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JR Blog: WWE’s Denver Situation, WWE DVD News and More

Posted by Marc Middleton in WWE News
Friday, May 22nd, 2009

is back with another blog update on Some of the highlights:

– Interesting week. The “Debacle in Denver” has had many people buzzing including some aloof, talking heads on ESPN SportsCenter who seem to get orgasmic when they get the opportunity to utilize witty banter to knock the genre of wrestling and its fan base. For the record I am NOT referring to my friend Jonathan Coachman.

I feel badly for the fans in Colorado who lost multiple WWE events because of the scheduling snafu at the Pepsi Center. Most know what a “Lewinsky” refers to so I wonder if arena scheduling issues might be referred to as “Kroenke’s” in the future?

Denver Nuggets and Pepsi Center owner Phil Kroenke likely won’t be treated too kindly this Monday night on Raw by Mr. McMahon. Kroenke’s image may make Mr. McMahon’s treatment of Ted Turner back in the WWE/WCW Monday night war feel like Ted was a blood relative of the McMahon’s.

– With wrestling in Monday’s main event, I wonder if ‘Ol J.R. will get to join Michael “Oh, My” Cole at the announce desk on Raw? I enjoyed sitting in with Cole in Louisville even though some folks are wondering why I was so “conveniently” available Monday night.

– Seriously it is a good question and we should have explained it. When Smackdown doesn’t have Monday live events we are going to record the SD WWE Superstars bout that airs on Thursday night on WGN America. This will be prior to Raw unless it is a west coast Raw and then one would assume our Superstars bout will be recorded after Raw. For those that need to know, ECW’s Superstar bout will still be recorded on Tuesdays.

– The WWE produced Monday Night War DVD set for release soon should be a dandy. I hear that Jim Crockett was awesome in his interview. The former head honcho of Jim Crockett Promotions has been off the radar for years and I will be very anxious to hear his comments. I also think WWE got comments from David Crockett, Harvey Schiller, former TBS Executive, Kevin Sullivan, and Bill among many individuals who had plenty to say about the WWE vs. WCW rivalry. This truly should be a super DVD and one that will no doubt create controversy which equates to cash.

– I did a lengthy interview for a DVD this past week in my spare time. Just kidding about that spare time thing. is an interesting individual to talk about as his life’s journey as been extremely unique. Dave is lucky to not be either dead or in prison the way his younger years unfolded.


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