ESPN Compares WWE To PETA, Kroenke’s Worth, More


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— Dave W. sent the following: Erik Kuselias was guest-hosting ESPN radio’s Doug Gottlieb show Tuesday. During a segment called “the press” in which the producer reads six stories and the host (usually Gottlieb) comments on them, the Monday Night Raw angle in which Vince McMahon shoved the Stan Koenke impersonator out of the ring was read as one of the stories. Kuselias said the WWE was “largely irrelevant” now. He compared them to PETA as a group always seeking publicity and called both groups ‘radical’. He said like PETA, most wished the WWE would “go away” so they could discuss important things.

— estimates that E. Stanley Kroenke and his wife are worth well over $3 billion dollars, putting them on the list of America’s richest people.

  • BREAKING: “TNA on TNT” To Air Friday Nights vs. SmackDown! You can view the entire joint TNA/TNT press release at this link



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