WWE RAW Results – May 25, 2009

Tonight’s WWE RAW kicks off with a tribute video to our servicemen on Memorial Day. The opening RAW video plays and the pyro explodes inside the Staples Center in Los Angeles as Michael Cole welcomes us to RAW. Jim Ross is on commentary tonight replacing Jerry Lawler, who will be in tonight’s main event. JR runs down what’s to come tonight.

– Lilian Garcia is in the ring and she introduces the owner of the Denver Nuggets, Stan Kroenke. A man dressed like Kroenke comes out to a chorus of boo’s and a basketball in his hand. We cut to a video showing the problems between WWE and Kroenke over the past week.

The look-a-like goes to ringside and shakes hands with other look-a-likes that resemble the LA Lakers owner, the NBA commissioner David Stern and actor Jack Nicholson. Kroenke takes the mic in the ring and introduces himself. He says he can not stand WWE or its fans. He says he knows he screwed the fans but has more to do with his time than worry about them. He shows the graphic WWE made of him with a tail and horns on him and the pic of Vince with the halo around him. He says he is no devil and Vince surely is no angel. No Chance starts playing as Vince McMahon makes his way out to a big pop.

Vince does his trademark walk down the ramp on his way to the ring. The crowd loves Vince tonight. Vince announces the formation of a new pro basketball league. He says it will rival the NBA and be called the XBA. He says however, it will be a miserable, total failure because he is going to have Kroenke and his staff run it. Kroenke asks him how dare him. Vince mocks Kroenke’s faith in his own Nuggets team. Vince mocks his name, E. Stan Kroenke saying he never trusted anyone with an initial as their first name. Vince says he did some research and found out what the E. stands for – Eenis. Vince asks him how his parents could have done that to him. Vince starts picking on his name.

The crowd starts chanting “Eenis” and Vince reminds everyone what it rhymes with but doesn’t actually say penis. Vince says the only thing that matters is that he disrespected WWE fans and he probably thinks he can push around the WWE Universe. Vince says when you do that, they push back and he shoves the Kroenke look-a-like to the mat, sending him rolling to the floor. Vince’s music starts playing and he looks ready to leave when The Miz’s music plays. Miz comes out to the stage and says with all due respect, he has something to say to the WWE fans. Miz walks towards the ring and tells everyone he became a big TV star in Los Angeles. Miz puts down the Lakers and says he is from the home of the real future NBA champs – Cleveland and reveals a jersey he’s wearing. Miz talks about being in the main event tonight and puts down the Lakers, Cena and Magic Johnson. He says WWE is where The Miz happens and that’s it. Out comes John Cena with no music.

Cena marches to the ring but is attacked by Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase from behind. Miz and Legacy triple team Cena until Batista runs down and lays them all out. Cena gets back to his feet until Big Show comes to the ring. Show takes them down until Jerry Lawler comes down. Lawler fights off Show but gets decked to the mat. Show turns around to a clothesline from Cena and Batista sending him to the floor. Batista’s music plays as he and Cena defend the ring. Ross plugs the main event for tonight.

– We see Kelly Kelly backstage getting ready for her Divas Title shot against Maryse. The two Divas are shown heading to the ring as we go to commercial.

WWE Divas Title Match: Kelly Kelly vs. Maryse

We get a replay of last week’s Divas Battle Royal as Lilian Garcia introduces the challenger, Kelly Kelly. Out next is the Divas Champion Maryse. The bell rings and Maryse poses to start things off. Kelly poses as well and gets a pop from the crowd. Maryse charges and takes Kelly down with rights.

Maryse gets a few early 2 counts and taunts Kelly, grabbing her hair. Maryse has words with the referee and goes back to work on Kelly. Kelly hits a clothesline in the corner on Maryse and takes her down with another. Kelly hits her springboard elbow in the corner, drops Maryse and scores a 2 count. Kelly mounts Maryse and it’s a catfight. They roll around on the mat and Maryse goes to the floor to regroup.

Kelly comes out to the floor after Maryse but gets slammed on the announcer’s table. Maryse works her over before throwing her over the table to the floor. The referee disqualifies Maryse.

Winner by DQ: Kelly Kelly

– After the match, Maryse has her back turned in the ring. Kelly comes in and attacks from behind. Maryse escapes and they stare each other down with Kelly looking pissed, telling her to come on. We go back to commercial.

Backstage we see The Bella Twins walking and talking with the Jack Nicholson. They run into Goldust and then Hornswoggle. Goldust and Horny act out Nicholson and Tom Cruise’s scene from A Few Good Men. Comedy stuff here.

– We see a recap of Ric Flair on last week’s show. Backstage Ric Flair is putting his coat on when Batista walks in and asks Flair if he has to call Orton out tonight. Batista says the RAW the night after Extreme Rules will be a better chance to call Orton out because he will be beat up. Flair doesn’t appreciate the idea and says he’s walking out in just a few minutes and if Batista doesn’t like it, don’t watch. Back to commercial.

#1 Contender’s Match for the WWE United States Title: Matt Hardy vs. William Regal vs. Kofi Kingston

Lilian Garcia announces the winner of this match will face WWE United States Champion MVP on next week’s RAW. Matt Hardy is out first wearing his cast followed by William Regal and finally Kofi Kingston. The bell rings and they all start brawling. Regal ends up getting Kofi on the corner while Hardy is on the floor. Kofi bounces off the rope with his head and takes Regal down. Sloppy leg sweep by Kofi and he goes for his leg drop but Hardy pulls his leg from the outside.

Regal and Kofi collide in the ring and both go down. Hardy comes in to take advantage and gets a 2 count. They’re going at it when the US Champion MVP comes walking down the ramp dressed in street clothes. RAW goes to commercial.

Back from the break and Regal has Kofi in a hold. MVP is on commentary while Hardy is outside the ring. Hardy comes in to take advantage again and gets a 2 count on Regal. Regal drops Hardy on his arm. Hardy ends up throwing Regal to the floor and hitting a neckbreaker on Kofi. 2 count by Hardy as Regal makes the save. Regal locks up with Kofi again but Kofi fights out of it. Hardy clotheslines Regal in the corner and drops Kofi. Regal slams Hardy down by his injured arm and puts a knee into it.

Kofi nails a big dropkick on Regal from the top for a 2 count as Hardy stops the pin. Hardy and Kofi go at it with Kofi hitting his double leg drop for a close 2 count. Regal comes back in with an exploder suplex on Kofi. Hardy hits the Side Effect on Regal for a 2 count. Hardy drops Kofi now with another 2 count. Regal counters the Twist of Fate with a back drop. Regal runs into a Trouble in Paradise from Kofi but Kofi only gets 2. Hardy tries to hit Kofi with the cast but gets caught with the Trouble in Paradise. Kofi pins Hardy for the win and the title shot next week.

Winner and New #1 Contender to the US Title: Kofi Kingston

– After the match, Kofi Kingston walks over to the announcer’s table where MVP is sitting. MVP congratulates Kofi on winning and says he’s glad he gets a shot. We go to replays as Kofi walks off on good terms with MVP.

– Ric Flair is shown backstage walking to the ring as RAW goes to commercial.

Voices starts playing as the WWE Champion Randy Orton comes to the stage, asking Flair what he thinks will happen if Orton comes to the ring to fight. Orton said he should beat Flair down on principle alone but he can’t because last week he lowered himself to punching a 60 year old man. Flair starts yelling. Orton tells him to stop because he’s not Chris Jericho. Orton approaches the ring and tells Flair it is over for him and to shut up and listen. Orton tells Flair everyone feels sorry for him and it’s over for him. Flair slaps Orton. Orton comes back with big shots and beats Flair down, mounting him with rights. Batista runs down and Orton scrambles to the ramp. Batista helps Flair up. Flair is going insane as Batista holds him back by his pants. Orton’s on the ramp and he tells Batista after Extreme Rules, it will be over for him too. Kennedy’s music hits and out he comes to a big pop.

Kennedy gets a nice reaction and comes out in a suit, just a few feet away from Orton on the stage. Kennedy has his microphone dropped from the rafters. He tells Orton he looks kind of surprised. Kennedy says things are just getting started, this is just the beginning. Kennedy says tonight marks the official return of a man who will soon be WWE Champion. Kennedy says he will be the fifth man in tonight’s main event and does his Mr…. Kennedy! routine. Orton looks on and heads to the back. Kennedy finishes his routine and celebrates on the stage as JR hypes the main event and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and we see actor Michael Clarke Duncan in the crowd wearing John Cena gear.

Santino Marella and Mickie James vs. Chavo Guerrero and Beth Phoenix

Lilian Garcia announces that the winners of this match will get to pick the stipulation between Vickie Guerrero vs. Santina Marella for the Miss WrestleMania crown at Extreme Rules. Santino comes out first followed by his partner Mickie James. Out next is the team of Beth Phoenix and Chavo Guerrero with Rosa.

Chavo and Santino start the match with Chavo striking first. Chavo with a back drop for a 2 count. Chavo chokes Santino in the ropes. The ref is distracted as Beth works Santino over in the corner. Beth tags herself in and chases Santino to the floor. Mickie comes in and goes at it with Beth. Mickie kicks her legs out and dropkicks her in the face for a 2 count.

Chavo puts himself out of play and Santino distracts Beth from the outside. Mickie comes from behind and rolls Beth up for the pinfall and the win.

Winners: Santino Marella and Mickie James

– After the match, all we hear is “Excuse me” as Vickie Guerrero is on the stage wearing her Miss WrestleMania getup. Chavo is complaining. She says at Extreme Rules, she will have Chavo in her corner. Santino speaks and said he had so many ideas for matches in his head but says the match will be a Hogpen Match and snorts like a pig at Vickie. He says she’s going to be with the pigs. It will be Vickie Guerrero vs. Santina Marella in a Hogpen Match at Extreme Rules for the Miss WrestleMania crown.

– We see Big Show and The Miz backstage. Show says nobody likes Miz but if he wants to mix it up with John Cena tonight, he can. Show tells Miz he can’t pin John Cena and nobody can tonight but him. Show says he has Cena at Extreme Rules and is going to make him tap out. Show walks off and Miz mocks him, saying “Just like you did at Judgment Day?” Show asks him if he said anything, Miz says he didn’t and that’s it. We get ready for another break.

Back from commercial and we get a replay of the segment earlier with Vince McMahon.

Goldust and Hornswoggle vs. The Brian Kendrick and The Festus

Goldust is out next followed by his tag team partner Hornswoggle. They make their way to the ring while WWE Unified Tag Team Champions Carlito and Primo are on commentary. Out next is The Brian Kendrick with his tag team partner, introduced as The Festus. Festus is wearing a LA Clippers jersey. The bell rings and Festus transforms, going after Goldust. Hornswoggle tags himself in and stares down with Festus. Festus looks confused.

Kendrick yells at Festus and tags himself in. Kendrick runs in and kicks Hornswoggle over. Kendrick small packages Horny but only gets a 2 count. Hornswoggle lands a DDT on Kendrick and tags in Goldust. Goldust with a clothesline and atomic drop. Goldust with the trademark uppercut. Kendrick counters and drops Goldust. Kendrick tells Festus to tag in but he won’t. Kendrick smacks Festus. The referee is distracted as Goldust drops Kendrick and Hornswoggle lands the Tadpole Splash. Goldust hits the Final Cut on Kendrick for the pinfall and the win.

Winners: Goldust and Hornswoggle

After the match, the bell has rang and Festus is back to his other self. Kendrick is pissed and goes outside to bring a steel chair back in the ring. Primo gets up from the announcer’s table and rings the bell while Kendrick is taunting Festus. Festus transforms at the sound of the bell and flips, causing Kendrick to flee to the back.

– Jim Ross plugs tonight’s 10 man main event which is next as we go back to commercial.

Jim Ross plugs tonight’s 10 man main event which is next as we go back to commercial.

Randy Orton, Big Show, Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes and The Miz vs. John Cena, Batista, Mr. Kennedy, MVP and Jerry Lawler

Back from the break and the Los Angeles Lakers PA guy is doing the introductions. The Denver Nuggets are introduced first and The Miz is introduced as the point guard from Clevelands, Cody Rhodes is the shooting guard from Charlotte, DiBiase is out next, Show is out next introduced as a center and finally WWE Champion Randy Orton is out last. As Orton makes his way out, we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Team Nuggets is waiting in the ring. The announcer tells everyone to get on their feet and greet their Los Angeles Lakers. WWE US Champion MVP is out first as point guard, Jerry Lawler is out next followed by Mr. Kennedy, then John Cena and finally Batista. Cena comes out and actor Michael Clarke Duncan is seen marking out in the crowd. Batista also is wearing Lakers shorts and has a basketball in his hand. It’s going to be Lawler and Cody starting things out. They lock up and the crowd is hot. Lawler with right hands but Cody fights back. Lawler slams Cody and tags in Batista. Batista works over Cody in the corner with shoulders.

Batista with a big running shoulder in the corner. Batista tags in MVP who comes in with rights and slams Cody’s head in the corner. MVP beats Cody down in the corner but gets kicked in the head. Clothesline by Cody and he tags in Ted DiBiase for some double teaming. Ted beats MVP down now. MVP back drops Ted but Orton has tagged himself in and comes in with a backbreaker on MVP. MVP is sent to the floor where Big Show takes him out. Orton covers MVP in the ring for a 2 count as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Ted has MVP down in the ring. MVP gets out of it with a jawbreaker and tries to make a tag. Miz comes in and stops the tag and starts stomping on MVP. Miz wears MVP down in the ring now. MVP hits a big suplex on Miz and tries for the tag again. Kennedy is tagged in and comes in unloading on Miz. Kennedy with rights and a clothesline and a boot to the face in the corner. Kennedy hits a nice spinning kick for a 2 count on Miz. The ref is distracted and Legacy beat up Kennedy on the floor. Kennedy is thrown back in and Miz gets a 2 count on him.

Orton comes in and goes crazy on Kennedy. Orton stomps on Kennedy and gets a 2 count. Big Show is tagged in and drops Kennedy with a headbutt. Show scoops Kennedy and slams him down hard and drops a huge elbow drop for a 2 count. Kennedy tries to fight back but Show beats him and slaps him in the chest. Cody comes back in to work over Kennedy before tagging Ted back in. Ted tags Cody back in for some double teaming on Kennedy. 2 count by Cody. Miz comes in and stomps on Kennedy and applies a headlock. Ted comes back in and he’s stuck in their corner. 2 count by Ted. Orton comes in and continues the assault on Kennedy, getting a few 2 counts.

Kennedy finally fights Orton off but gets hit with a nice dropkick for another 2 count as Batista stops the pin. Kennedy backdrops Orton and tags in Cena as Cody comes in. Cena unloads on Cody with all his usual moves. Cena brings MVP in the ring. Cena hits his You Can’t See Me as MVP drops his Ballin’ elbow on Cody. Miz comes in and Lawler takes him out. MVP hits the Playmaker on Cody for the pinfall and the win.

Winners: Batista, John Cena, MVP, Jerry Lawler and Mr. Kennedy

DiBiase takes out MVP from behind. Kennedy comes in and takers out Ted. Orton hits the RKO on Kennedy. Batista goes to Batista Bomb Orton but Show makes the save. Batista and Cena double suplex Big Show and celebrate with their partners in the ring. Michael Cole thanks the WWE fans for their support and wishes everyone goodnight as the winners celebrate in the ring and RAW goes off the air.