Spoilers: TNA iMPACT Tapings Results for 5/28 and 6/4

– TNA taped this week’s edition of TNA iMPACT last night in Orlando as well as part of the June 4th show. Here are spoilers including the debut of Victoria and returns of Raven and Shane Douglas.

Airing on May 28th:

* AJ Styles beat Daniels to get a spot in the King of the Mountain match. Shane Douglas came down after the match and laid Daniels out with a chain. Douglas vs. Daniels is signed for Slammiversary.

* Suicide beat Amazing Red to retain the X Division Title

* New leader of the Main Event Mafia Sting cut a promo. He got rid of Jenna and Sharmell because they are nothing but trouble and got rid of security because the food bill is too high.

* Doug Williams beat Cody Deaner in a ladder match.

* Angelina Love beat Sojo Bolt to retain the Knockouts Title. Angelina fired Cute Kip again because he failed to get rid of Awesome Kong. Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne were out there until Lisa Marie Varon (Victoria) hits the ring and laid all three of them out. It looks like Victoria gets the next title shot.

* Mick Foley announced that Samoa Joe vs. Kevin Nash in a cage for a spot in the King of the Mountain match will be on next week’s broadcast.

* Eric Young cuts a promo, saying he’s mad and won’t take it anymore. He vows to become a main eventer.

* Jeff Jarrett beat Eric Young to earn a spot in the King of the Mountain match. Young turned on Jarrett after the match and attacked his injured hamstring. Jarrett had to be helped to the back.

* They did an angle where Dr. Stevie said the therapy for Abyss isn’t going well. He had a straightjacket and a kendo stick and told Abyss to put on the jacket. Stevie went to hit Abyss with the kendo stick when Lauren hit the ring to make the save. Stevie was about to lay out Lauren when Raven made his return to TNA and grabbed the stick. Raven went to hit Stevie with the stick but laid out Abyss instead. Stevie and Raven hugged in the ring.

Airing June 4th:

* Daniels beat Amazing Red

* Beer Money beat Chris Sabin and Consequences Creed