JR Blog: Savage DVD, Mr. Kennedy’s Release, MVP vs. Kofi and More

Here are some highlights of new blog updates from Jim Ross over on jrsbarbq.com:

– The Randy Savage DVD will be out soon and it will be interesting to see if all the Macho Man devotees buy them up quickly as I expect this DVD to hit the top ten quickly.

– It is regrettable that WWE decided to release Mr. Kennedy, that ring name will be long gone, as he was at the age to really begin to come into his own. Injuries have plagued the Wisconsin native for a good part of his career but as best I know Kennedy is 100% as we speak. Without question, Kennedy has a definable upside and he will hopefully continue his journey in this biz and make his dreams become realties. Take it from me being released isn’t the end of the world and things in our lives have a way of working out for the best unless one throws in the towel and simply says “what the hell?” As I mentioned before, a change of scenery sometimes is what the doctor ordered. Hopefully this will work out for the best for all involved. For the record, I do not know why Kennedy was released and look at that matter as none of my business.

– My uninformed guess is that Kofi Kingston might well win a fan favorite bout against MVP Monday night in Birmingham on Raw and become the new United States Champion. My reasoning? MVP had his prom date experience with Sherri Sheppard this weekend which I am speculating will alter Montel’s game on Monday night. MVP & Sherri do make a cute couple and I assume this date will be discussed on ABC’s “The View” at some point.

– Someone needs to help the WGN voice over guy how to pronounce Cena as in CEE-NA and not SAY-NA. Come on brother work with us.

– When will we next see Ric Flair in a WWE ring? Will it be as early as Monday Night? Naitch called me late Friday night and told me he would see me in a few days, whatever that means. It was late and it was Friday night and it was loud where ever Ric was which I assume wasn’t the public library. Flair “wrestling” in WWE still seems unlikely. Ric wrestling outside the USA seems like a gimme.