TNA Releases a Knockout, Angelina Appearing in a Movie, More

– Today is TNA Knockout Traci Brooks’ birthday, who turns 34 years old (or according to her MySpace page, 29).

– At least one source has indicated that TNA Knockout Rhaka Khan is through with the company. Her profile was apparently removed from the roster section within the last 24 hours, although it is back up for the time being.

– Reigning TNA Women’s Knockout Champion Angelina Love (Angel Williams) has a role in an upcoming independent movie entitled Good Intentions. The movie features an ensemble cast that includes female country music star LeAnn Rimes and actor Luke Perry. Love’s character gets the lead male character (Luke Perry) in trouble with her alluring looks.

“There’s a very interesting interaction between Luke Perry’s character and Angelina Love’s character,” producer Pamela Peacock told SLAM! Wrestling. “She gets him into a little trouble.”

While her role in the film is a limited supporting one, it is central to film. As Peacock says, “Her role is very memorable. What she does makes such an enormous iMPACT. At all the test screenings, her scenes got a tremendous reaction from the audience.”

Considering the movie was filmed in Atlanta, producers contacted people previously associated with World Championship Wrestling to find female wrestlers to play the character. They got in contact with a wrestling promoter, who referred some female wrestlers they may be interested in, including Love.

“When we first saw Angel’s photos we thought she was great. Then when we met her and found out what a professional she is, we were thrilled,” producer Richard Sampson said.

By chance, she was the first person to audition for the role and producers immediately cast her in the film as they were won over by her natural charisma. “We met her and we felt ‘this is it,'” Peacock adds.