CM Punk News, Rain Breaks Out at WWE Event, Legacy, More

– CM Punk will host the 2nd Annual Men’s Fitness Ultimate Athlete Event on Saturday, June 20th at North Avenue Beach in Chicago, IL from 1PM until 3PM.

– It started raining during the main event of the RAW live event in Queretaro, Mexico on Friday night while Batista and Rey Mysterio were facing Randy Orton and Big Show. The ring had a cover over it connected to four taller poles around the ring so the Superstars were okay but a fan in attendance says some of the fans caught out in the open started to leave due to the rain and it causes “quite the ruckus” in the crowd as some fans were trying to climb over others.

– WWE Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio will be appearing at the Wet and Wilde Park in Honolulu, Hawaii on Sunday, July 5th from noon until 2PM.

– In an article with The Miami Herald, Adelitas Way, the band behind the WWE Superstars theme song Invincible, say that they have just finished working on a new theme song during a break from touring for Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase as Legacy.

Chris Iorio, long-time wrestling fan and lead singer said the following: ”The theme song we made is really kind of dark. It kind of has an edge to it because they are an edgy group. They are pretty much beating everyone up right now. They are the group that is leading everything; so we went in there and made something that would fit them. I can see them walking out to it and fitting their persona.”





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  • Andy

    Stupud stupid stupid. Legacy are far from edgy and they get their asses beat on a weekly basis.

    Voices is already a perfect song for them. I bet this band really sucks.

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