Site News: New Poll Script Added With More Features

Some of you may have noticed the new poll on the right navigation bar.  I changed the script for a few reasons.  First, users cannot vote more than once (1 vote per visitor) so the results will be more accurate instead of a single person voting 100 times and throwing the poll results off.  Second, the script allows me to archive polls.  This allows you to view and vote on previous polls, which will be awesome and more fun.  The link is at the bottom of the poll.  Third, the script uses AJAX which means that the results will be automatically displayed after you vote without a window popping up or the results going to a new page.  I’ll be updating the polls more often so check back frequently and remember to check out the archives to vote and view past polls.  Enjoy!

Note: The text of the poll may look jagged to IE users.  I recommend using FireFox as your browser.