Identity of Woman on ECW, Credible Comments on Kliq, More

– Lacey Von Erich updated fans on her health after she was hospitalized with meningitis on Sunday. She wrote on her Twitter account: “Just got released from the hospital. I have viral meningitis. Still in a lot of pain… ;(“

– Justin Credible has launched an official website at In a blog posted on the site, he addresses a long-standing issue.

“I have to address this issue once and for all,” Credible wrote. “Fans always ask me if I was part of the clique? Well my answer is, I was certainly friends with those guys, but I was closest to Sean Waltman and Scott Hall. So you make the call, cause I never put a label on friendship.”

– Ohio Valley Wrestling women’s wrestler Serena Deeb was the attractive lady in the black dress standing in the hallway as Finlay was making his way to the ring for his match with David Hart Smith on last night’s episode of ECW.

Deeb has appeared in TNA Wrestling in the past and holds the record for the most number of OVW Women’s Championship reigns with six. Alongside fellow OVW peer Josie (now known as Sojournor Bolt), Deeb appeared at last year’s Slammiversary pay-per-view. Both Deeb and Josie took part in Awesome Kong’s $25,000 Fan Challenge, but were unable to defeat Kong.