heidi & Spencer Pratt] have to swim/walk through the river

Torrie’s team then are seen going over rocks to get to their camp, with Stephen Baldwin taking the lead. The yellow team arrive in camp after the red team, we see everyone introduce themselves to each other, Torrie hugs Janice. Heidi & Spencer have quit already! The other celebrities say they are quitting too easily and should think about their charities. Spencer is on the phone with NBC Chairman, Ben Silverman saying they’re celebrities and they deserve a better cast; yeah right! Spencer says, “I’m sitting here with wrestlers…” in reference to Torrie. Spencer is probably has the least celebrity status of all of them.

On Spencer & Heidi leaving, Torrie says: “That’s two less people I gotta beat.” But surprise! Speidi have returned! The next morning, they try to escape again however… The other celebrities started rationing out their clothes, food etc. Torrie takes Heidi’s shampoo. But yet again, Speidi return. Spencer begins to flip out when he finds they had taken their stuff and a fight breaks out between Spencer and one of the Frangela girls.

Spencer then begins to rag on Torrie for playing around with Heidi’s shampoo, saying, “Torrie only knows how to sell steroids.” Torrie becomes upset arguing back, “I don’t take steroids… Have you ever worked out?” Spencer says he ‘wants to take out Torrie’.

They just showed a teaser for what’s coming up after the break: It looks like Spencer is going to ‘get his revenge’ by throwing Torrie’s rucksack into the river.

When we return, the hosts tell the group that they’ll be split into two teams: girls versus boys.

We then get our first shot of Torrie in a bikini, boys! Spencer & Heidi are bitching about Torrie, Spencer calls her a ‘b*tch’. Heidi says Torrie has been ’so mean to her’. Spencer takes Torrie’s stuff including her rucksack and is walking across a log but doesn’t, he instead hides it. Torrie then finds out Spencer has taken her stuff and calls him a ‘psycho’, she’s in the confessional and says Spencer sees her as a threat because she could win the show & she could knock him out very easily.

Spencer then comes back and apologises to Torrie for hiding her backpack. However, he then says he’s just faking it in the confessional booth.

It’s now time for the first food trial, the food trials will win food for their team. One team will win a luxury meal and the other gets rice and beans. A member of each team must eat something, the first person to eat it and show an empty mouth wins a point for their team. The first team to 5 points wins the task. Torrie goes up against Stephen Baldwin and they must eat tripe – intestines of a cow. Torrie beats Stephen giving the girls another point! However that is not enough, as the boys reach 5 points first and win the luxury meal of chicken dinner.

In the confessional, Torrie says she really wanted to win the challenge for the girls to start the ‘competition off right’.

Later, the boys get their chicken dinner but share with the girls.

Torrie reads a scroll, saying the two teams must pick team leaders. The girls pick Janice Dickinson. In the confessional, Torrie says the mens’ leader, Lou Diamond Phillips has nothing on Janice because she’s like a pitbull. They then take part in a task to determine who will be leader for the whole camp. Lou Diamond Phillips wins the task, he is then in charge of rationing out responsibilities to the celebrities.

The celebrities find out, at the end of the week one celebrity will be eliminated. The celebrities then move to the task area for the first live challenge. In the confessional, Torrie says she’s excited for the task and the chance to earn another whole week in camp.

It is now time for the first live task, ‘Trauma Tank’. The celebrity who stays in the tank for the longest time will win immunity not only for themselves, but for their entire team. All the celebrities except Spencer and Heidi are strapped in for the ‘Trauma Tank’ challenge. They must sit in the tank while they put in loads of creepy-crawlies. The show ends, with the result of the task airing tomorrow. For the girls, only Patti and Torrie are still competing while Frangela and Janice gave up. If Torrie or Patti can outlast all the boys, they will win the task and have immunity from this week’s elimination.

The show continues tomorrow night at 8pm on NBC.