JR Blog: Flair Wrestling Again, Rourke/SD, the Hog Pen Match, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog update over on jrsbarbq.com. Here are some of the highlights from this entry:

– After talking to Ric Flair Monday, I have no doubts in my mind that he hasn’t wrestled his last bout. I don’t think that his next in ring wrestling outing will be for WWE but internationally Ric has many lucrative offers that a 60 year old man with somewhat staggering, personal financial obligations likely cannot pass up. The sums of money being purported surrounding these proposed bouts is serious money. These bouts could theoretically run into 2010. I am not generally in favor of Ric stepping back in the ring for multiple dates in other’s rings wrestling who knows who at this point but I also can understand the financial obligations that Ric has and “getting whole” so to speak at this stage of his game has credence. Ric shared his potential schedule with me and he’s going to rack up tons of frequent flier miles in addition to earning major bucks.

– I did a interesting voice over at the LA TV’s, I can’t even remember what day, for WWE 24/7’s “Film Room with Gordon Solie” feature. It was on former 8X NWA Champion Harley Race and I can’t wait to see the footage especially a “Texas Death Match” versus Terry Funk shot on film in Florida.

– The revisiting of the “Hog Pen” match at Extreme Rules in New Orleans will be a sight for sore eyes. I was indirectly a part of such a mess that included live hogs and their manure many years ago in a match between HHH and Henry Godwin. I was to do an interview but kept from being drowned in hog feces. There is a photo of me in bib overalls &rubber boots covered in hog waste and mud floating around somewhere. Not one of the most stellar memories of my broadcast career. I do remember HHH suffering a nasty cut that had to be immediately attended to due to the prominent risk of infection because of the environment of which he was grappling. I think that event might have been an “In Your House” PPV in the old arena in Hershey. Pa.

– Mickey Roarke was pressing the flesh in the locker room area Tuesday night looking as weird as ever. Strange but talented dude folks. His making of the film “The Wrestler” seemingly gave Roarke a unique perspective of “the business” that has apparently created a level of respect by the Oscar nominated actor and the genre of sports entertainment. He’s still “Hollywood strange” to me.

– Don’t expect the team formerly known as the World’s Greatest Tag Team to be teaming on any sort of regular basis even though they are on TV in tag team action twice this week. From what I gather, Benjamin and Haas have designs on singles competition. Haas has been much more physical and aggressive since returning to Friday nights while Benjamin is a big star waiting to hit.





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