JR Blog: Thoughts from This Week’s RAW, Tonight’s WWE Tapings, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog on jrsbarbq.com. Some highlights from this entry:

– RAW Thoughts: I liked the focus on Batista-Orton. This is RAW’s obvious main event for Sunday’s PPV and Orton was a “wanted man” as RAW left the air. Seems as if fans will want to see the Animal destroy Orton in New Orleans. Nice match between Kofi Kingston & MVP w/ Kofi taking another step up the ladder by winning the US Title. Kofi has “it” and has the tools to become a star. Really nice kid. I talked to MVP early in the day Monday about his prom date over the weekend w/ The View’s Sherri Shepherd. MVP said he actually had a good time and the relationship may actually have legit legs. Love works in mysterious ways, you know? MVP said they were taking things “slowly.” Good plan. Yes, the Hog Pen match is going to get “sloppy” between Vickie Guerrero and “Santina” Sunday at Extreme Rules. I thought Monday’s RAW was a stronger outing than the RAW from L.A.

– Kimbo Slice’s new involvement in UFC is intriging. I don’t see Slice making it as his ground game is non existant but perhaps the idea is for the slugger to learn that aspect of MMA. I don’t like his chances but if I’m wrong it makes for a great story.

– Tonight is the last Smackdown here in Memphis before Sunday’s PPV and we’ll do all we can to make it a memorable show. I expect it to be built around the Edge/Jeff Ladder match for the World Title & the IC Title bout between Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho.