J.R. On Undertaker/HBK Retiring, Flair Wrestling, Foley

The following items are from Jim Ross’ latest blog entry at JRsBarBQ.com:

— There are NO plans for EITHER the Undertaker or Shawn Michaels to retire any time soon. Stop the pain and please stop the emails about this matter. When either man does decide to say adios there will be a HUGE deal made of it. Both men will be back in action in 2009 and no I don’t have the exact date and likely no one does as we speak.

— Kane is not AWOL. He is simply has not been appearing on TV lately. He, too, will return likely before Undertaker or HBK and is being counted on to contribute to Friday Night SmackDown. Kane is healthy and could return at any time.

— Yes, I am still friends with Mick Foley even though he wrestles in TNA and as a matter of fact Mick stopped by J.R.’s Family BBQ along with several of his friends Thursday and enjoyed some great food. I did tell him that I was shocked that he had a salad with his “Slobber-Knocker” three meat combo. After visiting with Mrs J.R. and me on Thursday , Mick got to catch up with WWE HOF’er Terry Funk in Amarillo on Friday.

— Yes I think Ric Flair will wrestle again but I don’t know if it will be for WWE. Ric is getting offers that involve “serious money” as my late father would say which Ric likely won’t be able to turn down. Ric has said publically that he pays over $20K per month in alimony so the man has to stay pretty damn busy to keep his legally bound commitments. Nonetheless it is great to see “Naitch” back on TV and this Monday night should be no exception. There will never be another like him.

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