Santina Marella Loses Viewers on RAW, SmackDown Update

– As reported earlier, last week’s episode of RAW drew a 3.29 cable rating. The segment-by-segment breakdown is as follows:

The long opening segment building the show’s opening match was for naught as Batista vs. Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase lost 156,000 viewers. The women’s tag match pitting Mickie James and Kelly Kelly against Maryse and Jillian gained 242,000 viewers. Carlito vs. The Brian Kendrick lost 128,000 viewers. Segments involving The Miz calling out Cena again, Santina Marella, Beth Phoenix, Rosa Mendes, Chavo Guerrero and Vickie Guerrero gained 498,000 viewers for a 3.55 quarter hour, drawing the peak number for the show. However, the Santina Marella vs. Beth Phoenix match was a huge ratings loser as 369,000 viewers tuned out during the bout and largely never came back. MVP’s VIP lounge segment followed by a Kofi Kingston and MVP vs. William Regal and Matt Hardy tag match lost an additional 185,000 viewers. The show’s main event pitting Randy Orton against Batista only gained 14,000 viewers, drawing a lackluster 3.17 quarter hour.

– The final number for Friday Night SmackDown on May 8th was a 1.89 rating and 2.97 million viewers. While the rating isn’t that much lower than usual, the number of total viewers was really bad as fewer viewers per household than usual were watching.





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  • Stephen

    that’s because all of the storylines have sucked lately. somebody needs to get fired.

  • Lou

    Santino may have lost viewers, but to be honest pretty much everything I see of televised wrestling SUCKS. I’ve watched since 1985 and wouldn’t dream of missing any wrestling that was on. Now I rarely watch Smackdown or ECW and rarely means maybe once every 2 months. I’d rather check the spoilers and watch what parts might interest me on Youtube or other websites. RAW I may watch once a month.I’ve gone from buying EVERY WWE PPV to maybe 2 a year and not because of the economy. I buy a good number of WWE DVDs of older stuff ( 80’s and some 90’s) and watch those to get my wrestling fix. Looking more forward to the Randy Savage DVD than anything new going on.

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