Spoilers: TNA iMPACT Tapings for 6/11 and 6/18/2009

– TNA taped the rest of the June 11th and the June 18th editions of iMPACT. We’re not sure what kind of order these were taped in but here they are:

Shawn Spears (using a name like Shields) vs. Elijah Burke. Burke wins following the Elijah Experience. Burke worked face and got a huge ovation from the crowd.

Nation of Violence First Blood Match: Samoa Joe defeated Scott Steiner & Booker T. Brawl went all over the Impact zone, Joe wins makes Steiner bleed by having him in a trash can & repeatedly & viciously beat it with a kendo stick. Then it was time for Booker T & Sharmell (with complete music & pyro entrance) to come out to the top of the stage, Joe charges Booker & attacks, the 2 fight down to the ringside area, Joe finally makes him bleed to win the match.

Tara (the former Victoria) defeated Madison Rayne w/Angelina Love & Velvet Sky with a Widow’s Peak.

Raisha Saeed defeated SoJo Bolt following a Boston Crab into a sit-down type move.

They are setting up the ring for some sort of celebration with streamers & balloons along with a banner that reads “Welcome Back Jeffrey”

TNA World Champion Mick Foley along with Earl Hebner, Sally Boy, Rocco and balloon carrying clown come down to the ring. What a difference a week makes, Foley starts, he said something is back and that’s his smile. But also our founder Jeff Jarrett is back and also, Yurple was not available she was doing a bachelor party so we have Webbo the low rent clown. Also, Earl Hebner is back, everything looks good and he has dropped the outstanding lawsuit against TNA. Mick then brings out AJ Styles followed by Samoa Joe and then Mick welcomes out Kurt Angle for the celebration. He then brings out the man none of them would be there without, Double J Jeff Jarrett.

Jeff comes out, shaking his head in disbelief of the sight he is seeing in the ring & needed some encouragement getting into the ring. He asks Mick if he has lost his mind, and Mick says he has a surprise and the magic word is “Jeffery” count of 3, the crowd yells Jeffery and confetti cannons go off and fill the ring. He says he has a special main event planned, Samoa Joe and his hand picked successor AJ Styles, who Foley says he will be handing over the keys to the castle in 2 years taking on Kurt Angle & Sting but its a 3 way tag team match and it’ll be Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley. Foley asks everyone to put their hands in and say Team! Jarrett immediately leaves the ring, Angle enters in, Styles does as well, Samoa Joe looks on, goes to put his hand in and punches Angle. And with that the celebration ends.

They are now setting up the ring for Raven’s Clockwork Orange House of Fun match

Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match. Raven w/ Dr Stevie defeated The Outlaw Jethro Holiday. Post-match, Daffney came to ringside with a straitjacket and they pulled Holiday back into the ring where Raven gave him an Evenflow DDT onto a chair, then Raven & Stevie were placing holiday into the jacket, Abyss charged down to ringside and Raven, Daffney & Stevie headed up the aisle.

Matt Morgan comes out and says he has something to say to an important man and that’s Sting. Sting comes to the ring. He said there are a lot of differences between them. He addresses that 2 weeks ago, Sting said he couldn’t join the Mafia cause he’s not a former world champion. Sting said he never said that. Morgan says to put his money where his mouth is & to give him a chance to beat a world champion aka Sting, at Slammiversary. Sting says he’ll do one better, and says Morgan can defeat him at Slammiversary, he can have his position in the Mafia. As Sting went to leave the ring, Morgan goes to attack him, but Sting sidestepped him and caused Morgan to fall out of the ring which angered Morgan.

Daffney & TNA Knockout Champion, Angelina Love w/Madison Rayne & Velvet Sky vs. Taylor Wilde & Awesome Kong w/Raisha Saeed. Kong & Wilde get the win following an Awesome Bomb on Daffney. Postmatch, TBP & Daffney beat down on Kong & Wilde while Saeed was out of the ring blinded by a Velvet Sky spray to the eyes. Tara ran down to make the save and TBP ran from the ring, meanwhile Tara & Long were left alone in the ring and had a several minute stare down till eventually Saeed pulled Kong from the ring.

Team 3D & Beer Money def Lethal Consequences & Motor City Machineguns. Prematch, SoCal Val is backstage with Beer Money and she asks why last week they weren’t there to return the favor for Team 3D, 3D comes in and they argue, which lead to brawling all the way to ringside while Creed, Lethal, Shelley & Sabin were all celebrating what they believed their inevitable victory. As Beer Money were near the ring, Creed & Lethal dived over the top rope while Shelley stayed in the ring but was attacked by Suicide. Meanwhile 3D got into the ring and delivered a 3D to Shelley for the win.

IMPACT! Main Event
Mick Foley & Jeff Jarrett vs. Samoa Joe & AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle & Sting. Foley would leave at periods to go commentate and then would miss the tag from Jarrett. Jarrett finally able to make a tag to Styles, but Samoa Joe placed his hand over AJ’s. Jarrett made his way to the commentary table and attacked Foley which had to be broken up by security. Samoa Joe hit a muscle buster on Angle for the win. AJ Styles never made it into the match.

ODB w/Cody Deaner defeated Velvet Sky.

The filmed an energy drink commercial with Abyss, who came to the ring with 3 Monster Energy drinks.

Rhino & Jesse Neal defeated The British Invasion when Rhino pinned Magnus.