Natalya Blogs on Her Uncle Owen Hart, Candice Michelle Update, More

– Shane sent word that professional darts player Mervyn King of the Premier League Darts in the UK is coming out to Triple H’s “King of Kings” theme with the chorus looped over and over.

– Dave W. sent the following: Erik Kuselias was guest-hosting ESPN radio’s Doug Gottlieb show Tuesday. During a segment called “the press” in which the producer reads six stories and the host (usually Gottlieb) comments on them, the Monday Night Raw angle in which Vince McMahon shoved the Stan Koenke impersonator out of the ring was read as one of the stories. Kuselias said the WWE was “largely irrelevant” now. He compared them to PETA as a group always seeking publicity and called both groups ‘radical’. He said like PETA, most wished the WWE would “go away” so they could discuss important things.

– WWE Diva Candice Michelle noted on her Twitter page the other night that she was backstage visiting at RAW. Candice was also backstage last night for the SmackDown tapings and noted that she spent some time in the ring earlier in the day.

– Natalya posted a blog over the weekend in remembrance of her uncle, Owen Hart, who tragically passed away ten years ago Saturday.

“Sometimes when you lose people you love, you try not to think about them because it’s too painful. With Owen, we think about him all the time. We are reminded of what a remarkable person he was, every single day,” Natalya wrote. “I have to say, that I have never met a person, who met Owen, and wasn’t touched by him.”

You can read her blog in its entirety at the following link.