TNA Sacrifice PPV Results – May 24, 2009

TNA Sacrifice 2009
May 24th, 2009
Live from Orlando, FL


* We get a few backstage segments, one with Stevie and Daffney.

Amazing Red vs. Kiyoshi

The bell rings and they start the pre-show off with nice back and forth action. Red flies over the top and lands on Kiyoshi on the floor. Back in the ring and Kiyoshi takes control and gets a close pinfall. Kiyoshi hits a big chop from the top and another 2 count. Good match here with the end coming after Red hits a standing moonsault.

Winner: Amazing Red

– Lauren and Jeremy Borash are ringside running down tonight’s PPV card. We cut to a video package for AJ Styles vs. Booker T later tonight. Back to ringside with Borash hyping the card more. There’s a guy that looks exactly like Richard Petty in the crowd behind JB. More promo videos.

– Lauren is backstage with Kevin Nash. He cuts a promo on Samoa Joe and tells Joe tonight he will be bringing the violence. We cut to a promo for the finals of the Team 3D tournament tonight. We run down the card one more time before going live.

TNA Sacrifice:

– We see Sting, Kurt Angle and others arriving earlier today to the arena. Angle has his security with him. Foley arrives in a ragged out car with the TNA World Title in the windshield. We cut to a promo video for the Ultimate Sacrifice main event.

The pyro hits and we’re live in the iMPACT Zone from Orlando, FL for TNA’s Sacrifice pay-per-view. Mike Tenay welcomes us as our opener kicks off.

The Motor City Machineguns and Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Eric Young and Lethal Consequences

The MCMG come out first followed by their partner Bashir. Creed, Lethal and Young come out to a nice pop. The match starts with Sabin and Lethal going at it. Lethal with a dropkick and a 2 count. Young is tagged in but Sabin takes control of him and gets a close 2 count. Sabin with some kicks and a tag to Shelley. Young drops Alex on his face, drops elbows and drops oine from the second rope for a 2 count. Creed is tagged in and puts a chinlock on Shelley. Alex fights out and puts a sleeper on Creed. Creed counters with a jawbreaker. Creed ends up drop kicking Shelley’s knee and jumping off his back to drop an elbow for a 2 count. Creed tries a suplex but it’s blocked. Shelley with a sweep and a kick to the head and tag to Bashir.

Shelley knocks Young and Lethal off the apron and comes in to double team Creed. He fights them off and then Bashir. Guns accidentally hit Bashir twice. Guns try more double teaming and Lethal is tagged back in. Lethal unloads on the Guns and then hits three clotheslines on Bashir. Lethal with a hurracanrana and a nice dropkick then a close 2 count on Bashir. Lethal tries to bounce off the ropes and the Guns trip him. Young and Creed leap from the ring to the floor on the Guns as the crowd chants for TNA. Lethal drops Bashir in the ring for a real close 2 count.

Lethal goes to the top but Shelley knocks him off. Shelley hits a brainbuster on Lethal and goes to the top. Creed stops him and Lethal gets on the corner to fight with Shelley. Shelley bites Lethal and he falls to the mat. Shelley comes off the top into a Lethal Combination and is laid out. Creed with a face slam on Sabin for a 2 count by Lethal. Everyone’s all over the place now. Sabin hits a cutter on Young and the Guns go back after Lethal. Shelley leaps off Sabin’s back and nails Lethal. Bashir tries the same move but Lethal blocks it. Everyone is in the ring again doing their moves. Lethal hits a cradle DDT on Sheik for another close 2 count. Lethal takes Sheik to the top. Shelley comes over and smacks Lethal. Shelley drops Creed and Young again. Lethal and Creed get tied up in the corner on each other and the Guns nail some sick kicks. Sheik with a frogsplash on Young in the ring. Guns hit another nice double team on Lethal as Bashir gets only a 2 count. Bashir hits the WMD Driver on Lethal but only gets 2. Creed comes in and kicks Sheik down. Shelley lands on Creed’s back. The Guns take Creed out with kicks. Guns double team Young now but he rams them into each other. Young gets both men on his shoulders, hits the DVD in a nice spot. Lethal is trying to roll Bashir up but he’s holding the ropes. The referee breaks the hold on the ropes and Lethal rolls Bashir up for the pinfall and the win.

Winners: Eric Young, Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed

Tenay and West hype the rest of the card. We see some of the TNA wrestlers outside earlier greeting Sting as this may be his last match tonight, according to the stipulations.

Monster’s Ball: Taylor Wilde vs. Daffney

This is the first ever Knockouts Monster’s Ball. We get a video hyping the match before Daffney makes her way to the ring. Abyss is with her and will be in her corner. Stevie Richards is also with her. Taylor Wilde is out next as weapons are all around the ring.

They start off with Taylor getting an early 2 count. She goes outside and starts throwing weapons in the ring. A whole trash can full of them. Daffney hits her with a street sign and digs at her back. Daffney scoop slams Taylor on a pile of weapons. Daffney works her over in the corner now.

Taylor comes back and drops Daffney on the can and cracks her in the head with a lid. She puts the can over Daffney’s body and beats her with a hockey stick as Abyss looks on. They go back and forth some more. Taylor lifts her on her shoulders and drops her on the trash can for the pinfall and the win in a short match.

Winner: Taylor Wilde

After the match, Stevie comes in the ring and has words with Taylor. Daffney lays her out from behind. Daffney goes for weapons and Stevie is telling her to stop. He picks up a bag of thumbtacks and spreads them out in the ring. Abyss looks on shocked as Daffney grabs Taylor. Stevie tells Abyss to come in the ring and he’s hesitant. Stevie tells Abyss to drop Taylor into the tacks. Stevie slaps Abyss. Stevie takes his belt off and threatens Abyss. Abyss grabs Taylor when Lauren comes running down. Abyss picks Taylor up for a chokeslam but Lauren stops him. She argues with Stevie and he pushes her to the mat. Abyss comes over and Stevie smacks him with the belt. Stevie threatens Lauren with the belt. Abyss gets pissed and chokeslams Stevie onto the thumbtacks. Lauren tends to Taylor. You can see the thumbtacks stuck in Stevie’s back and the blood coming out as we go to a Jeff Jarrett promo.

We’re backstage with JB. He says three big names you wouldn’t believe will be on iMPACT this week. He says two former World Champions and a new Knockout, which we noted before. JB says text their mobile service and he will give the names out. Jeff Jarrett is in the room with JB. JB says if Jeff is pinned tonight, they will only be co-workers. Jarrett talks about the main event tonight and says he has only one option – that’s for him to make sure the belt is taken away from Mick Foley because he will just ruin TNA basically. We cut to a Daniels-Suicide promo.

X Division Title Match: Suicide vs. Daniels

Tenay hypes the match as the challenger Daniels makes his way to the ring. Suicide’s music hits, the lights go out and the TNA X Division Champion is in the middle of the ring when they come back on. They shake hands as we get ready to start the match. They lock up and go to the corner. Suicide with a clothesline in the corner and a 2 count on Daniels. Rough start to the match. Suicide with a suplex and another 2 count.

Daniels takes control before some more back and forth. Suicide comes back with a dropkick and Daniels rolls to the floor to regroup. Suicide comes over the ropes with a somersault on Daniels. Back in the ring now and Suicide with a hip toss and leg drop for a 2 count. Something seems like it’s not clicking here. Daniels catches Suicide in an abdominal stretch. Suicide breaks the hold and drops a fist. Suicide remains in control beating Daniels around. Daniels comes back with headbutts that knock Suicide down. 2 count by Daniels. Daniels slams Suicide and hits a split leg moonsault for a 2 count. They trade shots in the ring but Daniels clotheslines Suicide for another 2 count. Tenay and West are trying to say the crowd is dead because they don’t know who to cheer for. Daniels with kicks in the corner.

Suicide runs the ropes and hits a springboard elbow and some more moves for a 2 count. Daniels shoves Suicide into the corner and hits an enziguri kick. Both are down. Daniels with a few forearm shots and a spin kick. Daniels with a bridge suplex for a close 2 count. Daniels with chops in the corner. Suicide turns it around and misses his running knee move in the corner. Daniels goes for the Best Moonsault Ever but lands on his feet as Suicide moves. Daniels reverses a piledriver and they trade reversals. Daniels drops a knee into Suicide and Suicide rolls to the floor. Daniels goes for a split leg moonsault to the floor but Suicide blocks it and Daniels hits hard. They fight up to the entrance ramp now. Daniels drops Suicide face first onto the ramp. Suicide ducks a clothesline, puts Daniels on his shoulder and drops him with a running stop. Both of them hit awkwardly on the ramp. They crawl back to the ring as the ref counts. Daniels with a 2 count. Suicide rolls him back up for a 2 count.

They bump heads and Daniels falls out to the floor. Chris Sabin comes out and the referee comes down to talk to him. Alex Shelley runs in the ring while the ref is distracted and drops Suicide with two knees to the face. Daniels comes back in the ring and pins Suicide to win the match and the TNA X Division Championship.

Winner and New TNA X Division Champion: Daniels

Daniels takes the mic and says he wants to be X Division Champion but doesn’t want to win like that. He tells Suicide he had nothing to do with that. He asks for 5 more minutes. The ref asks Suicide if he wants 5 more and they both do. We’re back on. They lock up and go back and forth. 2 count by Daniels. Suicide rolls Daniels up. Suicide with a nice leg sweep and a 2 count. Suicide comes off the top and rolls Daniels up again for a 2 count. Daniels applies a submission hold on Suicide.

Daniels hit a driver but only gets a 2 count. Daniels puts Suicide on the top rope but Suicide fights him off. Suicide with a dropkick and 2 count on Daniels. Daniels with shots to the head. Suicide counters, drops Daniels and gets another 2 count with just over a minute left. Daniels with a hurracanrana into a pin for a 2 count. Daniels slams Suicide again and goes to the top for a BME. Suicide blocks the moonsault for a 2 count. Suicide hits his knees to the face finisher in the corner and starts the pin with 2 seconds left. The time expired and as a result of a draw, Suicide is still the Champion. Daniels takes the belt, presents it to Suicide and raises his hand.

Winner: Suicide

TNA Knockouts Title Match: Awesome Kong vs. Angelina Love

We get a promo hyping the match before Awesome Kong marches to the ring with Raeisha Saed at her side. Out next is the TNA Knockouts Champion Angelina Love, by herself. The match starts and Kong scares Angelina into the ropes before attacking. Kong throws Love across the ring and starts working her over in the corner.

Kong chases Love on the floor and she jumps into the fans. They go back in the ring but end up right back on the outside. Kong dominates Love around the outside of the ring. Kong slams Love’s face into the apron and drops her head over the fan barrier. Kong throws her into the barrier again. This has been all Kong so far. Kong goes for the spinning backfist but hits the ringpost as Angelina moves. Angelina uses the ringpost on Kong now. Angelina gets in the ring and decides now she wants a countout. Kong comes in the ring but Angelina gets her in the corner and works her over. Kick to the face by Angelina.

Angelina kicks Kong some more as she gets to her feet. Angelina rolls out to the floor and starts heading to the back, saying that’s enough. She backs into Raeisha on the ramp. Angelina turns around to a big shot from Kong. Kong brings Angelina back to the ring by her hair. Kong drops a big legdrop but isn’t ready to pin yet. Kong goes to the middle rope for a splash but Angelina moves out of the way. Angelina goes to the floor and gets some kind of spray can. Raeisha tries to stop her. Kong accidentally runs into Raeisha. Angelina sprays Kong in the face with whatever she has and gets the pinfall to retain her belt.

Winner: Angelina Love

After the match, Angelina is celebrating as Kong comes up from behind and attacks. Kong hits a big splash and then nails the Implant Buster on Angelina. Angelina tries to crawl away but Kong drags her back and nails another Implant Buster. Kong’s music plays and she heads to the back as Angelina is down in the ring. We cut to a Sting promo.

Borash is backstage with Sting. JB talks about the possibility that Sting will have to retire tonight. Sting says sooner or later TNA fans will see him wrestle his last match but he doesn’t plan on that being tonight. Sting mentions Foley and some other stuff before we go to a Samoa Joe vs. Kevin Nash promo.

Kevin Nash vs. Samoa Joe

Out first for this singles match is Kevin Nash. Out next is Samoa Joe with a towel over his head. The bell rings and they lock up. Nash takes it to the corner and the ref separates them. Nash with a knee to the gut and big right hands in the corner. Nash staggers Joe to the next corner and nails more big knees.

Nash continues to dominate, knocking Joe back to the mat. Nash goes for a Jackknife Powerbomb but Joe rolls him into an ankle lock. Nash breaks the hold by getting to the ropes. Joe gets Nash in the corner now and works him over hard. Big running elbow by Joe in the corner. They go to the floor and Joe slams Nash into the fan barrier. Nash takes control on the floor now and works Samoa Joe around the ring. Nash swings a steel chair, Joe ducks and it hits the ringpost. Joe takes the chair and cracks Nash in the back with it. Nash goes head first into the steel steps.

Nash’s forehead is busted open as Joe rocks him with right hands. Joe brings Nash back in the ring. Nash blocks a move and takes control back, working Joe over in the corner. Joe with a kick to the back of the head and his clutch submission. Nash pushes him back in the corner to break the hold. Nash drops Joe again for a 2 count. Nash runs into Joe’s elbow. Joe comes off the top rope with a kick and a 2 count on Nash. Joe locks on another submission but Nash makes it to the ropes again and breaks the hold. Nash nails a back kick that hits Joe below the belt. Nash is bleeding more now. Nash drops Joe with a big sideslam for a 2 count.

Joe ends up hitting a senton back splash but only gets a 2 count. Joe with another rear naked choke as Nash reaches for the ropes. Joe falls back with the submission hold locked and applies the body scissors. Nash taps out to give Joe the win.

Winner: Samoa Joe

After the match, Joe pushes the referee away and goes back to work on Nash, wailing away. Security and a referee come to the ring but Joe punches them all off and goes back to work on Nash. Security comes back in the ring and get Joe to leave but not before he spits on Nash. Joe heads to the back with a smirk on his face. Scott Steiner comes to the ring to check on Nash, who is laid out and busted open bad in the ring. We cut to a promo for the Team 3D tournament.

Lauren is backstage with TNA. They talk about their tag team tournament and wanting to bring something back to TNA’s tag team division. Bubba calls Beer Money one of the best tag teams on the planet today. He says the British Invasion have their attention after laying them out a few weeks ago. Bubba says next time they see the Invasion, it’s on. Bubba says he hopes Beer Money kicks their British asses tonight and Devon testifies to this. We cut to a promo.

Team 3D Tag Team Tournament Finals: Beer Money vs. The British Invasion

The TNA World Tag Team and IWGP Tag Team Champions Team 3D come out first for the match. They join Tenay and West on commentary as the trophy is at ringside. Out first for the tournament finals are Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams with Rob Terry at their side. Out next is Beer Money to a nice pop. Storm is riding the cooler scooter again.

The bell rings and it’s Roode starting off with Williams. They lock up and go back and forth. Williams stalls some. They lock up again and Williams takes Roode to the mat. Roode gets to the ropes and breaks it. A big “England sucks” chant breaks out. Roode smacks Williams and ends up dropping him with a big clothesline. Roode with a splash in the corner and some big knife chops. Roode with a neckbreaker and Storm come sin for some double teaming on Williams. 2 count by Storm.

Magnus comes in and goes at it with Storm. Storm slams him by the head down to the mat. Storm with a swinging neck breaker and a 2 count on Magnus. Storm charges Brutus but gets dumped over. Storm hangs on, pulls himself back in the ring and spits beer in Magnus’s face. Storm and Roode work over both of the Brits and hit the Beer Money suplex, clearing the ring. Roode throws his own partner over the top rope, landing on all three of the Brits. Storm comes in the ring with Magnus with a big right hand. Storm with a big boot and an attempt at a top rope move. Rob Terry pushes him off the top. Williams works over Storm on the floor now and slams him into the steps. Storm is thrown back in the ring and Brutus keeps in control.

Williams is tagged in and gets a 2 count on Storm. Storm fights out of a headlock and nails the knees to the back on Williams. Brutus is tagged in again and hits an European uppercut on Storm, then chokes him in the ropes. Williams comes back in and they miss a double team move on Storm. Storm throws Williams into Brutus in the corner. Storm tags in Roode. He comes in and nails a bunch of clotheslines and a big back drop. Neckbreaker on Brutus and a big spinebuster on Williams for the 2 count. Storm kicks Brutus in the back of the head. Rob Terry decks Storm off the apron. Roode takes out Terry but turns around to a big uppercut from Brutus and a 2 count. The Brits go for a double team move but Beer Money stops it. Magnus is tossed to the floor. Storm with a hurrancanrana on Williams and Roode hits a frogsplash for the pin. Rob Terry pulls the referee out of the ring and it’s only a 2 count. The ref has Terry thrown out from ringside and to the back.

Williams hits knees in the corner on Storm. Williams brings in a briefcase as the ref is distracted. Roode takes the briefcase from Williams and decks him with it. Storm superkicks Williams and Beer Money gets the pinfall and the win.

Winners: Beer Money

JB is backstage with Kurt Angle. Kurt talks about putting his Main Event Mafia leadership on the line tonight and says he won’t get pinned and is the only leader of the Mafia. Angle says he is in control of everything and by the end of tonight, he will be in control of TNA and be a 5 time TNA World Champion. We cut to a AJ vs. Booker promo.

I Quit Match for the TNA Legends Title: Booker T vs. AJ Styles

I Quit Match for the TNA Legends Title: Booker T vs. AJ Styles

Tenay runs down the match as the challenger, Booker T makes his way to the ring without Sharmell. Out next is the TNA Legends Champion AJ Styles to a nice pop. The bell rings and they test each other out and talk some trash. Quick lock up and they separate. They lock up again and Booker takes it to the corner. Booker smacks at AJ. More trash talking here as Booker is messing around. Booker with knees and chops in the corner. Big chops from AJ now and a kick to the back.

Styles tries a submission. Back on their feet and Booker hits some shots in the corner sending AJ to the mat. Booker with another big kick. AJ counters a move and works over Booker some more. Styles tries an Indian deathlock variation, trying to make Booker submit. The ref has the microphone ready. AJ works on the leg of Booker now. Styles with kicks and punches now that send Booker to the mat. AJ keeps in control with more chops in the corner on Booker. AJ just controls Booker now with the same shots. Booker dumps AJ to the apron and catches him with a kick, knocking him off the apron to the floor.

Booker works over AJ on the floor now. Back in the ring and Booker hits a big knee and some shots, keeping AJ on the mat. Booker chokes Styles but he won’t quit. They go back to the floor with Booker just beating AJ around. Back in the ring now and AJ starts to fight back but Booker drops him with a big flying forearm shot. Spinarooni by Booker. Booker applies a wristlock on AJ now but he won’t quit. AJ lifts Booker on his shoulders and drops him. Booker catches his wrist again and keeps the hold locked. AJ tries to turn it around and Booker’s feet reach the ropes, breaking it. Booker with a big right hand and they trade shots on their feet now. Styles catches Booker with a pele kick and both men are down now. Styles mounts Booker and rocks him with right hands. Booker won’t quit. AJ with more right hands from the mount position but Booker won’t quit. Booker catches AJ in a big spinebuster.

Booker mounts AJ now and hits a bunch of right hands but Styles won’t quit. Booker goes for a kick but AJ ducks and he lands on the ropes. AJ charges at Booker and knocks him from the ropes to the fan barrier outside the ring. AJ comes flying over the top rope with a crossbody on Booker. Styles gets up and Booker puts his fingers in the eye. Booker runs into the ringpost and AJ slams his head into it. Back in the ring now and Booker won’t quit. Sharmell comes walking down the ramp.

Sharmell tells Booker not to quit as AJ comes off the top with a forearm. AJ goes for a Styles Clash but is distracted by Sharmell on the apron. Booker accidentally runs into Sharmell. AJ lands a flying armbar and locks it tight on the mat. Booker still won’t quit as Sharmell screams on. Nash’s girlfriend Jenna Morasca comes running down and throws a white towel in the ring, ending the match.

Winner: AJ Styles

– After the match, AJ celebrates in the ring with his Legends Title as Jenna and Sharmell argue at ringside. Sharmell helps Booker to the back as we cut to a promo.

We get a promo for tonight’s main event and Borash talks with Mick Foley from his office.

Ultimate Sacrifice for the TNA World Title: Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting vs. Kurt Angle vs. Mick Foley

Out first is Jeff Jarrett with guitar in hand, who will lose his voting shares in TNA if he is pinned tonight. Sting is out next, who will have to retire tonight if he is pinned. Kurt Angle is out next with his leadership of the Main Event Mafia on the line and finally, the TNA World Champion Mick Foley comes out with his belt on the line.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring to do the formal introductions, which are always cheesy as hell, just because it’s JB. The bell rings and it’s all four men in the ring at once. Angle goes at it with Jarrett while Sting and Foley fight. Sting and Foley go to the floor while Jarrett and Angle are in the ring. Sting is slamming Foley into the fan barrier. Jarrett controls Angle in the ring until he gets caught in a suplex. Jarrett blocks it with a big DDT. Jarrett clotheslines Angle to the floor. Sting and Foley are in the ring now. Foley goes for the DDT on Sting but gets it blocked. Sting locks on the Death Lock but Foley rolls it into the ropes. Jarrett brings Angle back in the ring now but Angle knocks him off the apron into the barrier.

The camera cuts are bad tonight. Angle slams Jarrett into the steps as Sting and Foley fight into the crowd. Angle slams Jarrett into the announcer’s table and puts him back in the ring while Sting and Foley brawl up through the crowd. Angle hits a suplex for a 2 count on Jarrett. Sting slams Foley’s head into a concrete wall. Jarrett locks on the Figure Four in the ring. Sting and Foley fight back towards the ring as Angle struggles in the ring. Foley piledrives Sting on the entrance ramp. Angle has turned the Ankle Lock on Jarrett in the ring, trying to make him submit. Foley hits the ring, pulls out his sock and puts it in Jarrett’s mouth while he’s in the ankle lock of Angle’s. Angle stops and decks Foley, sending him to the floor.

Angle hits a big belly to belly suplex on Jarrett for a 2 count. Foley goes over to the announcers table and sits down for commentary, putting the headset on. Foley says he is taking a break so he can get a quick victory.

Angle and Jarrett go at it while Foley is actually doing commentary. Jarrett superplexes Angle from the top for a 2 count but Sting makes the save. Sting and Jarrett go at it now. Foley is still on commentary. Angle and Sting trade shots on Jarrett now and he goes down. Sting splashes Jarrett in the corner and Angle launches him into Jarrett again for another splash. Angle accidentally decks Sting. Angle hits a series of back suplexes on Jarrett. Sting and Angle have words and push one another. Angle hits the suplexes on Sting now and Angle is the only one standing. Kurt stares at Foley, who is still on commentary. Angle flips over the announcer table and lands on Foley. Nice spot.

Angle hits the Angle Slam on the concrete and Foley’s head hits hard. Angle brings a chair down to the ring where Foley is getting hit with the Stroke from Jarrett. 2 count on Foley as Angle stops the pin. Sting drops Jarrett and locks the Scorpion on Angle. Jarrett rolls Sting up for a 2 count. All men end up being down but Foley. He puts socks on both hands. He hits one mandible on Jarrett and one on Sting, taking them both to the mat and getting 2 counts. Angle comes from behind and locks the Ankle Lock on Foley. Angle is pushed into the ref and he’s down. Sting with the Death Drop on Angle. Sting turns around to a guitar shot from Jarrett. Jarrett covers Sting but the ref is out still.

Jarrett turns around to a chair shot from Foley but its only a 2 count. Angle comes off the top with a splash on Foley but only gets 2. Sting drops Foley but gets raked in the eyes. Angle charges Foley and beats him down. Angle turns around to a piledriver attempt from Jarrett. Angle counters with an ankle lock. Angle catches Sting and Jarrett in a double ankle lock until Foley makes the save. Foley DDT’s Angle but Sting stops the pin. Sting and Foley go to the floor. Jarrett sets up a chair while Sting suplexes Foley on the concrete. Jarrett takes Angle to the top and hits a Stroke from the top into the steel chair. Sting runs in and covers Angle to win the match and the leadership of the Main Event Mafia.

Winner: Sting

– After the match, Sting looks around as Jarrett and Angle are trying to recover in the ring. Foley crawls up the ramp with his TNA World Title belt as we go to replays. Sting stands over Angle and says something as his music hits. Jarrett walks up the ramp and pass Foley, who is still down on the ramp. Foley hugs his belt and Angle looks on in a daze as we go to a Slammiversary promo and credits.





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