Tonight’s RAW Mystery Man?, Legend Backstage, Hogan/Flair

— Tonight’s RAW main event (which will be taking place from the Staples Center in Los Angeles) will be Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, Big Show & The Miz (Team Nuggets) vs. John Cena, Batista, MVP, Jerry Lawler and a mystery partner (Team Lakers).

The Miami Herald has an article up speculating about who the mystery partner will be for the babyface team. While Ric Flair seems to be the most likely scenario, the Miami Herald article also entertains options like The Rock, Austin, Rob Van Dam and Hulk Hogan, as well as extremely unlikely options like former WCW on-air performers David Arquette and Judy Bagwell. The writer also mentions Jonathan Coachman as a possibility, but ultimately picks Karl Malone as his choice for the fifth member of the babyface team on tonight’s RAW.

— One legendary name that we can confirm will be backstage at RAW tonight is The Iron Sheik. Sheik is booked for some sort of appearance at the Legendary Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles tonight. When WWE found out was in town, they asked him to come be at RAW. At this point, it’s unknown whether he’ll be used on TV or not, but the plan is for him to be backstage if needed.

— Yahoo recently polled visitors of a NASCAR chat room about who was better, Flair or Hogan. Hogan got 60% of the vote with flair getting the remaining 40%.

SHOCKING: Former WWE & WCW Champ BACKSTAGE @ RAW [full breaking update >>]




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